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A few of ye probably saw me asking for pictures recently of Dooher and Canavan lifting Sam as whilst there are loads in google images most are quite small and when you print them out are poor quality

With the chat recently of Aughabrack and the players we produced over the years I was wondering if I could get some good pics of Patsy Kerlin, Paddy Ball in their playing days and see could I create a picture with them alongside Dooher and Stevie O'Neill.

Anyone got any such pics can you post them here and maybe this thread could be used for other good Tyrone county pics such as these ones I found on the web

Who was the sub keeper back then?

Anyone know was the mascot that day now a famous player?

Great photos. I never knew Bruce Grobbelaar played Tyrone.

Sub keeper in '86 was Martin Dorman - think he played for either Edendork or the Fianna.

Don't think the mascot ended up in a senior tyrone jersey - from memory he was the son of a county board official or backroom team member but I stand corrected on that.

Did McKenna like to look sideways always?


--- Quote from: nrico2006 on December 03, 2014, 01:02:32 PM ---Did McKenna like to look sideways always?

--- End quote ---

Noticed that too. The players all standing in similar order in both pictures.


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