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An Charraig Mhór GFC. The facts always kill the ‘myth’

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I have to agree with man Marker on this one - I don't think it is required from Carmen to make a public notification as to how great a club they are.... they are highly and well respected with Tyrone and Ulster and further afield. I feel Mooney is a loose cannon when  it comes to journalism and some of his previews this year for our club championship in the Irish News left a lot to be desired - no research done at all regarding players etc - just name the county players and that will do.... Yes, he has dramatically improved the public image and profile of Tyrone Club football but he appears to have the 'exclusivity' on it for the Irish News and no one else gets a look in. He however always played the card and image that Carmen were almost mythical and had enduring powers of recovery and endurance and were never beaten so I was slightly surprised that he done this on the club and indeed interviewing wee Barney so soon after a 2nd county final loss was too far in my opinion. Emotions are running high and the thought process would be all over the shop and I felt that was unfair on both wee Barney and the Carmen club.

It obviously has hurt Gavan a lot and I would be surprised if we was on a lone chase here and surely this would have to have been sanctioned by the club but maybe not. He was a great player himself and a super stalwart of many great Carmen teams so he obviously feels the players hurt and indeed the hurt in wee Barney and felt in necessary to reply to Mooney.

Carmen are very highly thought of in Tyrone as I said and indeed have been against them many times as a club and it is always hard but fair and nothing asked for or given - a truly great club.

Carmen were very unlucky on Sunday, I would pay little heed to what some local hack has written after all they have to find something to fill the column inches. I think to be honest they have a lot of positives to take from Sundays defeat and that will hopefully drive their young players to want to go one step further next year. I was particularly impressed with McLaughlin and Loughran in the half back line, couldn't understand why McAleer was withdrawn I thought he was playing well.

Thanks to all who have taken time to reply and the thoughts are both balanced and well thought out.
In answer to a few of the comments.
I am not in the habit of replying to news articles and understand the surprise of some of you who are wondering why I took the time and effort to do so given that what I had to say is common knowledge amongst most genuine club members on the county. It was just that in this case I felt that a stand on behalf of the club had to be taken. Without being arrogant I know that we are respected in the same way as we respect many other clubs in the county regardless of the bitter rivalries that we have built up over the years. The timing and context of the article was poor and badly researched.
I have sent a reply to the Irish News, all local papers, hogan stand, teamtalk. Although I don't do facebook I would not mind if someone else wants to put the link on it.
The other key point is that the reply is totally my own opinion and although I am defending the club I am not speaking on its behalf in any official capacity.

Absolutely superb gav. I found the piece repugnant. As our club and community pick up the pieces from a devastating defeat,Francis wants to stick the boot in. Perfect.

Carmen Stateside:
Brilliant Gavin.  That was a superb read and filled me with pride!


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