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Tyrone Club Fixtures 2014 - Lets try and help them sort it out

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Guys, I think we’re all in agreement that Club Fixtures in Tyrone this year have been a complete mess and while we’re all quick to claim that the fixtures committee are incompetent, we have to accept that it is a difficult enough task. Although surely couldn’t be that difficult…..

So I was thinking, looking ahead to 2014, we could try and plan out how next years season should be fixtured

I’ve tried to find confirmed dates for competitions next year, and guessed the rest. Hopefully you can help me fill in the rest & point out my mistakes.

I’ll stick the spreadsheet online somewhere so you guys can edit and help this little project along

So far, I’ve been thinking about
Competitions that affect the Tyrone Adult Club league Fixtures;
1.   Ulster Club Championships
2.   Senior Inter-County Competitions
3.   Minor Inter-County Competitions
4.   Club Hurling Competitions
5.   Club U21 Competitions
6.   Club Minor Competitions

Lets just look at 1,2 & 3 for now…

Is it Tyrone V Down Clubs next year following the Inter County Ulster Championship draws? Or is that not how it works?

--- Quote ---2013
1st December - Ulster Final
17th November – Ulster Semi-Final
3rd November- Ulster Quarter Final
20th October – First Round

2014 – assumed/guessed dates
30th November - Ulster Final
16th November – Ulster Semi-Final
2ndNovember- Ulster Quarter Final
19th October – First Round

--- End quote ---
County Champions needed by 5th October 2014 = 2 weeks until Ulster Club first round
What if Final goes to a Replay?
•   Play replay the following Sunday, leaving only 1 week rest?
•   Or have finals 3 weeks before Ulster Club to accommodate – is this too long?

McKenna Cup - doesn't effect the club leagues but we'll stick it in

--- Quote ---
2013 – what happened
6th January– Group Game
9th January– Group Game
13th January– Group Game
16th January– Group Game
20th January– Semi-Final
26th January– Final

2014 – assumed
5th January– Group Game
8th January– Group Game
12th January– Group Game
15th January – Group Game
19th January –Semi Final
25th January – Final

--- End quote ---

National Football League Provisional Fixtures

--- Quote ---1st Feb Derry V Tyrone
9th Feb Tyrone v Mayo
2nd March Kildare v Tyrone
9th March Kerry v Tyrone
16th March Tyrone v Westmeath
30th March Cork v Tyrone
6th April Tyrone v Dublin.

13th April Semi- Final –
27th April – Final

--- End quote ---

Why are there no NFL games fixtured for the last 2 weeks in Feb?? This makes it run well into April when club leagues should be started


--- Quote ---2013
19th May - Preliminary Round
26th May - Quarter Final
2nd June - Quarter Final
9th June Quarter Final
16th June - Quarter Final (Preliminary Round Winners)
23rd June - Semi-Final
29th June – Semi-Final
21st July - Ulster Final

--- End quote ---

Preliminary Round - Tyrone v Down

Armagh v Cavan
Monaghan v Tyrone/Down

Winners to play in semi-final(B)

--- Quote ---18th May - Preliminary Round (3 weeks after NFL Final)
25th May - Quarter Final
1st June - Quarter Final
8th June Quarter Final
15th June - Quarter Final (Preliminary Round Winners – 4 weeks after first game)
23rd June - Semi-Final (A)
29th June – Semi-Final (B)
20th July - Ulster Final

--- End quote ---


--- Quote ---Qualifiers
29th June Round 1
13th July Round 2
20th July Round 3
27th July Round 4

This is the complicated bit, I'll fill this in later :)

--- End quote ---


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