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With Rd 1 of the league starting on 28 Jan, it is time for the gaaboard posters to show the expert knowledge espoused on here.

Same rules as last year...predict a winner or predict a draw.  Correctly picking the winner gets 1 point, correctly picking a draw gets 3 points.  Competition entries close the Friday night at midnight (even if no games on the Saturday).  You can change selections anytime up to the Friday midnight deadline.

I will post the games and you can list out your winners, or put the winner in boldface .  Warning...I will use an automated system to transfer your picks, so if you list your picks in a different order to the way I post the fixtures, you will be hurting yourself.

For those interested in such things, a short summary of last year's games:  Of the 112 games played, there were 47 home wins (near enough to 42%), 50 away wins (about 44.5%), and 15 Draws (just about 13.5%).  I think it was "in hiding" that took the tactical route of picking mostly draws and home advantage is not great it seems.

There were a total of nearly 60 participants last year, although some dropped out for various (legitimate) reasons...hoping we can beat that number in Week 1.

I plan to post each round's results by late on the Sunday night, but if I don't get back in time from a game it might be Monday evening, so don't go all crazy worrying about my safety or something...and I will not state which games I attend either!

First named team is scheduled to be at home...but do your own due diligence on venue/time.  I'll add the rules for the 4 finals as we get closer to that time. 

Can David McKeown repeat as champion, or will someone else have a better algo?  All to play for. 

Any questions?

Next post will have the Rd 1 fixtures...enjoy.

General discussion / World Cup Competition - tonto1888 crowned champion
« on: October 26, 2022, 02:18:36 AM »
Less than a month to the World Cup, so here goes a little contest to whet the appetite and keep a bit of interest in it all.  It's all a bit of craic and hopefully will be enjoyable for all contestants. 

Easiest way to enter will be to quote the second post in this thread, with your pick in bold, or delete the other three names in the bowl. 

Any joker who decides to list his/her picks in a different order to the bowls (that is 1-8) will not have the entry posted.

Contestants will pick 1 team from each of the 8 bowls below.  Those 8 will be your teams for the entire competition. 

Contestants will also predict who beats who in the Final.

Thread will be locked on Friday 18 Nov at midnight.  Results will be updated after all teams have play each round.

The Bowls are ranked by FIFA rankings, more or less, and do not resemble any Groups in the World Cup and do not contain any teams in the same group.

Scoring System

Group stages (3 games):

1 point for each goal scored.
1 point for each point earned in Group play (three for a win, one for a draw, zero for a loss).

Games after group stage: 

Team that progresses gets 3 points plus 1 point per goal (penalty shoot-out goals do not count).  Team that loses gets 1 point per goal, plus 1 point if losing after extra-time or penalties.

Correctly picking the Winner gets 5 points, correctly picking the beaten finalist gets 3 points; Correctly picking both gets 10 points. 

Bowl 1:  Brazil, Belgium, Argentina, France
Bowl 2: England, Spain, Netherlands, Portugal

Bowl 3: Denmark, Germany, Croatia, Mexico
Bowl 4: Uruguay, Switzerland, USA, Senegal

Bowl 5: Poland, Iran, Serbia, Morocco
Bowl 6: Japan, Wales, South Korea, Tunisia

Bowl 7: Costa Rica, Ecuador, Australia, Cameroon
Bowl 8: Canada, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Ghana

Final prediction:

Since the League competition was reasonably successful, let's see who can topple David McKeown in the white-hot Championship contest.

The Championship Competition will be run week by week.  Since there must be a result on the day in every game except the All-Ireland final, contestants must pick the team that advances. 

Pick the winning team correctly and you get 1 point.  A bonus point is available for getting the margin of victory correct, within a 3-point band.  Band 1 is 1-3 points, so if you pick 1, 2 or 3 point margin, you get the bonus point.  Band 2 is 4-6 points; Band 3 is 7-9 points, and so on upward in 3-point increments.
Contestants need only pick the margin of victory in points, as was in the League competition.  I’ll translate it to bands as I input the selections.  So a pick that reads “Tyrone by 2” and if Tyrone win by 1,2 or 3 you get the bonus point in addition to the 1 point for getting the winning team correct.  There is no additional bonus for getting the margin exactly right.

Extra time is not considered here…if Tyrone win by 2 after 70 minutes or after extra time, the margin of victory is 2.  The only difference is for a game that is decided by penalties: the winning team is deemed to have a 1 point winning margin, no matter how many penalties are taken.

The Tailteann Cup will also be included in the competition

I foresee a maximum of 14 weeks in the championship season and for ease of viewing, here is the announced schedule (although there may be schedule changes along the way):

Week 1
Saturday 16 April
Ulster SFC preliminary round: Fermanagh v Tyrone
Sunday 17 April
Connacht SFC quarter-finals: London v Leitrim; New York v Sligo

Week 2
Saturday 23 April
Ulster SFC quarter-final: Antrim v Cavan
Sunday 24 April
Connacht SFC quarter-final: Mayo v Galway
Leinster SFC round 1: Laois v Wicklow; Louth v Carlow; Offaly v Wexford
Ulster SFC quarter-final: Donegal v Armagh

Week 3
Saturday 30 April
Leinster SFC quarter-final: Dublin v Offaly/Wexford; Westmeath v Longford
Ulster SFC quarter-final: Monaghan v Down
Sunday 1 May
Connacht SFC semi-final: Roscommon v New York/Sligo
Leinster SFC q-finals: Kildare v Louth/Carlow; Meath v Laois/Wicklow;
Munster SFC quarter-finals: Clare v Limerick; Waterford v Tipperary
Ulster SFC quarter-final: Derry v Fermanagh/Tyrone

Week 4
Saturday 7 May
Munster SFC semi-final: Cork v Kerry
Sunday 8 May
Connacht SFC semi-final: London/Leitrim v Galway/Mayo
Ulster SFC semi-final: Donegal/Armagh v Antrim/Cavan

Week 5
Sunday 15 May
Leinster SFC semi-finals: TBD
Munster SFC semi-final: Tipperary/Waterford v Clare/Limerick
Ulster SFC semi-final: Monaghan/Down v Fermanagh/Tyrone/Derry

Week 6
Saturday 21/Sunday 22 May
All-Ireland SFC preliminary round (If required); Tailteann Cup preliminary round (If required)

Week 7
Saturday 28 May
Leinster SFC final: Munster SFC final
Sunday 29 May
Connacht SFC final; Ulster SFC final
Saturday 28/Sunday 29 May
Tailteann Cup round 1

Week 8
Saturday 4/Sunday 5 June
All-Ireland SFC round 1; Tailteann Cup quarter-finals

Week 9
Saturday 11/Sunday 12 June
All-Ireland SFC round 2

Week 10
Sunday 19 June
Tailteann Cup semi-finals

Week 11
Saturday 25/Sunday 26 June
All-Ireland SFC quarter-finals

Week 12
Saturday 9 July
Tailteann Cup final
Saturday 9/Sunday 10 July
All-Ireland SFC semi-finals: Connacht* v Ulster*; Leinster* v Munster* 
*the provincial champions or the team that defeats them in the quarter-final

Week 13
Sunday 24 July
All-Ireland SFC final

Week 14
Saturday 6 August
All-Ireland SFC final replay (if required)

Time to see who are the real experts on the board by having a prediction competition for the National Football League.  I haven't run one of these before, but I think a simple prediction competition is best - no spreads or margin of victory type contests.

Just predict the winner of each game (16 games in each of the 7 rounds).  For now, 1 point for predicting the winner and 3 for correctly predicting a draw is the 3 for a draw about right?

I'll be putting up the fixtures on this thread by the Sunday night prior to a Round (so you'll be able to pick Rd 1 late Sunday night).  Quote the post and highlight your selection, or name winning team in the order the games are listed.  Hopefully the results for each round and a running total will be up each Sunday night as well.

Closing date for entries will be midnight Friday on the weekend of the fixtures.  You will be able to edit fixtures up to midnight on Friday.  Any entries/edits after the deadline get "null points" for that exceptions.


Edit:  No objections/improvements suggested, so 1 point for picking the winner and 3 for calling the draw. 

General discussion / Feuds between Posters
« on: May 16, 2021, 03:00:29 AM »
To start off, here is the Rule from the top of the page:


On occasion, two or more posters become fixated with annoying each other, without necessarily descending into personal abuse per se.

However this behaviour is very disruptive to whatever thread it breaks out it, and causes threads to be taken over by tit for tat insults.

In a case such as this, a moderator may post a public and private warning for both posters to completely ignore the other, refraining from referring to, directing comments at, or answering the other poster.

Disregarding this warning will result in a ban.

   Penalties - 1st offence after warning - 2 Days, 2nd Offence - 10 Days, Subsequent Offences - Recurring 15 Day bans.

Next, I must take responsibility for not stepping into the now-locked thread much earlier (by a matter of days, not hours).  If matters were under a bit more moderation, feelings might not have run as high (maybe, but who knows?).

Posters need to be aware that engaging with fellow posters using some terms that are belittling is usually the start of something bigger, this is how feuds begin.

I'd prefer not to use examples, but they are there for all to see.  By the way, there is a big difference between commenting that "your post shows your ignorance of matters" and "your post shows you to be an ignoramus". 

It is also interesting to note very few posts reported - although I was amused to see one poster report a post of his own!

The locked topic did indeed provide some education to the younger members, hopefully, but it spiralled should have been locked much earlier.

For now, I feel bans are not called for as I failed to step in early enough.

But be aware that any resurrecting of old feuds (the most recent being between Angelo and Sid Waddell) will result in a ban as stated above..."both posters to completely ignore the other, refraining from referring to, directing comments at, or answering the other poster.".

Any new feud will be added to this thread.

Help me out here by keeping things on topic - especially on those topics that are close to the heart. 



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