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Unlike in my time. Underage football starts in most clubs at under 6.

From under 6 to under 11 there is a steady flow of players taking up the game and players abandoning the game. My young lad is under 12 and I'm finding there is a fair exodus beginning now. One of the main reasons is we have had the same age group together for 2 years. last year was under 12 and this year it's under 13. 

On the other hand Soccer is thriving. A and B teams, lads that are next to useless or handy enough but need a bit of confidence get their chance. Many of these will quit, but not until they are 16 and they realise that soccer is not for them.

My question is: Is it better to get rid of the driftwood early like our local GAA Club and concentrate on the talented players or should we waste time on players that will never amount to anything.

We have a lad in our club - Birthday is the 1st of January. To add to this he is a big lad also. He is every year playing with and against lads the guts of a year younger than him.

I have seen lads in our area thrive from Community Games Gaelic football - which has a August 1st start of point.

I have always thought that the GAA should have a competition where the cut off/Start off point that is the 1st July.

General discussion / Joe Duffy - Liveline
« on: February 08, 2021, 06:35:04 PM »
Can I just say that Joe Duffy is a man of the people. He deals with the day in, day out top issues and is worth every penny of the €400k he receives from RTE.

He deals with all issues in a totally unbiased way.

Not alone is he a top presenter, he is also a rather talented comedian.

Presenters like him are well worth selling off the family Silver to hold onto.

It's hard to believe RTE do not give him more air-time.

Below are a few questions. Keep answers short.

Six Questions:


Are you happy with 2020 achievement? 
What was your minimal aspiration for '20?
Are you happy with the direction of your county going into 21?
What is you minimal aspiration for '21?
Where do you position your county 1-33?
If Dublin are a 10 out of 10. What number out of 10 would you give your county for 2020?

General discussion / COVID-19 Pandemic Unemployment Payment
« on: April 08, 2020, 02:07:14 PM »
When we are paying back the loan for the €350 that people got for doing nothing for 12 week, Will the people who had to face the day to day earning money (nurses, Doctors, HSE admin, Shop assistants, Postmen, etc) be expected to take up the tab? I would expect they would have less of a tax levy?

GAA Discussion / Who's your GAA cult hero?
« on: March 21, 2020, 05:58:36 PM »
Who's your GAA cult hero?

This does no necessarily mean the best Player/Manager. Just somebody who went beyond the beyonds. One who inspired. Some one who made you smile. Who you always could depend on. Some one who looked like he'd never retire. Some one who never really seen themselves as some one great, Humble.

General discussion / Don't look back in Anger!
« on: December 31, 2019, 06:18:42 PM »
Wrote this on GAA Board nearly 10 years ago. Has much changed?

It makes me sad...........

That Minister Harney was in New Zealand two weeks early for St Patrick’s Day on Government business.

That a patient died when their diagnosis was delayed at Tallaght Hospital because x-rays were not reviewed by a consultant radiologist.

That even though George lees political career nixed he still has a job still awaiting him in RTE and people look to him as a hero.

That John O'Donoghue's decision to step down after weeks of media revelations about some 90,000 euros in foreign travel costs since becoming speaker in June 2007 was done without any question of him being penalised.

We have no real political parties. The Green Party are top of the list. Green metaphorically speaking, in that the wool is pulled over their eyes every week by FF.

That Rody Molloy's resignation as director general of FÁS meant he would receive €111,000 severance payments and full pension benefits despite his resignation.

That the builders have been swearing blind that their inside knowledge shows there are a mere 40,000 empty dwellings in the state. Now, an independent academic survey shows it's more than 340,000. One in six dwellings is empty.

That the government has spent €52 million on electronic voting machines and spent €800,000 per annum to store the machines.

That in October 2007, Taoiseach Bertie Ahern became the highest paid Prime Minister in the democratic world at €310,000, more than US President George Bush at €279,000. Fianna Fail Ministers such as Willie O’Dea are paid more than US Vice President Dick Cheney.

In June 2007, Fianna Fail changed the law to create three new Junior Ministers with salaries of €150,000 a year. They had previously done this in 1977 and 1980. Fine Gael did the same in 1995.

That the average expenses claimed by TD during the first 10 months of 2008 amounted to €39,905 each -- €6,000 more than the average industrial wage.

That there are more than 70 paid elected politicians in Mayo that are supposed to represent Mayo.

That I pay for a TV licence, but cannot receive TV3 on an analogue aerial.

That in 2007, Pat Kenny earned €922,000, with this figure rising to over €950,000 in 2008. Gerry Ryan earned €676,000 in 2007 but fell to €629,000 the following year. Marian Finucane earned €470,000 in 2007 - jumping to €570,000 in 2008. Ryan Tubridy's earned over €366,000 in 2007 to €533,000 12 months later. Joe Duffy and Eamon Dunphy saw their salaries rise during the same period, with their salaries at €408,000 and €328,000 respectively in 2008. Miriam O'Callaghan and Derek Mooney both earned in the region of €300,000.

That a TV station will not move the schedule of a Rugby match, and will force fools into changing an age old tradition of Pubs being closed on Good Friday.

That the most corrupt and reckless bank of them all, Anglo Irish Bank, is going to cost us a mindboggling €22.3 billion to save all on its own. It already got €4bn from the public purse last year, and another €8.3bn on 1 April. And Lenihan says it will need another €10bn in the near future.

That Fianna Fail is determined to save the Anglo Irish bank whatever the cost because it is, to all intents and purposes, the Fianna Fail bank. It was Anglo that bankrolled the wildest developers who in turn pumped millions into Fianna Fail.

That unlike Ireland, Iceland had a referendum and could vote NO to the bank compensation deal. Why should ordinary Icelandic citizens have to pay up for the misdeeds of a few Icelandic bankers, the greed of UK investors, and the spend-it-like-water attitude of the Brown government?

That when you stand back and look at the vested interest of some of the rich ruling elite a very clear picture emerges. The people controlling Banks, Media, Big Business, Finance and Property amount to no more than a hand-full.

That the Catholic Church weave and twist their way day by day still not acknowledging their horrible part in hiding paedophiles.

Pope Benedict XVI's personal preacher on Good Friday likened accusations against the pope and the Catholic church in the sex abuse scandal to "collective violence" suffered by the Jews.

That the Pope sends letters that are read at mass when he has something to say or make apologies.

That we were all conned by the Swine Flu hype, so pharmaceutical companies could make money.

We have Professional Footballers. The untold wealth that all of these possess, totally overpaid for the service they provide.

That we have Big Soccer clubs, all of whom have no connection with the Fans, the players or the area they are supposed to represent.

That Thierry Henry cheated, but more so that Blatter condoned his actions and laughed at the FAI and Ireland.

That we are overloaded with Reality TV - Jordan (Katie Price), Simon Cowell, Big Brother…..etc. untalented nobodies who live of Celebrity Magazines.

That we are overloaded with Celebrity Magazines

That I don’t hate Ian Paisley anymore.

That teachers get a day off work for every day they work.

That People bought homes during the boom to make a profit.

That Ireland is a poor country again.

That the All Ireland Hurling championship is called the All Ireland Hurling championship. When only 8 teams take part. And there is only one representative from Connacht and Ulster.
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GAA Discussion / Who will you be shouting for and why?
« on: August 15, 2019, 04:29:39 PM »
Personally, I will be shouting for Dublin - I want their continued domination to force change.

GAA Discussion / 2019 is this Kerry's year?
« on: July 09, 2019, 01:59:32 PM »
They have to put a stop to Dublin.  Dublin are on their coat tails and catching up on All Ireland wins. Kerry have slipped badly losing in consecutive years to Connacht counties.

GAA Discussion / Too many for one Team
« on: April 08, 2019, 08:41:33 PM »
My daughter is part of a squad of 27! At her age group it is 13 a side. She is the 11 year old in under 12. Tonight 22 turned up that would have left 9 subs to be satisfied (if all 27 turn up there would be 14 subs). She played one quarter and a five minute spell later on. This is going to be the gig for the year. She is already not getting enough game time to bring her on. Thinking of pulling her from the club for the season and joining a Town team that would have a 'B' team. Any other solutions?

GAA Discussion / Kerry's crown under pressure?
« on: February 12, 2019, 01:32:05 PM »
One thing I am going to enjoy this year is watching Kerry. Their fear of losing one of their crowns as having the best team ever (70's/80's) is on the horizon. They will burst a gut to make sure it does not happen both off and on the field.

You can expect the 3 O'Se's, Gooch, Spillane and Liston to up the anti media wise. Ex-Kerry Players will throw in their worth. They ran an excellently orchestrated ''Street wise Mayo'' Campaign in 2014. Worked a treat to. 

They will also back anyone who could get in their way. Any Dublin player who does anything dodgy on or off the field of play will have his offence exaggerated, heavy scrutinised and a call for blood!

General discussion / Christmas songs that just don't do it!
« on: November 30, 2018, 09:54:39 PM »
Driving home for Christmas - Chris Rea

GAA Discussion / Gael Londáin CLG and London Irish RFC
« on: October 12, 2018, 07:32:02 PM »
Just seen a small piece on Nationwide on RTE about Gael Londáin CLG and London Irish RFC. Full credit to London Irish Rugby for letting Gaelic in over the Summer! Has to be one of the heart warming partnerships between the two different Codes.

Well done to all!

General discussion / Great song intros
« on: September 08, 2018, 07:59:08 PM »
Looking out there for great song intros. Songs that hit you right from the start. Give you a feeling or just make you want to close your fish and punch the air. An intro that sucks you into the song straight away!

Nirvana Smells - like teen spirit

Blur - Song 2

The Stranglers - Golden Brown

Guns n Roses - Sweet Child of mine

The Doors - People are Strange

ACDC - Back in Black

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