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General discussion / Re: Man Utd Thread:
« on: June 03, 2023, 11:04:53 PM »
1st in the Rumbelows Cup
2nd in the FA Cup
3rd in the League

It's a sign of how far they've fallen that this is seen as success

It's improvement on last season's 6th place finish with 58 points and knocked out of the two domestic cups at home in the early rounds.

Having 3 teams out of 4 progress renders games like this utterly pointless.

Still matters to an extent though. Tyrone winning this likely means they'll finish 2nd - could be the difference between facing Cork instead of Kerry (for example)for a place in the quarter finals

matters certainly. That's a prime example why.

FT Tyrone 0-13 Armagh 0-11 not a game that will long in the memory bank.

7 minutes of added time to play. Tyrone 0-12 Armagh 0-9

Finally a bit of intensity by Armagh and Tyrone are making errors.  63 mins  Tyrone 0-11 Armagh 0-8

This is putrid stuff, Tyrone are fortunate Armagh are a man down and it's Rian O'Neill that was the man to go off. Armagh's shooting has been woeful.

Tyrone should be grand now with the gap they've opened up, but it's not an inspiring performance

With more games to come this is game management by Tyrone.  The sending off ruined the contest

15 minutes into this 2nd half, the match has slowed down to walking pace,  Tyrone 0-9 Armagh 0-5

Half time Tyrone 0-8 Armagh 0-4.   Really foolish by Rian O'Neil, hard to see any where back for Armagh in this game now.

48 mins played a penalty goal for Kerry, the foul looked outside the area. 1-10 to 0-10 and Cork down to 14 men with a black card.

That ref just can't help himself -- needs to be a talking point.

It can be outside the box and a penalty though did they not say? If it’s a clear goalscoring opportunity, which I’m not sure it was

Definitely wasn't a clear goal scoring opportunity.

There's nothing in the rules about it having to be a clear goal scoring opportunity.

I don't think anyone can make the case that there wasn't a chance of a goal in this situation given the lack of Cork's cover and the fact that Geaney has scored a number of goals against Cork over the years.

Gough got this spot on imo.

Kerry fairly unimpressive bar Clifford (really can't see an All-Ireland in them) and Cork while they got close on the scoreline are still miles off being a top team.

5.41 Notwithstanding provisions of existing Playing Rules 2.2 Exception (i), 5 and specifically 5.40, if one of the following infractions-
 (a) To deliberately pull down an opponent (5.10) or
 (b) To deliberately trip an opponent with hand (s),arm, leg, or foot, (5.11) or
 (c) To deliberately collide with an opponent after he has played the ball away or for the purpose of taking him out of the movement of play (5.12)  is committed on an attacking player who or, in the case of a Rule 5.12 (Football) Infraction, his team, is denied of a goal-scoring opportunity, as defined in Important Terms and Definitions 9, the following penalties shall apply:
 (i) A Penalty Kick shall be awarded to the team affected.
 (ii) The offender shall be issued with a Black Card and be sent to the Sin Bin for 10 minutes.


In the context of Temporary Rules  5.45 (Hurling)/5.41 (Football)

A situation requiring each of the following criteria:
 (i) The attacking player fouled, as specified in these Temporary Rules, shall be in possession of the ball, except in the case of Rule 5.12 (Football).
Possession shall include a player being in control of the ball as specified in any one or more Rule 1-The Play sub-sections 1.3,1.4,1.7
(Hurling); 1.4,1.5 (Football).
 (ii) The location of the infraction shall be either:
 (a) Inside the 20-metre line, but as a ‘rule of thumb’ not within 25 metres infield of each sideline or
 (b) Within the semi-circular Arc.
 (iii) In the opinion of the Referee, the player fouled or, in the case of a Rule 5.12 Infraction, his team, had and was denied of the opportunity to score a goal when the infraction was committed.
remains debatable for me.  Either way that score was difference between the teams.  Good improvement by Cork compared to their last two championship games against Kerry but Kerry lacking the organisation and hunger they had last year.

Result Westmeath 0-12 Galway 0-20.  Tribesmen closed the game out well once Westmeath had a man sent off.

Result Kildare 0-13 Dublin 0-22.   

12 minutes into the 2nd half Westmeath 0-10 Galway 0-09.

Westmeath down to 14 men with two yellows. Galway take the lead for the first time on 53 and now two ahead

Half time Kildare 0-8 Dublin 0-13

Doesn't really look like any way back for Kildare in this.

No it doesn't. Dublin are heading towards 20 plus points

A surprise score line at half time Westmeath 0-7 Galway 0-6.

Half time Kildare 0-8 Dublin 0-13

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