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GAA Discussion / Re: Ros v Dubs tomorrow
« on: May 29, 2023, 02:28:42 PM »
Out of interest what was your thoughts on the recent Ulster final?  I'd agree with this recent discussion with Michael Foley,Enda McGinley skip to 55.55.

Ourselves and Dublin are to blame, everyone want's a repeat of our great games all the time. Yer man Foley needs to buy a shed or make some attic space for himself.

General discussion / Re: The IRISH RUGBY thread
« on: May 22, 2023, 02:40:13 PM »
When Sexton goes, Ireland could drop bck into the pack. It be the world cup or nothing

You mustn’t have seen our u’20’s the last few years? The future is brighter than ever, in fact I’d chance putting young Prendergast on the plane for the World Cup, I’d have more faith in him than Byrne. He looks like a future Sexton and possibly a better version, if that’s possible.

Great to go to Fitzgerald field and win by 5. Onwards and upwards.

I think Kerry only began training seriously after the Portugese training camp and they will be keen to win this in order to avoid Dublin and Galway in a quarter final. Kerry to win by 6-7 points


In what context? Mayo are not a top side , Mayo won’t bring an edge to the game ,bigger fields don’t suit Mayo ?

We are 4th favourites in the betting 7/1 shots.

We are 11/4 on Saturday for the match which appears value given recent form.

“There will be an edge to the game, there’s no question about it. And there’ll be no holding back here, both teams will be going at it hard. We’re expecting a big contest here because Mayo have a very athletic team and the stadium is a big pitch, one of the biggest pitches in the country, and it’s made for running power. So we’ll have a fair idea Saturday evening where we’re at and how we’re set.”

“We’re playing the cream of the crop now the next day, the winners of Division One, and a team that steamrolled us up in Castlebar, so it’s going to be a big step-up in class. No question about it, we’re going to have to bring our ‘A’ game to compete with them,”

“That was one of our most disappointing performances over the last two years up in Castlebar, so we have a lot of improving to do from that game. Saturday will give us an opportunity to see how much improvement we have made.

“We have to take every game on its merits. The Mayo game is going to be a really big game. They’re going to bring massive travelling support from Mayo. They’re notorious supporters, from the point of view that they back their team through thick and thin. They will bring huge support to Killarney.

He is running scared and so he should be.

GAA Discussion / Re: RG at arms length
« on: May 17, 2023, 10:04:29 AM »
Again not commenting on the specifics of any case but unless prevented from doing so by court order any party can bring an application to the family court if there is a significant change in circumstances.  A party can not relitigate an issue that has already been litigated though (that should be done through appeals which have time limits) and one of the first questions is often if this was known at the time of previous applications why was it not raised.  I know nothing of the specifics of any case and therefore can not comment on what may or could happen.

So estoppel comes into play? Shurley it would depend on the type of case brought forward? It appears at the time that not enough evidence was available to bring a case forward?

IS this game on RTE or GAAGO only?

It’s on the latter only, hence all the controversy.

Time for the real sthuff now.

We will catch Kerry on the hop here, Mayo by 4.

Draw was fair reflection in the 90 minutes whereby both had opportunities to win it. Whatever about other sports it's hard to warm to penalty shootouts in GAA especially in finals like today but what can be done in such congested season.  Derry will be favourites to top their group now, Armagh go in with Galway,Tyrone and neither at home.

Next score wins if times up? Johnno used to do that for all our training matches in school no matter what the score was 😀

Releasing a song and they’re in an ulster final.

There’s levels to this game

Tyrone only release them around the all Ireland semi stage

That’s the condensed season for ya

GAA Discussion / Re: Leinster SFC 2023
« on: April 30, 2023, 10:58:18 PM »
I see Glenn Ryan's not happy.  Didn't see the match but does he have grounds for it? What happened?

I thought the ref was fine, if anything he gave kildare a non free early in the second half that was a tap over, I didn’t think he gave Dublin anything soft. There was one call for a line ball that was 50/50 but the linesman must’ve got it correct, the SG appear to have been gagged lately on any ref calls. McCaffery double hopped for his point but the ref was playing advantage and had the free been given it was a tap over.

I don’t know what his waffle about what was going on along the sideline is about. I was over the far side of the field.

GAA Discussion / Re: Leinster SFC 2023
« on: April 30, 2023, 10:41:37 PM »
Kildare is a force again, despite themselves, and fair dues.

They lost

Double dummy.

Did he switch hands twice? He didn’t overcarry anyhow

GAA Discussion / Re: The Sunday Game
« on: April 11, 2023, 03:15:21 PM »
None of them are co commentators any more.

Who was the Ulster co commentator for Mayo v Ross? He knew his stuff anyhow.

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