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GAA Discussion / Re: All-Stars 2024
July 15, 2024, 10:55:43 PM
Last year.
9 All stars to the 2 finalists, 5 for the Dubs 4 for Kerry.
5 more split between the 2 beaten semi finalists.
A single All star to one of the 4 beaten quarter finalists.
Would expect a similar split thos year.
General discussion / Re: The DUP thread
July 04, 2024, 09:50:09 AM
Big night ahead.
Heard a polling expert saying that the election could be a success or a disaster for the DUP over a few thousand votes.
3 seats all to play for.
Lagan Valley( what will the Jeffrey effect be)
East Belfast ( will Robinson pay for support of Donaldsons deal)

One they aren't even contesting but if it goes SF they will be gutted...Fermanagh/South Tyrone.
I have NEVER trusted Tyrone . Prove me wrong midget divers!!
GAA Discussion / Re: All Ireland prelim QFs
June 17, 2024, 11:31:23 AM
Quote from: Aaron Boone on June 17, 2024, 09:57:15 AMLast year, didn't all 4 prelim winners lose in the QF's 7 days later?

See if that trend is broken this year.

Unfortunately not!!!
Hurling Discussion / Re: Re: Hurling 2023
June 09, 2024, 05:06:37 PM
Quote from: Truthsayer on June 09, 2024, 05:01:26 PMLet them at it... the games being sanitised enough. A man's game.

Compare that statement with the hoo-ha over a touch of the head with a trailing boot in Celtic Park last week.
Hurling Discussion / Re: Re: Hurling 2023
June 09, 2024, 04:48:36 PM
Watching the Munster final with no care as to who wins.
So much shite from the commentators.
Dirt all over the place and they never mention it.
If it was football it'd be all they talked about.
Talk about double standards.
Quote from: marty34 on June 03, 2024, 10:05:35 AMIn soccer parlance, Harte and Devlin have lost the changng room.

Very clear to be seen.

When you see how well Louth have pushed on under Brennan, it's clear to see they're not that tactically aware, especially how bad they've been caught out since the Donegal game. 

No Plan B.

But after the rows in Portugal it's clear to see the players have downed tools so the players must share the flack also.

The biggest thing is the fall - how far have things went south in the Derry camp in a month. Some drop off in standards.  Derry pushing for All-Ireland finals this past two years, winning Div. 1 NFL (I know it's only the league) but the self-implosion has been crazy this year.

Good chance they'll get Gallagher back......and there'll be no more trips abroad.

Don't think Gallagher will ever be back. Certainly hope not.
Quote from: downtothecore on April 25, 2024, 10:20:37 PMNewry or Armagh would have had a full house so opportunity lost for good crowd and  atmosphere. I guess the mighty Armagh would prefer a trot out in clones to help prepare for the ulster final...

Will you be eating your half time ice cream in the car like last year?
Quote from: tbrick18 on April 14, 2024, 07:06:17 PMAwful game.
Fermanagh had their chances of goals but either miskicked, took the wrong option or just messed it up.
Armagh deserved winners - but goals aside, they didn't look overly impressive.
Missed a lot of frees. Didnt look fluid, should have scored more points from play given the way Fermanagh just kind of stopped. If I was from Armagh I'd be worried enough.

Jarly Og lucky to stay on the pitch imo.

Goals aside...not impressive (they won by over 10 points)

If you were from Armagh what would you be worried about? Down...seriously? Do you think their "supporters " will stay on beyond half time.. unlike last year.

Derry...of course we'd be worried..they're a top 3 team standing between us and a first Ulster title in nearly 20 years...and they've improved since last year.

Was Jarly's the only bad tackle in the game?

GAA Discussion / Re: Division 2 2024
March 04, 2024, 09:56:26 PM
Question for Cavan folk.
Has there been a significant improvement since last Summer?
Was really surprised how poor they were in the championship meeting.
Kept saying on the way to Brefni for the championship how you never get anything easy there, and then Cavan were so poor on the day.
I have a feeling it won't be any ways near as handy Sunday week.
GAA Discussion / Re: Division 2 2024
February 03, 2024, 12:04:17 PM
If you want to avoid the traffic on the Newry Road (A28), as you drop off the A1 at Newry go via Poyntzpass, Tandragee, Hamiltonsbawn and on to Armagh.
Park at the bottom of the Hamiltonsbawn road (@ the top of the mall) and a good 10 min. walk will have you in the ground.
It's maybe 5/6 miles further but the Newry Road is a nightmare at the best of times, never mind when there's a game on.
Quote from: guevara on July 30, 2023, 05:10:02 PM
Congratulations to David Gough on his All-Ireland win.
That was nothing short of a disgrace.
James McCarthy must be a relative.

Catch yourself on. No horse in  the race and thought Kerry got waaay more soft frees than Dublin
Matt Conor a different class.
Quote from: Milltown Row2 on July 27, 2023, 01:01:25 PM
Quote from: general_lee on July 27, 2023, 11:02:56 AM
Speed cameras on what is essentially a primary transport corridor are not the answer. A fit for purpose road is the answer.

No one is disagreeing on that, unless you are a landower. But in the meantime slowing traffic down would certainly help

Travel the A5 on a regular basis with work. Not sure speed is the issue. Set the cruise at 55 and you'll have to turn it off within seconds.
It's a dangerous road with hundreds of side roads and junctions. All speed cameras would do is raise a few quid.
The road needs a massive upgrade.
Compare the road from Omagh to Strabane with the road between Antrim and Ballymena.
Now almost dual carriageway from Belfast to Portrush!
GAA Discussion / Re: Standard of Refs
July 17, 2023, 09:14:22 PM
Quote from: Milltown Row2 on July 16, 2023, 06:11:06 PM
Quote from: Armaghtothebone on July 16, 2023, 06:03:15 PM
We need VAR in big championship games.  Refs get so many calls wrong it's beyond a joke

The ref should just sit in the stand, better still on the sofa..

I don't care of he sits in Timbuktu as long as he gets the basic calls right.
Most refs get at least 2 or 3 wrong in every big game.
GAA Discussion / Re: Standard of Refs
July 16, 2023, 06:03:15 PM
We need VAR in big championship games.  Refs get so many calls wrong it's beyond a joke