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From Cahair O’Kane

Ticket prices for National Leagues increase from €15 last year to €18 in 2023. Revenues from last year's leagues were higher than in 2019. In 2019, leagues brought in €3.5m, cost €1.3m to run.

€18 is a disgrace for a NFL game IMO.

€5 for juveniles too, u16s that is.

Edit: The seems to be only some games with limited tickets - Armagh V Monaghan been one.

Should have froze the NFL prices, extra money will already be made on the All Ireland group matches.


--- Quote from: Louther on January 12, 2023, 10:46:46 PM ---€5 for juveniles too, u16s that is.

--- End quote ---

They really are pricing families out of it.
Is there a concept of a family ticket for league games?

For me to go to a league game and take the family is 69 Euro (I do have a large family to be fair).
Then add in the price of diesel....minimum 30Euro.
you're talking 100+ to take the family to a league game. We might go to one, but that'll be it.
Not because we don't want to go, but because it's just too expensive to follow a team with those costs.

Redhand Santa:
I believe u16s are still free. Except for Armagh Monaghan which has a limited capacity so everyone needs a ticket.


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