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The Croke Park Experience

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Dinny Breen:

So this is corporate GAA's idea of improving the Croke Park experience, couldn't be any more corporate. We need to get kids away from their devices and start living in the moment and capture it in their minds not on their phones.

To me the Croke Park Experience is

1. Overpriced tickets
2. Crap atmosphere
3. Expensive Parking
4. Crap food at all levels

I have serious Croke Park fatigue, Corporate GAA have sucked the joy out of the stadium. Provincial grounds so much better. My highlight of the summer was kicking a football around with my son and daughter in O'Connor Park after the Kildare/Meath game. That was an experience and a memory.

Redhand Santa:
Personally love going to games in croke park. Tickets usually good value though food/drink inside the ground over priced. I wouldn't argue that the atmosphere can be poor at some games but for others it's brilliant. The Kerry Mayo semi final had a great atmosphere as did last years semi finals and finals in the football. From talking to one's at it there was a great atmosphere at the hurling final.

There was a poor atmosphere at the Tyrone Dublin game due to how the game went but I was in for the two games before it that day and thought there was a great buzz around the ground. There was a stage up out the back of the cusack and plenty going on in the couple of hours before the senior game. Even for early season games I thought the Tyrone Dublin league game was a good night out.

As a hurling person there are now only 4 big games played in Croke Park .  three games this year were great events because of the big crowds , enthusiasm and the games were great contests .  The Leinster final too was a wonderful event albeit not a great contest .

For people outside Leinster it's fine, and still signifies serious progress being there. The rest is secondary. Still the best stadium in Ireland by a distance.

Smokin Joe:
I had a chuckle at this line in the linked article in the OP:

"Tomás Meehan is the GAA's Chief Information Officer - he also won an All-Ireland with Galway in 1998 and an All-Ireland club title with Caltra in 2004. When you step inside the doors of Croke Park, presume everyone has an All-Ireland medal, even the person asking if you'd like milk with your coffee."

I wonder what were the chances that the best person for that role would have won Sam Maguire?


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