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During Lockdown, dinners became a big part of the day with everyone in the house. Really got motoring with the slow cooker and air fryer. Air fryer used daily these days, quicker and uses for less electricity than the oven

Slow cooker, every Sunday now the silverside, topside, pork loin goes in about 8am on a medium setting. Have experimented with Cola, Football special etc, add in some paprika, piri piri, Chipotle etc. Serious reward for little effort. Much like a bbq, the man will get the plaudits for 5 mins work while the wife does the heavy lifting!

McDaid’s Football Special is still around after all these years? :)


Used to love one of them on the odd occasion we’d get to the cinema when I was a kid.

How do they work on the meat in the slow cooker!

Have an air fryer but looking to upgrade to one of those ninjas

Have one of those dual ninja air fryers - some job.
We use it pretty much every day - replacing the oven. 


--- Quote from: JimStynes on February 03, 2023, 03:19:16 PM ---Have an air fryer but looking to upgrade to one of those ninjas

--- End quote ---
Have one of those Ninja Dual Air Fryers. It’s brilliant.


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