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Started by milltown row, January 26, 2007, 11:21:26 AM

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milltown row

Thought I would start up this thread as the Antrim football hurling one has turned into the football only one!!!

Anybody any ideas of the team selection for the match this Sunday? Low-key preparation, are they confident for the National league? I see no changes to the senior hurling leagues this year or the championship format. Will Loughgiel finally deliver this year or will the Johnnies make the graded this year.

Heading down to Salthill to watch the first game in Feb will we have the Cushendall boys then?


Cushendall play on the 11th Feb, if they win i'm sure they'll not be available till after paddys day, if they don't i'm sure some will ask for a week of to recharge the batteries.

As for the championship next year it should certainly be interesting, i remember a charge levelled at the Dunloy teams of the 90's was that it couldn't be considered a 'Great' team until it won 3 in a row (which it subsequently did) the Dall have the chance to do that again having completed a hat trick in the early 90's.  Would be a terrific achievement for such a young team.  Hopefully they don't make it.

Any truth in the rumour on the football thread that N Mc Garry has left the shamrocks to play football for Glenravel, he played a bit of underage for dunloy and was a decent player, very good goalkeeper.
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Talking to a Cushendall lad during the week and he said that his teams preparations are going great. They had a bit of a "hick-up" though as last weekend a trainer was brought in from Cork. It apparently rained the three training sessions he took, and some of the lads now have the flu. Antrim Hurling could badly do with a win and I think Cushendall are capable of pulling this off. But it will take a massive effort. It will also require a full healthy squad. Any word from the Loughrea camp? Their doesn't seem to be much "stir" comming from them.


What's the general feeling in Antrim about Cushendalls chances against Loughrea?

I must say I really fancy them to do it although I have reservations about the consistency and strength in depth of their forwards.

Aidan Delargy really must improve on his accuracy which has let him down in the two games against Dungiven plus Neil McManus isn't really a forward and although he lined out in the forwards in the Ulster replay he done all his best hurling in his own half back line that day.

Monty will need to be fit to pull the strings, whether it'd be wise to start him on Greg Kennedy I'm not so sure. Mr Kennedy can be an abhrasive charachter and Monty doesn't like that sort of attention.

I have been impressed by the Dalls defence. They are sticky wee f**kers especially down the left wing and won't be found wanting. With a fit again Mickey McCambridge I wonder if they might try to shoe horn him into the team?? I'd leave the defence alone but do you leave a player of that ability on the bench or put him up into the forwards along with Neil McManus, I don't know!!

The best of luck to them anyway and I hope they do it even if they are hard to listen to.

milltown row

 Yes, the Dalls defence is great and if I had a fit Mc Cambridge I'd have him on, great hurler, McManus needs to be in defence, or midfield. Think the game will be low scoring depending on the weather, there is usually a gale blowing down one end at these games.

It's who adopts on the day Loughrea will be very hungry and have a lot to prove considering the bad press they got after the County final. Having attended all of Dunloys semi finals I was always impressed by the fact they never panic. Providing they don't let them take a big lead this game could go either way.

I think I will be going to the Gorts game that day (no offence Cushendall) I'm hopping they get to the final.

One thing about these games that I have watched at this stage is the referee will give you nothing and will not think about sending you off, stay within the rules.

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I don't know if its just me or not. But I do feel that the referee's in the North tend to be a little bit more whistle happy. In the south things are a bit more lienent. My own experiance of playing against southern opposition,especialy in such a high profile game is they tend to hit very hard. In some cases getting away with it. Plus the Galway championship is probably the most toughest and most competive club competitions in the Country. Loughrea will be well batle hardened and we all know a bout the game with Portumna, so Cushendall I think will face a very phsiycal challange.


Quote from: milltown row on January 26, 2007, 04:00:15 PM
Yes, the Dalls defence is great and if I had a fit Mc Cambridge I'd have him on, great hurler

Well I think the Dall defense is stronger without Mickey McCambridge who is a lovely hurler but I think at this stage of the year a dogged defense is better than a stylish one. If it ain't broke?....The one thing that annoys me about him is he tends to overrun the ball instead of releasing early. I could see him playing in the 3/4 line at some stage in the game. Skinner has a few good difficult choices to make
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I agree with the skull, i'd keep the defence the same they've been going well all year without him.  Mickey is a stylih hurler and much like Paul Kelly of tipp i think their could be a role for him in the middle of the field or half forwards.

i think Skinner also has a big decision on Neil McManus, he's done well in the forwards but he's a terrific defender.  I really think if three or four of the forwards can put a big game together then they'd be in with a huge chance
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First off well done Milltown for starting this thread, all the football bickering on the other thread was starting to do my head in. With regard to Cushendall the biggest thing they have in their favour is Skinners ability to read a game and make changes. I genuinely believe he is the most tactically aware manager in ulster. When you look at them as a 15 they should not have won either of the last two championships the fact that they did is down to a great team ethic and clever switches, ie McManus into full forward for this years county final or the introduction of Jackie Carson in the 2005 final. Is the match confirmed as being in Mullingar does anyone know?


Dall match is definitely in Mullingar at 1pm - brought forward to facillitate TG4 showing it live now the other rugby-loving semi-finalists have had their game switched to Saturday.

That means it's not a doubel header with the JHC Semi before it - that has been moved to St. Lomans Mullingar.


Cushendall may well beat Loughrea but I'd doubt if they could handle Ballyhale Shamrocks who I'd imagine will beat Toomevara.

I sincerely hope they do get to the final as they've never been, but I'd fear they could get hammered a la Dunloy by an exceptional club team in Ballyhale.

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According to aertal Antrim lost to Wexford by two points. Wexford 3 10  Antrim 1 14. Not sure how accurate that is because aertal isn't the most reliable. Anyone shed any light?


Taken from Antrom Official Website -
Antrim beaten by Wexford in Walsh Cup28 January 2007

Paul Shields who was Antrim's top scorer in Sunday's Walsh Cup defeat by Wexford A largely experimental Antrim side were well beaten in the end by Wexford in Sunday's Walsh Cup ¼ final in Piercetown, Wexford.
Antrim's new management team, who are short of the Cushendall contingent, tried out a few new players in their first competitive game since taking charge.
The Saffrons did well in the first half and led by 0-9 to 0-8 at the break, but when the home side upped the pace in the second half they pulled away to win comfortabley.
Debutant Paul Shields kept Antrim's hopes alive with a goal midway through the second half, but Wexford found the Antrim net three times to run out 3-20 to 1-14 winners and book a semi-final slot against Laois.
ANTRIM – DD Quinn, B McAuley, J McKeague, J Campbell, M Molloy, K Herron, N McAuley, C Cunning, B Herron, L Watson, K Kelly, M Herron, K Stewart, P Richmond, P Shields.
SUBS – J McIntosh for Stewart; M Scullion for Cunning; S Burke for B Herron;

Baile an tuaigh

Not a good start for sambo. Getting beat by twelve points is quite a margin. Although Antrim were without the Cushendall lads I am sure Wexford were trying new lads as well. Early days yet though. Some of that Antrim team are very average Hurlers.


Good to see a thread on Antrim hurling.  Much like Johnny Cool I just don' t think c'dall have enough fire power up front to beat Loughrea but Skinner has proven to be an astute man and they shouldn;t be underestimated.   I would have thought Mickey McCambridge would slot in at number 5 with Donal Natty McNaughton moving up the park a bit, possibly to number 11- Natty has one of the best/strongest swings in the game and he could keep the ball moving in the half forward line.  young magill could be the one to make way.  at this time of the year an option on the bench like big Carson is good to have- a few high balls and he will win his fair share.

A few surprises in that Antrim team today, I know they were short of number.  Have yet to be convinced re B Herron, surprised Tosh or Randal McDonnel didn;t start.  Also seems to be a lack of St Johns boys there- I thought they had a few coming thru?