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Casement Park in line for major overhaul - 40,000 all seater Stadium.

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From Hoganstand:

Casement Park could be transformed into an all-seater stadium if ambitious plans to redevelop the Belfast venue are given the green light.

Northern Ireland Sports Minister Nelson McCausland is expected to provide a paper to the Stormont Executive recommending the multi-million euro redevelopment of Casement Park along with Belfast's other main sporting grounds, Windsor Park and Ravenhill, in the coming days.

The GAA, IFA and IRFU will all make a financial contribution to their respective projects. Under the proposed plan, Casement Park would be razed to the ground and developed into a 40,000 all-seater stadium which could become the future home for the Ulster football final.

"We have gone through a rigorous process, a very detailed process by an independent consultant, and it has now been accepted so it does stack up," Ulster Council president Aogan Farrell told The Irish Daily Star.

"We wouldn't be in this game only we felt it's a development that's needed."


Believe it when I see it.  Would be great to see and great for the GAA,  but wouldn't trust McCausland as far as I could throw him regarding this.  He'll throw a spanner in the works yet.

Are there not enough redeveloped, seldom used grounds around Ireland? Would there be enough games for a 40,000 Casement ?

Minder, this is money that has been set aside for the Maze project.

If Casement isnt redeveloped then the money will be lost to the GAA completely. Soccer and Rugby are getting their share, so if it is money that is already there that we have paid for in taexs then why not have it spent on Casement.

Thats not to say the rights and wrongs of the overall idea to build 3 stadiums for these 3 sports in a province the size that it is.

Banana Man:
I have no problem with redveloping casement, as someone else said the money will be lost if not used up but I owuld have a problem taking Ulster Finals out of clones.

There is just something specal about ulster final day in Clones, I never liked going to casement but would be a great venue for Antrim gaels and fair play and good luck to them with it

There is nothing new about this. The general plans of the Ulster Council have been discussed openly for many years. It will only reach the crucial stage when the money is agreed.


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