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Tyrone / Re: Tyrone Club Football and Hurling
April 10, 2024, 11:52:55 PM
Quote from: bogball88 on April 08, 2024, 05:28:52 AMUrney conceded their first reserve league game-ominous sign for them 

"Just call us Dregish" as one player put it
Tyrone / Re: Tyrone County Football and Hurling
April 10, 2024, 11:48:39 PM
Quote from: NotedObserver on April 10, 2024, 10:40:34 PMDaly a class act and the half back line would be fairly strong as well with all impressing tonight. Ohare electric pace which is hard to handle at any level

Brolly & O'Hare always willing runners on the wing. Rafferty quality through the centre. Gormley will be a major loss if injury keeps himon the sidelines going into the knockout rounds. MCCullagh McCann & Grimes off the bench are quality assets to have
Tyrone / Re: Tyrone Club Football and Hurling
December 12, 2023, 02:34:46 PM
Both clubs happy to play midweek but issues with CCC confirming a venue/ref
Quote from: bogball88 on December 12, 2023, 08:14:14 AM
Quote from: clarshack on December 11, 2023, 10:02:38 PMHas the Grade 2 Minor league Final been played?
Both Domnaigh v Loughmacrory. I had heard a possibility of mid week but nothing on the website yet
Tyrone / Re: Tyrone Club Football and Hurling
November 27, 2023, 06:40:49 PM
Senior / Division 1

Ardboe - Noel O'Neill & Gavin Devlin
Carrickmore -
Clonoe - Kevin Madden
Coalisland -
Donaghmore  - Mark Counihan
Dromore -
Dungannon - James Slater, Ryan Pickering, Gerard Cavlan & Barry Gillis
Edendork - Conleth Gilligan
Eglish -
Errigal Ciaran - Enda McGinley & Stephen Quinn
Galbally -
Killyclogher - Dermy Carlin, Stephen O'Neill & Eoin Bradley
Loughmacrory - Martin Boyle
Omagh - Sean Teague
Pomeroy -
Trillick - Jody Gormley & Peter McGinnity

Intermediate / Division 2

Aghyaran -
Beragh - Conor Gormley & Damian Leonard
Cookstown - Des Tracey & Conleth Donnelly
Clogher - Macartan McKenna
Derrylaughan - Kevin Niblock
Drumragh - Colm Bradley
Fintona - Martin Greene
Greencastle - Sean Pol Harte and Emmett Hackett
Gortin - Kevin McCullagh and Nigel McCarron
Kildress -
Moortown -
Moy -
Naomh Eoghan -
Owen Roes - Stefan Deery & Johnny Lafferty
Rock - Tommy Bloomer & Conor Bayne
Stewartstown -

Junior / Division 3

Aghaloo -
Augher -
Brackaville -
Brocagh - Peter Armour
Castlederg -
Clann na nGael -
Derrytresk - Mickey Rea
Donaghmore III -
Drumquin -
Errigal Ciaran III -
Eskra -
Glenelly -
Killeeshil -
Killyman -
Strabane - Richard O'Neill
Tattyreagh -
Urney - Matthew Neeson
Tyrone / Re: Tyrone Club Football and Hurling
October 30, 2023, 11:33:02 PM
Quote from: rory on October 30, 2023, 08:09:03 PMDoes anyone know when the grade A minor championship will be played out. It looks like it's only at the semi final stages.

No fixtures scheduled so far. Was the Trillick-Dromore Q-final game ever replayed? Imagine it was held back with Trillick's Championship run

Grade 2 championship finally getting their semi finals on Saturday and this Tuesday.

At this rate, the leagues will still be running in December.
Tyrone / Re: Tyrone Club Football and Hurling
July 13, 2023, 05:15:34 PM
Quote from: Onthe40 on July 12, 2023, 02:07:43 PM
CCC needs to seriously look at clubs playing down
we could have a number of situations this year where a number of big clubs have walked Grade 2 competitions
has already happened at u16 level

Surely the TCB have to put in place sanctions on clubs crying that their main minors are focusing on Senior when it comes to knockout stages.

Without McElholm & Donaghy, Lough would still be competitive with young MCCullagh & Co, but with those two back, they'll walk to a Double.

Will be severely unfair on the other clubs in the grade, given Lough's strong 2nd place finish in grade 1 last year
Tyrone / Re: Tyrone Club Football and Hurling
December 14, 2022, 10:48:44 AM
Quote from: clarshack on December 14, 2022, 10:13:17 AM
Quote from: skeog on December 14, 2022, 09:49:06 AM
Eugene be back he cannot be lost a man of his talent and enthusaism for the cause.

While I don't agree with the pricing of the Tyrone TV setup, losing a man of Eugene's experience would not be a positive.

While I have felt Eugene has put his foot in it with some of his statements over the years, I think he has led the Tyrone Comms team well in the last 5 years. I've no doubt he will remain in Garvaghey in some capacity, be it as VC or in various sub committees.

Good to see some youth in the form of Rory Cox as PRO. Very enthusiastic and has been a great support to his club. Hopefully he can continue to grow the Tyrone GAA brand.

On a separate note, with Gortin's motion of separating the roles of VC & CCC Chair being carried, I wonder who will be put forward at the first 2023 board meeting for CCC Chair?

Tyrone / Re: Tyrone Club Football and Hurling
December 14, 2022, 01:28:35 AM
Chair: M Sludden
Secretary: Michael Kerr
Treasurer: Niall McKenna(unchanged)
Vice Chair: A.N. Other (back to clubs)
Assistant Secretary: Eunan Lindsay
Assistant Treasurer: Sean McGuigan(Unchanged)
Central Council Delegate: Benny Hurl (Unchanged)
Ulster Council Delegates: Conor Sally & Michelle Cox(Unchanged)
PRO: Rory Cox
Coaching Officer: Damien Harvey (Unchanged)
Culture: Steven Hughes (Unchanged)
Hurling Officer: Aidan Maguire
Childrens officer: Stephen Sherry (Unchanged)
Planning & Training: Rory O'Brien (Unchanged)

Eugene McConnell contested 3 elections  & lost 3 elections tonight - sore one to stomach I'd imagine
Tyrone / Re: Tyrone Club Football and Hurling
November 15, 2022, 11:37:43 AM
Quote from: Under Lights on November 15, 2022, 11:33:14 AM
Why who has transferred into Newtown since the amalgamation?

Few Derg Glenelly  & Urney men - Turning into the Errigal of North Tyrone
Tyrone / Re: Tyrone Club Football and Hurling
October 17, 2022, 01:43:23 PM
Quote from: WT4E on October 17, 2022, 01:09:57 PM
Quote from: PMG1 on October 17, 2022, 11:30:44 AM
Quote from: clarshack on October 17, 2022, 11:20:03 AM
out of all the people at the ground the umpire at that far post was in the best position to make the decision whether it was a point or wide, and when you watch it again he was quite sure in his decision.
I don't agree, he was looking directly into the lights, the linesman was right behind it and cud see perfectly. Either way that's football, Dromore done themselves proud and will be back. Honestly can't see past Errigal for the title now but you never know. Game was played on a good spirit and both teams came to play football which was refreshing, thought the game was a very high standard given the conditions. Tyrone are in a good place with the Canavans and Emmett
McNabb to call on for their forward line

Thought it looked like Dromore where intentionally leaving a bit on R Canavan any chance they got early on.... almost like instructed to maybe?

What kind of manager would Ricey be if he didn't get them to play on the edge like he did
Tyrone / Re: Tyrone Club Football and Hurling
October 04, 2022, 02:15:54 PM
Quote from: TirEoghainGael on October 04, 2022, 01:14:35 PM
Thoughts on the junior championship? Derrytresk seem to have hit form at the right time but Aghaloo still might be too much for them. Stewartstown v Strabane is a toss up and should be a great game as there was little between them in the league. A Derryresk v Stewartsown final could be interesting.

Derrytresk vs Strabane final - just for the added Mickey Rea drama
Tyrone / Re: Tyrone Club Football and Hurling
October 01, 2022, 07:57:49 AM
Killeeshil was a win for football.
60 mins of watching Owen Roes play 15 men behind the ball - should be a criminal punishment.
Tyrone / Re: Tyrone Club Football and Hurling
October 26, 2021, 11:42:42 AM
Quote from: Moonshine on October 25, 2021, 07:15:51 PM
Quote from: The Golden Years on October 25, 2021, 04:59:08 PM
Quote from: skeog on October 25, 2021, 04:19:50 PM
Hard to legislate for yesterdays conditions.Suited Coalisland better think Dominic could be available he was the last man to deliver the goods for Carmen.

It's not really, it is October and the chances of Wind and Rain is high. Suited Coalisland better as we set back and let them have the ball when we were playing with the wind.

Roger Keenan was the last man in 2005.

Did dom not do back to back with Carmen in 04,05 keenan might of been beat in final in 06.

Corrigan was in charge for 04 before going to take Sligo Seniors in 2005.
Keenan took charge in 2005 before taking up High Performance Manager role with SINI which stopped him from taking management role for the following season.
Chris Brown in charge in 2006.

Carmen enjoyed a Manager Merry-go-round in them days
Tyrone / Re: Tyrone Club Football and Hurling
December 04, 2020, 12:06:58 PM

I am not taking Glenelly along with Sean McConnell this year.

From my phone call with their secretary, it's Dermot Corry that will be in charge of Glenelly again this year.

As the great Abraham Lincoln once said "never believe everything you read on WhatsApp"
Tyrone / Re: Tyrone Club Football and Hurling
November 29, 2019, 12:50:42 AM
Quote from: WT4E on November 28, 2019, 02:05:56 PM
Quote from: Goals_Will_Come on November 28, 2019, 12:52:27 PM
Its about time we start up the annual list of managerial/coaching appointments.
    Aghaloo O'Neills GAC -Micky Donnelly
    Aghyaran St. Davog's GAC
    Ardboe O'Donovan Rossa GAC - Fabian Muldoon
    Augher St. Macartan's GAC
    Beragh Red Knights GAC
    Brackaville Owen Roes GFC
    Carrickmore St. Colmcille's GAC - Ryan Daly
    Castlederg St. Eugene's GAC
    Clann na nGael GAA
    Clogher Éire Óg GAC
    Clonoe O'Rahilly's GAC Stephen McDonnell
    Coalisland Na Fianna GAC
    Cookstown Fr. Rock's GAC
    Derrylaughan Kevin Barrys GAC
    Derrytresk Fir An Chnoic GAC
    Donaghmore St. Patrick's GAC
    Dregish Pearse Og GAC
    Dromore St. Dympna's GAC - Colm McCullagh
    Drumquin Wolfe Tones GAC
    Dungannon Thomas Clarkes GAC - Collie Holmes
    Edendork St. Malachy's GAC - Lorcan Martin
    Eglish St. Patrick's GAC
    Errigal Ciarán GAC
    Eskra Emmetts GAC
    Fintona Pearses GAC
    Galbally Pearses GAC
    Glenelly St. Joseph's GAC Dermot Corry
    Gortin St. Patrick's GAC
    Greencastle, St Patrick's GAC - Sean Teague
    Kildress Wolfe Tones GAC - Vacant
    Killeeshil St. Mary's GAC
    Killyclogher St. Mary's GAC
    Killyman St. Mary's GAC
    Loughmacrory St. Teresa's GAC
    Moortown St. Malachy's GAC
    Moy Tír Na nÓg GAC
    Newtownstewart St. Eugene's GAC
    Naomh Eoghan
    Omagh St. Enda's GAC Carl McCabe
    Owen Roe O'Neill's GAC
    Pomeroy Plunketts GAC
    Rock St. Patrick's GAC
    Stewartstown Harps GAC
    Strabane Sigersons GAC
    Tattyreagh St. Patrick's GAC
    Trillick St. Macartan's GAC
    Urney St. Columba's GAC