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Came across an interesting discussion on Off The Ball yesterday basically saying the earlier Championship this year has not helped at all for GAA media coverage or general attention. They put it that were competing against the the end of season in football and rugby and games arent getting coverage they usually get in previous years.
I know there's 2 Heineken cup games today with Leinster and Munster for instance. And it's the business end in soccer with Liverpool going well.

Was also stated that GAA is not helping itself by putting so much of its football games on the same time, competing against hurling, lack of TV games etc.

GAA Discussion / Nepotism in GAA
March 18, 2010, 01:38:56 PM
Anyone else come against this problem besides myself ? I find it disgraceful when daddies just take over a team and play their son every match where he wants regardless of performance.

This is at minor level. We have lost nearly every game so far with embarrassing performances yet still these relations of the selectors play every match even when it is obvious to all they have no place out there.

My story goes: I'm a decent player in my last year of minor football. 2 years ago I played every single game and in general played well. This year a new manager and team of selectors have come in and made sure their sons play each match. The 3 worst players on the team all have their fathers as selectors. All 3 have been dire in every game so far and all the rest of the lads know this.

The other embarrassing thing is that they are all younger than me, 16, even 15 years of age. I know this is sounding bitter but in all honesty 2 years ago the team was up there with the best around. Now we are bottom of the table scraping only 1 win. I have been told by people around the club that I should be playing ahead of player X and Y. This adds to the frustration.

The worst thing is you are sitting on the bench not knowing who to cheer for. You want your friends to win, but you also want these idiotic selectors to be proven wrong and to get even 10 minutes as a sub.

I'm sorry to say I'm contemplating giving up football completely. I love it but I'm at that age now where these decisions have to be made. If you are struggling to get on in your last year of minor there isn't much of a future for you. It will also save the embarrassment of not getting playing.

If anyone has any advice it would be appreciated. Feeling so depressed right now... :(