Quiz Question. Help please. Down All Ireland winners.

Started by Aristotle Flynn, February 09, 2008, 10:43:40 PM

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Quote from: amallon on February 11, 2008, 11:58:03 AM
All that matters is that the Celtic cross is hanging on the wall in St. Annes park, Mayobridge.  Quit your stirring spirit! ;)

Does this mean Kevin Mussen & Neil Collins are Bryansford men as their Celtic Crosses are hanging on walls in Newcastle.... ???


Good come back spirit.  I'll try another approach.

The man is Bridge born and bred.  His family have been in the Bridge for generations.  I challenge any person to go to him and ask him if he is a proud Clonduff man.
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In 1964, Mayobridge fold with lack of manpower. Tom O'Hare who play his first game for Down in 1962 at Centre Half Forward against Rest of Ulster has join Clonduff in 1965 with Francis Coulter (Benny's father). Francis Gallagher RIP also joined Burren in same year. In 1967, All three came back to Bridge to play in  Intermediate league. At that time Bridge, Burren and Warrenpoint were all in same parish named Clonallen.
In 1965 Down Senior Club final, Castlewelllan beat Clonduff with Tom O'Hare and Francis Coulter. also in that team, Pasty O'Hagan, brilliant young Dalsey Mooney, Stepehn Morgan, Dessie Monaghan and Mickey John McConville. Francis Coulter  was known so scored more goals than points. Benny is not as deadly finisher as his father was!!
In 1966, Burren with Francis Gallagher at midfield won replay wth a low 2.02 against Kilwarlin 0.06.
No way that BIG TOM O'HARE played for Burren.
By the way, Tom display in 1968 All Ireland semi-final against Galway (who have won 3 in a row 64, 65 and 66) was best performance I ever seen

T O Hare

Spirit.. beings Toms nephew, i would have thought you would have clarified the question!!!!!!!!!!
Tom is a bridge man and a trustee and groundsman of club.. played for clonduff for a while but i think if you ask any yellow person , they would nt be rushing to stake a claim for him :)
and spirit, he dos nt hate any club, every club does hates ours!!!!
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I just called Mr. Wonderful (born and bred a Clonduff man) and asked him about this. Tom O'Hare never played for Burren, he definitely played for Clonduff. Mr. Wonderful remembers him playing although he did say when Tom won the All-Ireland in 1968 he had returned to his native Mayobridge.

As far as Tom O'Hare hating the Yellas, forget about it. It's not true at all. In fact, one of his daughters is married to a Clonduff man and she's a very good friend of mine.

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Quote from: Aristotle Flynn on February 09, 2008, 10:43:40 PM
We had a new couple from the neighbourhood in for a game of cards tonight

Tonight was the first time we've had them round for the evening. If it turns out he has been winding me up it could be the last.  >:(

Glad to see the Tom O'Hare issue has been sorted out for you. We're thinking of inviting our neighbours round for a game or two of Draughts on Saturday night. Are there any other GAA issues of this ilk that I might be abe to pre-brief myself on before they come round so that I don't get caught out like yourself?


Everyone happy now, cheers Umpire for the definitive story.  I still want that 68 Galway game even more now.  I've contacted both the RTE and BBC NI archives and haven't go any response yet.
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T O Hare

aidan that was a great dvd.. did you do that yourself???
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Yep, its handy enough done with the right software.
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What do you have on DVD Amallon? If you were able to supply copies of the Down AI finals you could be a hero on this board! I know many posters would like copies.
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Lecale managed to get me the 60's games on a set of DVD's.   They included highlights of 60, 61 and the 68 Ulster final.  Then the full 68 AI final.  I've managed to get them all onto 1 DVD.  It takes about half an hour to do a copy and my laptop has been burning flat out for over a week dishing out copies to feed the waiting list so if you are prepared to wait a week or so I can get you one done.
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