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Started by Down1234, July 04, 2018, 05:52:25 PM

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define success if you will

Very sensible post

Every name that is throw up someone feels the need to ask "What have they won?" Any manager that has won championships, has won them with a top 3 or 4 side. Down are far from a top 3 or 4 team. Whoever the next Down manager is, he will not win championships with Down. So maybe instead we could ask what have they achieved with an average team? That's were names like (Poacher-Ballyholland/Carlow, Tally-St Mary's, Kennedy-Glenn) start to make sense. Those men definitely have one thing that has been missing from Down, players get behind them and want to play for them


Dubh driocht

McEntee or Conor Laverty have not been mentioned- one or both should be considered.

Of the others;
Pete has come and gone- a great man but not for Down in 2019.
Conor Deegan was a deadly full-back but is dead useless as a manager.
James is still worth considering but his weaknesses are magnified when he surrounds himself with family or yes-men.
Mulholland and Poacher have their strengths- some faults but I like their passion.

Ultimately we need a clear appointment process, led by people with credibility, to put someone in charge who can get us out of Division 3, make us competitive in Ulster and get at least one run in the Super 8s( if they continue) in a three year tenure.

Brick Tamlin

Sell me the Conor Laverty ticket.
We are clearly just plucking names from obscurity now.


Some names being branded about are ludicrous.Conor L was a good player and could be a great coach but ffs lads get a grip here. Winning an under 16 title with an already under 14 wining championship team is not the way to judge. Sell me it too btw


Anyone thats worked under connor laverty will tell you he's one of the best young coaches about. That also came from people in dublin I spoke to where laverty had done coaching when he was at university, they couldnt speak highly enough of him. Think it would be a good move to have him involved.
nil satis nisi optimum

Dubh driocht

Laverty has been the leader of the best team in Down over the last 10 years. He is passionate about football but also has the brains to read a game and make decisions when others don't even realise a decision has to be made. The powers that be at Trinity College obviously thought enough about him to appoint him as GAA Development Manager. He's a winner who makes the best of what's available to him to achieve what has to be achieved. He knows more about football in Down than anyone on that list.He knows more about man management than anyone on that list. He should be part of the next Down management team.


Did you ever hear of a bad coach? Unless you are clueless about sport the coaching bit should be easy. Murray and Adams are brilliant coaches lads we need a manager. Paddy Hardy is a fantastic coach has he been mentioned yet? Conor O Neill Downpatrick also a fantastic coach has he been mentioned? Mark Copeland? Sean O Hare


McEntee wouldnt do it. He said he wouldnt after the way he was treated last time. He heard Burns got it third hand. Co Board didnt call him back.

I honestly think we go outside the County. Micky Donnelly is an interesting call. Great track record with Tyrone Minors and now Derry 21s. As well as Senior Club football.

Paddy Tally, there's a boy with the right cv too.


Paddy Bradley and benny coulter double.


Lads we need experience
Pete McGrath
James McCartan
Stephen Poacher
Shane Mulholland
Conor Deegan

Young lads no good this time around we need the experience of above
Pete and James?

Brick Tamlin


So if Conor Laverty is there then put Benny and Shorty in as well due to leading the best club teams in each decade before, Frank McClorey is free most evenings after 6.30.


Shorty is the king of Down club football followed by Benny who is next in line? Vincy McGovern


This smurfy lad craics me up


James and Pete 😂😂😂

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Quote from: downjim on July 04, 2018, 07:29:33 PM
Liam plays for Cliftonville, he has not wore a Glenn jersey this year.
Mccartan has not played for Glenn since 16.

Go do some fundraising

Glenn are doing alright on and off the field Jim, and for a club of its size to produce three county players is a testament to the players and to John Kennedy.

Instead of focusing on facilities and the arrogance of your 'our clubs bigger than yours' mentality - would you go back to your club and tell someone to start doing what they should be doing, and produce some county players instead of relying on Kevin McKernan to represent you?

The number of excellent young players to go through the hands of Burren underage football in the last ten years for them to have such poor representation is embarrassing - well I would be if I were you.

The fact that Kilcoo perennially have your number and also the point beating you this year must also raise questions as to how your club nurtures talent from underage to senior level.

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