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Started by Lecale2, November 10, 2006, 12:06:55 AM

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Best wishes to Drumgath and Bredagh as well.  Bredagh have a fair chance, but Drumgath are really up against it.  I hear Belcoo are very strong and that the Drumgath camp may have internal issues to resolve. 

BridgeGael: I'm driving.  Don't like having too much beer before a Bridge game, one of the Bridge's best ever performances (Blaney in Clones) is a mere blur to me.
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off the laces

Just like 2 wish an roicht and atticall all the best 4 nxt year.
Also good luck 2 all down clubs in ulster this weekend.
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Fear Boirche

Yes, good luck to the Down clubs.. and Bredagh ;D


Has he made it accross here yet? I want to quiz him about the fact that he appears to have asked every big fcuker in the county (regardless of age)  to trials apart from me  >:(

I hear Magic wasnt the only hurler asked, maybe he should try some of the Ulster rugby boys as well.  :-\
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Square Ball


all the best to the Bredagh seniors and to the U16s Hurlers who play the Duff in the B championship.

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Best wishes to Drumgath on sunday   


Good luck to all our representatives this weekend. We could do with some progress to improve our current standing in Ulster. >:(


Well people

This is my first time on the board (old or new) and would also like to wish our county representatives all the best for the weekend.
I would also like to wish Bryansford good luck for Sunday and hope they do my own club a favour!


Hello and welcome.
Are you still living at home or exiled to Belfast?

I too wish the Clonefrom tomorrow's result.


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Flat Hedgehog

Quote from: Square Ball on November 10, 2006, 05:19:43 PM

all the best to the Bredagh seniors and to the U16s Hurlers who play the Duff in the B championship.

Good luck to the Carryduff u16s who play Bredagh in the Hurling Championship B final. They've done well to get to the final let's hope they can go one step further and win it. Mickey & Donal deserve a great deal of credit for all the hard work they put in to coach hurling in Carryduff, an area with no hurling tradition.  In a couple of years we'll be fielding at adult level. On another note, why was this match fixed for Ballela. Bringing 2 teams from North Down away down to Ballela for a 12.00 throw in is mad. Why not Holywood or the 2 clubs could have tossed for home advantage. Oh sorry, I forgot, Bredagh don't have a home any more.
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Cloc Mor

I see on another website that people already have Liatroim relegated and in Division 2.  Would love to see it mainly because I think Annaclone deserve to stay up.  Think there will be a big crowd in Hilltown.

Square Ball

Flat, i totally agree about the venue for the match, surely there are closer places, could see much of a problem about playing it in Cherryvale, afterall Bredagh don't have a home so it would be the perfect natural venue ;). Wish Gerry, Danny and all the Bredagh boys all the best for the game.
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The Bredagh lads are well prepared for both the Ulster JFC and the u16 hurling final. I expect a Bredagh double tomorrow.
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Fear Boirche- are you the gael in disguise? My bitter and twisted detector is twitching.Bredagh are  a proud County Down club doing a great job with no pitch and arseholes like the hedgehog to contend with. I'm a fear boirche myself and we need every club and player we can get at the moment. Wonder where Ross and DJ will be tomorrow ?