Calling our exiles home.

Started by Aristo 60, July 19, 2014, 04:37:19 PM

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Aristo 60

This is a new thread set up with just the one intention : to call our exiled sons home in order that they may take their places on the Down Senior Football team again...

I hope to comment from time to time over the coming days, weeks, months & years and hope the exiled sons are reading.

Aristo 60





This is an admiral thread and one that we would all love to back up and say to all those lads who are away from home when we would prefer to have them playing for our clubs or in the red and black.

However I think its unfair to those lads to call them home when there are other mitigating factors.

If they are to come home can we guarantee them work, a solid way of life and in some cases the necessary work experience needed to advance in their jobs.

We will always lose good players for work or travel reasons right back as far as Dalsey Mooney. The secret is to have the systems in place re back up of work, welfare etc to get them to stay at home, if they donkt stay then concentrate on those who stay at home and want to play.

Aristo 60




Aristo 60





Brick Tamlin

One of the most tragic threads on the board ever.

Aristo 60

Martin, Caolan Mar... etc etc etc

Come on lads, the time is right, new management, new dawn, new year.

Make it so!


Aristo 60

Martin is home and home to stay.

Come in No 2.

Caolan come in.

Return to base.


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Quote from: forevergreen on July 20, 2014, 04:09:14 PM
This is an admiral thread

He's the fella in charge of the rubber dinghy Aristo 60 has sent out to bring them home.
i usse an speelchekor

Aristo 60

These men will get pimped out super yachts not rubber dinghies !

Don Johnson

Aristo 60

Nay bother. Thank me in September 2015!


The GAA community in Down are thankful to you Aristo 60. Maybe call Shay McCartan also . but 2 outta 3 aint bad.