2011 Fixture Programme

Started by DownFanatic, January 31, 2011, 11:08:36 PM

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I see what you mean minus15. There are 5 games still to be accounted for. In past years clubs couldnt arrange games the same day as the all irelands, county final day and ulster club games. If Mayobridge were playing a team from Donegal in Newry, Ardglass couldnt play St Johns. I think they should start the leagues in March and try to have the league completed by early September which would give adequate time to complete the playoff and also relieve the fixture congestion for the down clubs involved in the ulster club championship. I think it was Tullylish who suffered in particular from this last year.


I asked Sean Rooney about this. He said that a motion from An Riocht had been passed which meant that clubs must have their county players for the last 3 rounds of games in all divisions and that things will become clearer once the intercounty scene ends for Down. Which is fair enough I suppose. But I wonder does this mean that these fixtures will be slotted in at various windows throughout the season at short notice? If Down were to have a successful year then things will not be easy on the fixtures front for clubs but hey I think we could just about live with that. Im sure that there have been a few things worked out based on a few different scenarios and that the clubs could be informed in good time about any changes. We have to remember that the fixture schedule in Down has been pretty good over the last few years and that the dates set out at the start of the year have largely been followed for the most part.


The fact that div 3, in particular, has 4 extra games this year than the top 2 divisions, I think that it should have started a bit earlier, maybe when the premier reserve games began. If Down are going well during the summer, James will be looking to pull fixtures off left, right and center, especially considering what happened to Ambrose last season.

March can be a bad month weather wise but September and October can be bad as well but the advantage with March is, if a game is postponed due to weather conditions you have the whole summer to rearrange it.

On the whole I think the county board does a pretty good job with the fixtures but I just feel they should give themselves an extra 3 or 4 weeks because during the course of a season there will be games called off, switched or championship draws to be replayed. And when it comes to the play-offs they can be rushed and played in some dreadful conditions just to get the season finished.


Anyone got this weeks East Down fixtures?  Looks like they are going to be the only fixtures not on the Down website this year, again.

EDRFL fixtures and league tables are on the county website, I shoulda had a proper look before acting the smartarse!  Well done East Down Board.


Released last night to clubs - hoping we get the fixture calendar for the east down set soon so we know > 1 week in advance :(

East Down GAA Fixtures 
U-16  "A"  League 15 Side Thursday 14th April Time 7.00pm
Round Five
Bredagh      v      Carryduff   O Burke
Downpatrick   v      Saul   G Brannigan
Bryansford      v      Castlewellan   M Lynch
Liatroim      v      St. Paul's   L Morgan

U-16  "B"  League 13 Side Thursday 14th April Time 7.00pm
Round Five
Carryduff B      v      St. John's   J McMullan
Drumaness      v      Darragh Cross   G Burns
Cill Breachtain      v      Loughinisland   M Brady
St. Joseph's      v      Kilcoo   P Gelston
Teconnaught      v      Dromara   P Brannigan

Saturday 16th April U-10 Blitz Games  Time 1.00pm
Group 1 Venue Darragh Cross
Clubs Darragh Cross, Teconnaught, Drumaness, St. Paul's
Referees J McMullan, R Lyons

Group 2 Venue Downpatrick
Clubs Downpatrick, Loughinisland, Ardglass, Kilclief
Referees M Brady, J Trainor

Group 3 Venue St. John's
Clubs St John's, Aughlisnafin, Bredagh 3, Ballykinlar
Referees C McMullan, S McNally

Group 4 Venue Saul
Clubs Saul Bredagh 1, Bright, Bredagh 2
Referees PMcCartan, D Smyth

Group 5 Venue Carryduff
Clubs Carryduff 1, Bryansford 1, Bryansford 2, Dundrum, Carryduff 2
Referees K Malone, M Davey

Group 6 Venue  Castlewellan
Clubs Castlewellan Kilcoo 1, Liatroim, Dromara, Kilcoo 2.
Referees C Mcalinden, M McAnulty

Saturday 16th April U-14 Development :  Venue Ballykinlar Time 2.00pm to 4.00pm
Please note all Clubs who   have players who wish to partake in the U-14 Trials are requested to attend. Clubs who are involved in the Co. FĂ©ile, are not requested to attend. Referee A Sharvin

U-12 Blitz Section A1 Sunday 17th April Time 12.00pm
Bredagh            Teconnaught   M Davey
St. Paul's            Loughinisland   K Malone
Carryduff            Saul   JMcMullan

U-12 Blitz Section A2  Sunday 17th April Time 1.00pm
Bryansford      v      St. John's   M McAnulty
Downpatrick      v      Liatroim   C McAlinden
Castlewellan      v      Kilcoo   G Marks

U-12 Blitz Section B1  Sunday 17th April Time 12.00pm
Drumaness            Ardglass   K Brannigan  (BR)
Kilclief            Darragh Cross   M Brady

U-12 Blitz Section B2  Sunday 17th April Time 12.00pm
Dundrum            Bright   d mckay
Ballykinlar            Aughlisnafin   s mcnally

U-12 Blitz   Sunday 17th April Time 12.00pm
Carryduff B      v      Dromara   l quinn

EDRL Section A Sunday 17th April Time 6.00pm
Round Two
Bright      v      Bryansford   J Magennis
St. Paul's      v      Drumaness   S McGreevy
Kilclief      v      Bredagh   O Burke
Liatroim      v      Carryduff   P Stacey

EDRL Section B Sunday 17th April Time 6.00pm
Round Two
Castlewellan      v      Kilcoo   M Rawlinson
Saul                      v      Dundrum   M Lynch
Darragh Cross      v      Ardglass   M Davey
Teconnaught      v      Dromara   G Tumelty

U-14  "A"  League 15 Side Monday 18th April Time 7.00pm
Downpatrick   v      Saul   D McKay
Carryduff      v      St. Paul's   K Malone
Bredagh      v      Castlewellan   G Marks
Loughinisland   v      Bryansford   L Morgan

U-14  "B"  League 13 Side Monday 18th April Time 7.00pm
Round  Two
Bright      v      St John's   C Brannigan  (BF)
Dromara      v      Ardglass   P Stacey
Kilclief      v      Carryduff B   J McMullan
Teconnaught   v           Drumaness   M McAnulty
Cill Darrach      v      Kilcoo   M Brady
Liatroim      v      St. Joseph's   G Burns


Can't post on the normal thread for some reason, but need a bit of advice;

Lads, what's the quickest way to get to Warrenpoint coming from the Castlewellan direction?

I'm being told to go to Hilltown and take a left at the roundabout in the middle of the town and that'll take you into Warrenpoint.

Is this correct and how do I get to the pitch from then on?


Yeah take a left in hilltown straight road,pitch is on this side of the point you dont need to drive into the town you'll take a road to the right as your driving into the point halfway between rostrevor and the point

Brick Tamlin

The pitch is signposted as ye drive in the shore road from rostrevor


Does anybody know when the junior championship will be played? its normally first sunday in august isnt it?