The real search in Down-For the new Maurice Hayes, architect of the 60s success

Started by Tomorrow is another day, July 31, 2009, 03:34:17 PM

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Quote from: Leo on August 03, 2009, 08:16:46 AM
An interesting discussion is being sidetracked by the unfaair attacks on Sean Og.
Anyway, this rather misses the point of the topic which is the search from within the county for a new person, rather than a rehashing of someone already involved within the county set up (and John Devanney is already involved so why prefer him over Sean Og?)
The paid secretary's position is always going to go to a safe pair of hands (in Crke Park's assessment) and the safe pair of hands can deliver on the mundane administrative tasks that need done.
What we need is innovation - create a new position - get a panel of  GAA-supporting business and professional people to sort out the job description and see who fits the bill.
Keep the county officers away from all assessment procedures as they bring the same old tired ideas and formulas to something that needs to be radical.
We used tobe good at this in Down - but like our football that was many years ago!

The old 'clubdown' had an abundance of these type of people & look what happened there.

Tomorrow is another day

it is easy to criticise but a lot more difficult to make things happen.

Mourne rambler stand up your county needs you!