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GAA Discussion / Armagh v Kerry
July 01, 2024, 09:29:34 AM
Well guys, already the crap talk has started that Armagh are going to play the same as Derry and a lot of people are dismissing Armagh and no point in us turning up. Not sure of his name now but read last night somewhere that some commentator said Kerry v Donegal or Galway will be a good final. I'm kinda glad that we are being dismissed but a wee bit pissed off too that we don't get the respect we deserve for being there.

Anyway on the game itself...Should be good, Armagh will be defensive but will offer a lot more going forward than Derry and most other teams Kerry have played this year. We will need to keep them close and not let them get away from us as it'll open up and we will get it tight. I'm hopeful but long enough in the tooth to know Kerry will be the favourites and we will have to play to our max to beat them but we can do it.
General discussion / extortion
March 22, 2024, 09:55:29 AM
What are your thoughts on the way we are charged for things now...?. I believe majority of Companies are charging what they like and are allowed to get away with it.
Insurance - Doubled and trebled for younger ones, simply telephone numbers.
Infrastructure - Schemes have doubled and trebled in price yet wages and materials have went up prob 10%.
Fuel/Electricity - They can basically charge what they feel like, apparently oil is cheaper now than it was 3-4 years ago.

Feel free to add to the list as there are just too many to list here on my own, i'd be typing all day but how are they allowed to get away with this, is there mo regulatory Authorities monitoring these and Governments not stepping in?. I can guarantee you if we had a recession like we had in 2008-2010 and you offered Contractors a large scheme for a fraction of the price they'd be able to do it. Total rip off and everyone is jumping on board with it because they can
Hi guys...have a query that hopefully some of you can offer me help.

I have a small business (4 year old) and recently the bank (Santander) contacted me asking for information to back up the cash i was lodging as this was a new thing the Government have been pushing them for (all banks). Information like invoices, till receipts, proof of address and utility bills etc that match what I bank, I provided them with everything they asked for and about a month later they contacted me again asking for the tax returns for further info which I reluctantly provided but they said a few weeks after i submitted this that because there is a Water mark on the tax return that it was not acceptable. I downloaded a digital copy from HMRC and sent it to them and they said as there was no signature that it was unacceptable, I explained it's digital tax return taken of HMRC and that there is no section in that for a signature. Long story short whilst on Holiday last week the put a block on my account and I am unable to use my Business account, I can't pay the wages tomorrow and can't pay any bills.

Can I go above the banks heads to Regulatory Authorities or Financial Conduct Authority and report them...I have done everything they asked and provided everything i possibly have and have nothing else to give them. I have nothing to hide, I pay tax and VAT and have all the accounts up to date so WTF is their gripe. Any help or useful info would be appreciated.

P.S. I intend to move banks after this but need a short term solution...
Guys, just a debate on your general thoughts on "Social Media"...I look at the GAA Board here and several other similar forum boards and think it can be great to socialise and discuss your team and players/injuries etc and have some banter after a games etc but the bad side of "Social Media" is the Twitters/Facebooks etc where people can generally be nice but there are always people there to put someone down or say terrible things on anything. I don't really do Facebook or Twitter ( i have them on my phone but only for viewing) but the vile stuff people post are insane. Genuinely I have a rule of thumb that you should only post what you would say to someone's face, I know people hide behing their keyboards and act the big lad and majority of the times their actions go unpunished but surely some day it will catch up on them...The main thing though is what do people get out of ripping the middle out of someone on line and do they not think of the friends and family that read and hear these things.
I think the World we live in today has lost it's marbles TBH...the younger ones can't function without their phones. The interaction skills are non existant and they just have a different way of life compared to when i was young...I'm so glad i was young in the 80's
What's your thoughts on this fixture guys?. I believe this is a tough one for both teams who will both fancy themsleves to win. Armagh have been playing at a higher level this year but got relegated. Cavan played at a lower level but got promoted so realistically both are Div 2 teams. I fancy Armagh to sneak it by 2 but it will be tight and Cavan will fancy themselves for this being at home, for me Cavan have a big strong team and will be hard to beat but it's exactly what Armagh need as Antrim were really poor and we learnt nothing from that game.

Cavan people how is your squad?. Do you have any inuries or suspensions?. Do you fancy your chances?.
General discussion / Ooh Ah Up The Ra
October 14, 2022, 09:27:16 AM
Okay, so I know you guys have been discussing this on FAI thread but think it deserves it's own thread. So where are you all on this?

A lot of the older folk and depends what part of Ireland you're from will say "what's the problem the IRA played their part in protecting the Irish against the British Army and Loyalists" etc etc
Some of the younger folk will probably feel "no call for it and lets move on with that crap" and others don't even know what they're singing about (just a catchy tune).

The SKY fella interviewing the Ireland Captain a few days ago asked should they be educated...WTF. They should be educated, have they forgotten what they done and not to just our Country but to numerous Countries around the World. The conflict is over and it's now fought with a pen but I don't think we should be ashamed of our past and our roots, I know there were terrible things done that should never have happened and i'm not condoning that but without the IRA in the 70's God only knows where we'd be and what situation we'd be in right now. Probably still wouldn't be allowed a vote or a job.

Is singing "Ooh ah up the Ra" really a criminal thing?

Right. might as well get it started...Will the negative football return?. Have we to start hand passing across our back line and mid field for ages waiting on an opportunity?. I'm really not looking forward to this for all these reasons, Donegal have had our measure for the last 15 years and we really struggle to play well against them never mind beat them. They're the worst team in Ireland to play against and watch...Please, please be a good flowing game and lets go for a shoot out...
Guys this needs it's own thread TBH. What a man, what a manager & what a legend.

Coming from an Armagh man I think Micky should go down as one of the greatest in our games, from underage to senior he done it all. Tragedy after tragedy he came back and put his shoulder to the wheel again and again when many a man would have folded like a deck of cards. He had some terrific players at his disposal there's no doubt about that but so had other great teams but couldn't get over the line but Micky sure did at all levels. Best of luck Micky for whatever else comes your way.

For you Tyrone ones who were looking for a change many years ago that was just silly and I argued against it, maybe the time is right, maybe it's not. Who knows but we'll find out but one thing I will say..."Be careful what you wish for"

Best of luck Micky, some lucky team could get his services next season.
General discussion / Fly-Tipping
April 17, 2020, 11:28:11 AM
Folks have been walking most nights from the virus kicked in and recently the amount of fly-tipping is out of control, it angers me so much to see lazy good for nothing bastids dumping their rubbish out from the car and driving off.
Last night whilst walking through Oxford Island (local beauty spot) some fecker had thrown 2-3 bin bags from their car onto the side of the road and what came out of that bag was disgusting (dirty female pants, dirty wipes, nappies etc...). I don't usually take my phone with me whilst out walking but i will from now on with the hope of catching one of these feckers in the act...lower than a snakes belly...

What's your thoughts on these people and would you report them if you caught someone in the act?
General discussion / Electronics
September 12, 2019, 09:57:59 AM
Guys any of you any experience is this field...

I bought a Doughnut machine from China (I know...). Anyway mechanically it's working fine but electrically it's not, the element is not heating up to cook the oil but everything else is working fine. I seemed to have tracked the fault back to the high limit stat as there is power going in but none coming out. The thermostat control also clicks at 300 degrees which is clearly not right so between the high limit stat and the thermostat lies the problem. I was going to try and replace the high limit stat with one from the boiler stat (spare one) but the one one the doughnut machine has a wire soldered from the element into it so that has me grounded and i also don't know if they'd be compatible...

Can any of you help out (you will be reimbursed for your time of course)
General discussion / Digital Re-tune
September 06, 2019, 10:55:03 AM
Just done my re tune and my TV3/Virgin media channel is gone. All the rest of the channels are there RTE1, RTE2 and TG4, i've checked all of the TV, there are Virgin Media 2 & 3 but not the main one (Virgin Media) for the sports etc. My freeview box is built into the TV...anyone else get shafted?
Well folks, here we are. Armagh have finally won an Ulster quarter final and have Cavan as our rewards, what chance have we?

In all fairness i'm glad we're playing Cavan than Monaghan, not that I think Cavan will be easier but Monaghan just seem to have a we hoodoo over us the last few years and we struggle against Monaghan whereas I think Armagh will have a decent chance against Cavan (60/40 for Cavan is how i rate it).
Will this game be defensive or will it be a shoot out? Cavan have some tasty players and i'd love to see both teams just go for it, hopefully Cavan will have put all their time and effort into beating Monaghan and take their eye of the ball and let us slip through to an Ulster final :P
Can't believe this has come around so quick and can't believe the little hype there has been. Sunday week and hardly a mention.

Anyway, it just came into my head when i was passing by this afternoon so just had a nosy for tickets and there was not a big selection left. I took the town terrace as i'm bringing my 10 year old son and I'm not 100% sure where that terrace/stand is but i think it's behind the goal and we've been allocated a seat number so assume it the we small section to the side of the bottom goal.

GAA Discussion / Roscommon v Armagh
July 02, 2018, 10:06:15 AM
Firstly where will this match be?
Secondly Roscommon will be raging hot favourites so have Armagh a chance?
Thirdly here comes the Super 8's for Roscommon Armagh, delete as you see fit
First point, just so glad we don't have to play Fermanagh again.
Second point, if lose it better be from a shoot out and not another game like I had to watch a few weeks ago.
Thirdly, this is the worst year for lack of interest and low key for Armagh in 25 years...

May the best team win
Well as the Board continues to get quieter every year we need a discussion on the match coming up, I know it's not one of the so called high profile games but to us fans of Fermanagh and Armagh it means everything.

Who's going to win and why? Armagh because we're better than Fermanagh (Just my opinion)

John McEntee had an interesting article in todays Irish News where he says home advantage doesn't matter that much these days and that Armagh will have as many fans in Brewster Pk as Fermanagh will...
General discussion / Running/owning a small business
March 30, 2018, 04:50:57 PM
Folks i know a few of you work for yourselves and maybe a few own a small business so i'm looking for some advice on it if you can.

Basically i have the opportunity to buy a small business which is surprisingly a lot less than i expected it to be going for but it does need a bit of investement for a renavation and a little shake up, what i want to know is it easy to get a business loan from a bank and what are the rates for paying back business loans. Also i have a guy who is willing to to put money upfront as a silent partner for obviously a share but i'm not so sure (risk free i suppose). I was all up for this with no hesitation but now that it's a reality i'm shiting myself TBH...I have loads of questions but maybe better to answer some of yours if you have any...
GAA Discussion / Club Challenge Games
January 26, 2018, 01:08:50 PM
Hi guys, there may be a thread for this but couldn't find it...

Anyway I know it's early but i'm going to be looking for a few challenge games at minor level around end of Feb/and the month of March. Division 1 or division 2 teams around Down, East/South Tyrone, South Derry & South Antrim (trying to reduce travelling, based in North Armagh). Anyone taking minor teams looking to arrange games just send me a PM...

Think a thread like this would be good for managers at all levels looking for challenge games, this is the time of year to get your pre-season preperations done early...
General discussion / Investments
December 11, 2017, 03:47:53 PM
Guys are any of you involved in the Stock Market or any other investments...I was going to go to Armagh City Hotel tonight for a seminar on this new Dascoin thing that's all the rage, was going to invest £1k in it but when i read into it there it wasn't as plain sailing as i thought. The guy explaining it to me on Friday night could have sold snow to the Eskimos and had me but a few hours today on the PC has changed my tune...
I know this Bitcoin is all the rage and Dascoin is supposed to replace it as the new dogs bollocks but from my research it sounds like a few guys are using Bitcoin as their template to start this Dascoin which looks nothing like Bitcoin...
GAA Discussion / Armagh v Kildare 29.07.2017
July 17, 2017, 08:43:36 AM
Real toughie here for Armagh, they're improving with every game but this Kildare team looks a serious outfit and will be big favourites to beat Armagh. Armagh have a big game in them and hopefully they'll use it to get over Kildare.