2024 Allianz Hurling League

Started by Mossy Bruce, January 27, 2024, 09:54:23 PM

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Very good performance. They played like a team confident that they would beat Carlow. The goals finished Carlow but all round Laois were on top. Great spread of scorers and we have match winners in Mossy and Ger.

Looking forward to the clash with Offaly.

If they approach that game with the same focus they are more than capable of winning. 
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Quote from: redsetanta on April 02, 2024, 10:34:40 AMIf they approach that game with the same focus they are more than capable of winning. 

The Offaly game will be a tough encounter - we will need complete focus for 70 minutes, on Sunday we went out of the game for stretches of the first half, so we need to address that. Championship will be a different animal - Carlow could have had a few goals on Sunday only for the brilliant stops by Rowland. Our defence needs more work - as Offaly's main threat is their full-forward line. I anticipate a high-scoring game on April 21st.
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Mossy Bruce

Did any reserve goalie get any play time during any of the league games? Enda Rowland is indispensable and a total rock star but, heaven forbid, if he gets injured, is there a good, seasoned back up? There were several matches where Laois had a comfortable lead where a reserve goalie could have safely gotten some match time. And it looks like there a few matches in the upcoming Joe McDonagh Cup where Laois will likely get a comfortable lead.


Cathal Dunne played the match against Kerry, when Laois were already through to the semi-final. Always tough being understudy to a 'legend'...

Laois man

Cathal Dunne is a fine keeper aswell. Will picky. Hartnett or any of the subs on Sunday make the starting 15 I wonder? There's plenty of back up in those lads thank God. We could see a double win over offaly in fball and hurling that would be a nice touch🙏🙏🤣