Laois Senior Footballers 2024

Started by les Antiques, December 31, 2023, 12:09:04 PM

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It's great to see these young players progressing. It shows what hard work and a bit of organisation can do. 2 great victories back to back that will bring them on no end. Down will be very difficult. They're 1/5 to beat us so hot favourites but 1 things for sure, our lads will put everything into trying to win.

We should have a big crowd at the final, time to support these lads for all the effort they've put in. There's the usual crowd waiting for Laois to lose so they can have a go again. A terrible negative attitude amongst some 'supporters'. A major part in holding Laois GAA back in my opinion.

A great job Justin McNulty and Ross are doing as well. Top class management. I thought so at the time but it's confirmed now, the lads who criticised McNulty when he was last in charge were way off the mark. The results before and after he was in charge was the evidence. Let's hope we can keep him, he improves the standards and gives us a professional approach.

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So 12 days away from the Tailteann final. It is confirmed that we face Down at 3pm followed by Kerry v Armagh at 5.30pm. Lets hope that some of the large Armagh following will be shouting for us!!

I'm hopeful that we'll have a decent support ourselves anyway. The players and management deserve it for their endeavours. There should be a buzz building as we get nearer to it.

Was another excellent, hard fought win against Antrim with great defensive work and counter attacking from the likes of James Kelly, Ben Dempsey and of course Brian Byrne. There were notable turnovers and interventions from Timmo and Fingleton also.

Damon Larkin made some great charges forward, and the forward line clicked with some great scores from all angles. In fact, all played well on the day.

Down are overwhelming favourites but there will be a plan in place and I'm sure all will be left on the field. It has been a very satisfactory year and we are in bonus territory. It should be a great occasion to have a big game in mid July.


Had a look at the odds there. Down 1/5 Laois 4/1.

Ah we owe down a beating after last year anyhow.
The real glory is being knocked to your knees and then coming back. That's real glory. VinceLombardi


Isn't it great to be in a National Final in Croke Park in July, as for the game the Down team's running power concern me our defensive energy need to improve to cover the runs of Down from deep, I think they will target a fast start so we need to be ready. Win or lose we are going in the right direction best of luck to everyone.

Take him on!

Quote from: Sideline12 on July 08, 2024, 06:50:35 PMIsn't it great to be in a National Final in Croke Park in July, as for the game the Down team's running power concern me our defensive energy need to improve to cover the runs of Down from deep, I think they will target a fast start so we need to be ready. Win or lose we are going in the right direction best of luck to everyone.

Excitement is building. We're up against it as you say. Down are a very good team and the odds reflect that. We should have a big crowd up there on Saturday. Not often we get a big day out these days. The players have put in some effort all year. Winning Division 4 and getting to a Tailteann Cup final is as good a year as anyone could have expected. It would be great to top it off with some more silverware.

It's very quiet on this forum, usually a good sign that we're going well. 🤣 They'll be back if we lose on Saturday though. Hopefully Justin and Ross have a plan put together and we have a good day in front of goals. The young players are showing great promise but win or lose, it would be nice to give Mark Timmons a good send off. He's been a great servant to Laois GAA.


You'd have to give Laois a decent chance.

I think the handicap is generous giving Laois +5.

Often finals take on a life of their own. Down weren't able for Meath last year and we are far better than we were 12 months ago.
The real glory is being knocked to your knees and then coming back. That's real glory. VinceLombardi


To be fair the bookies usually have it just about right so +5 points seems about right. Not that the players will be bothered about such things. My take from semi finals was that laois are a different animal this season and given they way they came back after a poor start to the 2nd half will give them even more confidence but I did think the Sligo v Down game was a slightly higher level. But thats the beauty of a final, you cant win it if you are not in it.


In the current squad, what is the breakdown of the Secondary Schools each player attended? Is Paul Kingston the only Knockbeg Alumni?


Now lads no red or black cards we need all 15 players on the pitch hope ye can get a good start and finish well, best of luck tomorrow.


Good luck Laois. Bring it home. 🤞


Best of luck to all involved in the Laois set up today. A tough game but silverware is not easily won. It's been a great season regardless after the last few years so hopefully they do themselves justice today.
H'on Laois.


Quote from: Joeythelips on February 19, 2024, 09:19:10 PMNo point getting too excited, Laois won first few games last year also, but it does seem like there is a proper buy in from all to what new management team want from them and a plan in place.
Get promoted, beat Offaly, give the Dubs a reasonable rattle and get to Taitleann cup final seems like goals that are within reach this year. 

A good year to be fair apart from the Offaly loss. Hats off to McNulty he has come in and really turned the ship around. Hopefully we find one or two more in off season to boost the panel as there is plenty of potential with this group, they have done the county proud.

A special mention to Mark Timmons, I always think its a bad sign to have elderly statesman on board when you are trying to build for the future but this guy has consistency being one of our bet players this season and yet again lasted the full 70 in the wide open spaces of Croker against a speedy Down forward line. At 38 years of age he is something special.

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Hard luck to Laois today but a marked improvement on last years game. Thought we were a bit too negative but thats understandable give last year and the higher quality players on a down team operating in Div2 next season.
Overall it.s been a great year for Laois football and I think we can look forward with more hope than we have had for a long time. Well done all concerned. Agree totally with your remark about Mark Timmons, he's a very special player and a great example to all the younger lads on how to look after your body and dedicate yourself to your club and county. Year after year when others were bailing out of the panel he stuck with it and drove others to give their all. It wouldn't surprise me to see him back again next year...
Winners are not those who never fail, but those who never quit!

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very disappointing yesterday, while Down were strong favourites it just felt that we never released the handbrake and played very conservative nearly to our detriment. After last years game and Down's higher league standing it was understandable that we were going to be defensive to establish a platform to be in the game but it only appeared near the end with a few long balls that there was game that could have been won, even if it was a smash and grab. Lacey's goal from the keepers mistake and later Barry's strike put a bit of a shine on what was an awful offensive performance in particular. I accept that McNulty's heavy defensive style in fairness got us to the final and also may have been handicapped yesterday by not having the forwards especially pacey, hard running forwards that would show for the ball to stretch Down. It would lead you to wonder how the approach or even some of the personnel were not changed when it was obvious we were playing so deep and effectively having no forwards up the field to score. Evan's point in the 15 minute was the last point from play any of the eight forward players we used yesterday scored and Heffernan's point just after the 37th minute was the last point from paly any Laois player scored. The two forward changes came in the 56th and 65th minute and to me were too late. Eight scores in 70 plus minutes was never going to win this game.     

next year will be interesting, I would imagine that the plan will be to build on the foundations of this year and stay in Division 3, avoid relegation and have a better run in Leinster depending on the draw and go for the Tailteann again. The evolving of the game plan will depend of what the panel looks like and whether we can get some of the absent players back but most importantly try find pacey forwards.


An enjoyable enough year overall following Laois footballers.
Highlights were the league final win and beating Kildare.
The two big disappointments were yesterday and the Offaly game.
I believe two of the six starting forwards yesterday will miss next year due to travelling abroad.
We never seem to have all our players available at the one time.