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Screen. Lots of respect. Check the starting points.
Check the resources. Check the backgrounds

Gd nite. The.wifes kickin up lol

Season that started with the agent Rafa shouts, end's with agent Carlo 😎

Sheedy ffs keep your head down.
just enjoying the end to the season. you? 🤔

Ancelotti couldnt leave you gimps quick enough  but sure whatever keeps you happy 😂😂😂😂

Liverpool with just the 2 trophies out of 4 this year and the poor relations finish 16th or whatever but are the happier of the two toniite. Footballs a funny old game. Enjoy Fwank next season  but at least hes not Rafa eh 😂😂 (a manager whos actually won something ) #95

Not on here to gloat. Only saw the goal and the last 5 minutes. But fair fucks to the LFC players giving it their all, in all the competitions all season. That's all any fan wants from their team isn't it?
Dunno who you support but yeah would agree with that. They gave their all can’t ask for anymore. Losing to Madrid in a European Final is no embarrassment even if Liverpool were the better team.

Manchester United fan.

Tough to take. As i get older ive less time for the snidy comments that the likes of delmonte and sheedy like to revel in (and the Mod backs up if anyone cares to ask).

Better team but no end product and thats what matters end of day. Be sad to see Mane go but a wee freshen will do no harm. Diaz ive been impressed but Carvahall Mom along with Courtois tonite. Would just have loved them to have given it a real go but hey ho. We're dinng at the top table but not just there yet. Nite all

Crowd trouble with Liverpool fans?

Who would have thought it

Really hopin u get banned with this one chap
What date is it tomorrow?

You need me to tell you a date? You always were a classless cnut. Half winged this early in the eve?! Hopin thats you on the way out

Crowd trouble with Liverpool fans?

Who would have thought it

Really hopin u get banned with this one chap

Ko delayed 15mins

Time to give thiago a lock more them inhalers 😉

boris outs himself on gaaboard

Cant even use alcohol as an excuse!!!

Apols, carry on 😃

Lovren and Karius started the final chap (in defence Lovren poss one the better performers that night tho unsurprisingly ive never watched it since) 😃

That also 😂😉

Debut at OT, pocketed Giggs? Great wee player couldnt score for toffee tho 😃

Nerves kickin in now, wont be much work outa me the day hi 😎

General discussion / Re: GAA Catfish
« on: May 26, 2022, 07:22:11 PM »
Can someone summarise what it's all about in under 25 words?

Johnny was chatting online with a doris who name dropped an intercounty ex and loads of mutual friemds . She refused to meet him but sent her housemate which he thought odd.  He contacted the GAA player who said he had the same story. It's a massively elaborate scam. But unclear to what end.

Anyone else count the words?

Just me then...

General discussion / Re: Things that make you go What the F**k?
« on: May 25, 2022, 02:30:41 PM »
This Sue Gray report on partygate. I am still waiting on the hookers and cocaine being rolled out because I wouldn't be surprised.

Waiting or hoping 😉😉

Was absolutely brilliant for a 2(?) yr period but doesnt have longevity or medals so cant be included in the mix for best player ever imo

I'd go with this but you could name 3 or 4 teams that all would be incredible

---Neal-------Hanson----Van Dijk------Robertson

Not a bad effort gawa but id deffo have barnes ahead of Mane (and nowhere near a cm spot cos he couldnt run by then lol)

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