Artificial Intelligence/Assistants/ChatGPT/Gemini etc

Started by gallsman, May 15, 2024, 10:44:49 AM

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Quote from: armaghniac on May 20, 2024, 05:49:29 PMThere is a bit of chatter about the GAA using AI images for programme covers, complete with soccer goals.

Worryingly the soccer goals isn't the biggest mistake, only 2 euro for a match programme? No chance


Programme for Antrim V Galway hurling game was £5/5 euro but it covered the 3 Leinster games over the week-end.

Maybe Munster did the same - one programme for their two games?

It makes sense I suppose.

Funny thing is, unless it's a final, there's not much in the programme now content wise apart from ads and initiatives etc. 

Even, as the teams needs to be announced a few days before, it's seldom that there's not a few changes - the dummy teams!!  I'd still see some old traditional lads with the pen putting the tic beside who scored the latest point.

Big mad they put soccer goals in it though - that's a bad mistake.  I saw someone/group giving out that the GAA was using AI when there's hundreds of local 'artists' who could do a nice cover for the programme. Maybe the GAA were just cutting the costs a bit.