Author Topic: Laois 2017 - NHL and Leinster SHC  (Read 61562 times)


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Re: Laois 2017 - NHL and Leinster SHC
« Reply #600 on: July 05, 2017, 12:20:42 PM »
I am a fan to be honest.

He wasn't perfect and himself admitted some mistakes against Wexford in particular. However, it was very impressive the way he took what essentially would become our U21 team and gel them into a competitive unit, retaining our 1B status, winning all our round robin games, beating Carlow and producing 2 energetic displays against Wexford and Dublin. For most of the league and part of the championship we were missing many of our best players too.

We never looked flat or overtrained, and always showed fierce passion. We were also pretty positive and he seemed to get the most out of a lot of players. Appointing Ross King as captain for example was an inspired choice and certainly helped drive Ross to becoming one of our key players. He is also a realist in terms of what the team and the county need to do to compete.

In my view, he was the perfect man to follow Cheddar and would love to see him in the job for a few years. I believe he is humble enough to learn from any errors this year and creates a really positive environment for a young team.

steven seagal

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Re: Laois 2017 - NHL and Leinster SHC
« Reply #601 on: July 06, 2017, 11:50:10 AM »
Yeah, would agree with much of what was said above. It was a tough gig to come in after Cheddar, given Cheddar didn't really want to go, but he handled it fairly well.

I think the benefit of having a new man come in was that he wasn't afraid to try things that Cheddar might not have done. Leigh Bergin moving to full-back and King out to midfield might not have happened under Cheddar, but they both worked out really well. Cha to centre back was more controversial, but he did provide a bit of physicality there and you could see why he did it.

I hope he can persuade Cahir and Matthew Whelan to give it another year, because Matthew has a huge amount of service put in already, and Healy has said in the past he'd like to go back and play football. I think the panel needs the two of them there for another year at least, so hopefully they can stay with it.

When you look back at the Carlow game, we had no Cha or Willie Dunphy, King got sent off early, Palmer was off at half time and Picky wasn't in the game. To still get a win in those circumstances was a fair achievement and the players are obviously playing for him. I think he deserves another year, hopefully our CB agree.