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I would stick Evan in there if he's fit enough to start..

Laois / Re: Leinster Minor Football Championship 2018
« on: May 24, 2018, 02:57:49 PM »
Second win for the minors last night.

Next up Carlow followed by the big clash with the Lilly's. Meath gave the dubs a beating in the other group.

Laois / Re: Leinster Minor Football Championship 2018
« on: May 22, 2018, 01:43:59 AM »
Laois v Wexford   
Innovate Wexford Park, Wed 23rd. 7pm.

1. Tom Wright (Ballylinan)
2. Sean Greene (Emo)
3. Mikey Bennett (Portarlington)
4. Ciarán Byrne (Ballyroan-Abbey)
5. Niall Carey (Portlaoise)
6. Cathal Bennett (Portarlinton)
7. Eamonn Delaney (Stradbally)
8. Ben Conroy (Portlaoise)
9. Josh Lacey (St Joseph’s)
10.Enda McWey (Ballyroan-Abbey)
11.Sean O’Neill (The Rock) (Captain)
12.Darragh Galvin (Portarlington)
13.Rioghan Murphy (Portarlington)
14.Damon Larkin (Portlaoise)
15.Oisin Byrne (Arles-Killeen)

Laois / Re: 2018 ACFL Division 1
« on: May 22, 2018, 01:29:32 AM »
Tonight's Result

Laois Shopping Centre ACFL Division 1
Graiguecullen:    3-09
Ballylinan:          0-07

Laois / Re: 2018 Joe McDonagh Cup
« on: May 18, 2018, 06:23:44 PM »
A bit of good news for Laois:

Injuries have forced Antrim into making changes for tomorrow's Joe McDonagh Cup encounter with Laois in Dunloy.
The Saffrons maintained their winning start to the inaugural second-tier championship against Carlow last weekend but the shine was taken off the 2-16 to 0-19 victory as three of their players required hospital treatment afterwards.

Michael Armstrong (broken arm), Joe Maskey (broken foot) and Neil McManus (who needed six stitches) all left Corrigan Park in an ambulance following a fiery affair which saw a total of four red cards (three for the visitors).

Armstrong and Maskey are both ruled out for the rest of the Joe McDonagh Cup campaign, however, McManus is named on the bench while Eoghan Campbell misses out because of suspension and Arron Graffin comes in for his first appearance since the league.

Antrim (Joe McDonagh Cup v Laois): Ryan Elliott; Stephen Rooney, John Dillon, Arron Graffin; Paddy Burke, Conor McKinley, Ryan McCambridge; Eddie McCloskey, Simon McCrory; Nigel Elliott, Conor Johnston, James McNaughton; Donal McKinley, Conor Carson, Daniel McCloskey.
Subs: Chrissy O'Connell, Matthew Donnelly, Neil McAuley, Conor Boyd, Conor McCann, Neil McManus, David Kearney, Gerard Walsh, Eoin O'Neill, Ryan McNulty, Ciaran Clarke, Keelan Molloy, Conor McHugh, Tommy Burns.

Well said Colm...

Colm Parkinson: Why do the GAA sell rights to RTÉ when this is the product they offer?

The coverage of GAA by the Sunday Game is something that has been utterly atrocious for a long time, and drives me friggin' mental.
The one thing about the GAA you can say is that at least they try different things, too much at times with the constant changing of the hurling leagues and championship. Majority of them are fairly bad (Super 8's) and always money driven but at least they have some sort of fresh thinking.
RTE on the other hand are still delivering up the same old rubbish format that they have for 3 or 4 decades now.

This garbage of showing extended highlights of a game that was on only a few hours earlier followed by yet MORE analysis by a bunch of lads rehashing what was said earlier is just mind numbing!
All the while the other matches are given lip service. Wicklow got their first win in 5 years in the Leinster championship, huge for them and their supporters-2 mins. Carlow have now won a Leinster game in two consecutive years, again huge for them-2 mins. And of course the excitement of the Wexford Laois game-2 mins.
In this day and age, how can the RTE not have some set of decent cameras at those games, like they have chaps there via the radio so just get them to do the full coverage. It is an utter shambles and has been for ages and yet we are being forced to hand over cash for it.

I would love for someone to get the rights and just give it a real good coverage. Sky if they really wanted to could sell it much better with a highlights package during the week,  they could also have the possibility of selection of a different number of live matches on at the same time, something they already do with the soccer. It would blow the pathetic showing RTE throw up out of the water and you would hope result in a raising of the benchmark of how GAA should be covered.

Agree totally with you Andy, we are far too soft in this country with the likes of RTE. 20 years ago we were getting the same snippets of other games, usually the scores and re-runs of the scores.
Today it's no better, nothing about the setup of the teams, the build-up to scores, etc. Looking at the highlights of Laois v Wexford you got no sense of the atmosphere, the tension during the comeback or the elation of the winners at the end of the game. Terrible coverage of important games for the majority of the country but lots of chat and coverage of the game that most GAA people had already watched that afternoon....

As for defensively we are a shambles. Can't see us keeping out enough of scores to beat Westmeath. Luke Loughlin, John Heslin, Kieran Martin, Callum McCormack and Ger Egan will all score at ease I feel. But you have to credit the heart shown yesterday.

Great to hear that sort of positivity, is there any point in playing the next game at all...... jees..

I would guess you weren't at the game on saturday. if you were you would have seen that when we throw off the shackles and believe in our ability we can be as good as most teams out there.
Supporting your team is about more than seeing them winning while playing the perfect game, it's also about recognising the attitude and pride your team has. Laois showed that they have all those qualities on saturday.

Can you tell me any team in the last 10 years came back from a half time scoreline like that away from home in a championship game and went on to win??
We should be praising them from the rooftops for what they did, most teams would have thrown in the towel and got out of there as quickly as possible. I have no doubt they will put it up to Westmeath and I think we could well beat them going on what I saw on saturday. Sure we made some errors and we were far from perfect but the football we played in the second half and in extra time was far better than what was dished up in Connaught today.

This team learned a lot tonight and hopefully set us up for a good crack at Westmeath.
We started off as if it was our divine right to go there and win but we soon learnt that Wexford meant business. We played Div.4 standard football in the first half and Wexford's pace really had us in trouble.
Whatever they did or whatever was said at half time really got them fired up and they played real championship football right from the start of the second half. Some of the play was top class and great to watch but we missed loads of chances to go ahead and they held on for a draw at the end of the second half. Luckily for us they went for the point from the penalty right at the end and we managed to equalise thanks to a great point from Dillon. We took over completely in extra time and never looked like losing after that.
Not a great overall performance but we learned so much about ourselves from that game and it will surely stand to us in the future.
Donie is a full forward and played a stormer when moved in there. He even tracked back after losing possession on two occasions and won the ball back and that is really a good thing for Donie.
Jonno was brilliant in the second half and extra time and i'd agree he was MOTM.   
Roll on Westmeath ...

Big day for Ruaidhri Fennell, best of luck to all the team today. Heading out the door now, might catch some of the hurling..

Laois / Re: 2018 ACFL Division 1
« on: May 12, 2018, 12:41:47 AM »
Any report from Portlaoise v Graiguecullen? Big win for he visitors?

Here ya go .....

Graiguecullen knock Portlaoise off the top of Division 1A

Result from tonight

Laois Shopping Centre ACFL Division 1
The Heath      1-7
Portarlington  0-10

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