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Re: Depression
« Reply #390 on: June 13, 2018, 09:50:04 PM »
There's a boy i now work with who i've known years and would now be very concerned about his mental health.

I think he is depressed but also thinks everyone is out to get him so he won't actually admit anything or get any help as he thinks doctors will put him on medication and his dad , who struggles too, has told him if he goes to a doctor they will "try and control him".

At the very least this thread is good because people are talking about it or admitting they have an issue but this fella won't at all :(

Admitting it is the hardest thing to do, the lad needs a decent support from family members to help him instead of talking about doctors controlling him. There is very little you can as he might think you are sticking your nose in.

Exactly. Genuinely a bit worried about the fella.

Rois he wouldn't really. To be honest i said to our manager that i could see bad signs and we talked about it. Won't accept help at all and is now thinking about leaving when that manager always gave him leeway whereas somewhere else may not. He has just bought a house so has a mortgage too and i am not convinced that extra responsibility will be good for him.

The financial side of life is a complete bastid for people. Iíd say 75% of the rows with the wife are money related, sometimes the pressure is serious. We are lucky we have a decent group of mates who donít care what kinda money we have or the holidays that we go on.

Sounds like youíve done all you can and more. Itís hard to watch a work colleague going through a hard time.

This is a good thread folks, restores my faith in life. 👍

Cheers. Yeah his boss has said to me he has phoned helplines to seek advice on how to help him but every avenue he has tried he has drawn a blank. Difficult situation.


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Re: Depression
« Reply #391 on: June 13, 2018, 11:42:59 PM »
From the it's-good-to-talk department:

Last few days I was getting unbelievably stressed at work. I'd had a bad annual review (wasn't focused enough on my core area of responsibility, too much time spent on side projects that could create opportunities for me in the future but aren't directly related to what I was hired to do, hence quality of my work was suffering and others were having to re-do it) and I went home early on Friday in a terrible state because of it.

I came in this week trying to think positive but there was something poisoning the atmosphere on the team. There's this girl who's a star performer but doesn't get along with the rest of us. I had a major blowout with her yesterday and honestly felt like quitting on the spot.

Well this morning I asked her if we could have a private chat, and she agreed. We found a small conference room, talked over where we were coming from, all the little misunderstandings, all the little things each of us did wrong. It only took 15 minutes but it was amazing how much pressure was lifted from both of our shoulders. I felt relieved and I could see she felt the same. We agreed to be friends again and hopefully we're back to the same positive vibe we had when she first started here.

The power of talking things out is amazing. Not behind backs, but directly and face to face with a frank but polite and professional attitude. I admitted my mistakes up front and asked how I could make it better. She soon opened up and started admitting her mistakes and we apologized to each other for where we went wrong, and acknowledged where we both needed to do better.