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GAA Discussion / Maigh Eo v Doire
June 19, 2017, 08:56:48 AM
A chance to get the show back on the road for both counties.
Mayo gave a better performance against Galway than Derry did against Tyrone, but have Mayo the hunger for another trek through the back door?
Given Tyrone's performance against Donegal yesterday, was Derry's performance as bad as it seemed at the time?

Have Mayo ever beaten Derry in Championship? No. Will they beat them in 2 weeks time? They should. 
We all remember the Dublin 'campaign' against Lee Keegan last September.

Now the media seems to have decided Aidan O'Shea deserves a kicking. This is just in the past couple of weeks:

Is it really acceptable for the media to seemingly target an amateur sportsman in such a way?
Leaving aside the fact that it's a Mayo player (again), I think it's very unfair to have all this negative stuff written about a young guy who has to live and work like the rest of us and have all his family and colleagues reading this and know they're all talking about it, not to mention the rest of the country.
General discussion / Tuam Babies
March 03, 2017, 09:35:41 PM
What cruel, short, forgotten lives those poor babies had.
And an even worse resting place - a disused septic tank  :'(

It must have had a massive affect on the mothers as well.
Dark times.
GAA Discussion / Padraic Joyce has retired
November 29, 2012, 08:01:10 AM
One of the all-time Galway and Connacht greats. A top-class out-and-out forward. I cursed him from the crowd so many times, but you had to admire him all the same!
It must have been very frustrating for him over the last few years. His inter-county career started off with such glory days and brought nothing but disappointment over the last 4 or 5 in particular.

QuoteGalway great Padraic Joyce announces retirement
52 minutes ago

One of Galway's greatest ever servants Padraic Joyce has announced his retirement from inter-county GAA.

By Declan Whooley

The 35 year-old leaves with two All-Ireland medals and six Connacht titles and now breaks the final link to the 1998 Sam Maguire winning team that ended a 32 year wait for All-Ireland success.

On of the most gifted players of his generation, Joyce has been tormenting defenders all over the country since bursting onto the scene as a 17 year-old in the 1994 All-Ireland Minor Final.

In recent years he has had to contend with injuries and last February declared himself available to new manager Alan Mulholland after a troubling Achilles injury. His substitute appearance in the disappointing qualifier defeat to Antrim was his last time to don the maroon jersey.

"I can't go on playing forever. I gave it some thought as other lads called a halt in recent years, but decided to persevere. But now the time is right to get out," Joyce said.

Galway have not won a Connacht title since 2008 and their fortunes have taken a turn for the worse, but no-one has fought hard for the Tribesmens' cause than the Killererin marksman.
General discussion / Earthquake off Mayo
June 06, 2012, 11:05:43 AM
Happened at about 3 mins to 9 this morning. Magnitude 4, lot of people felt it across Mayo and into Sligo. Some structural damage reported.
People said it was like a juggernaut thundering by the house.
A man on Lough Conn said his dog starting going mad for no reason. The lake was like a sheet of glass, then the water started rippling.

Great excitement on mid-west all morning.
They just announced on the news, in fully serious tone, that "the risk of a tsunami has now passed".  :) :)
A follow on from the Irish Times/MRBI Presidential poll, they also took a poll of party popularity.
In fairness, some of the posters here have been saying this was the main aim behind running MMcG all along.

Still not bad news for FG and Enda Kenny - they hold a commanding lead as the most popular party and Enda is still most popular leader.
Labour will be disappointed - the curse of being the smaller party in a coalition strikes again.
The FFers will really be sweating now! They are making no impressions whatsoever.

STEPHEN COLLINS, Political Editor

Sinn Féin is now the second most popular party in the Republic, according to the latest Irish Times/Ipsos MRBI poll.

The survey reveals a substantial increase in support for the party on the back of Martin McGuinness's presidential election campaign.

Sinn Féin is now narrowly ahead of the Labour Party and Fianna Fáil, with the party attracting almost the same support as Mr McGuinness.

However, Fine Gael retains a commanding lead over all parties, despite the poor showing of presidential candidate Gay Mitchell. And Taoiseach Enda Kenny remains the most popular political leader in the Republic.

When people were asked who they would vote for if a general election were to be held tomorrow, the figures for party support – when undecided voters are excluded – compared with the last Irish Times poll on July 20th were: Fine Gael, 35 per cent (down three points); Labour, 17 per cent (down one point); Fianna Fáil, 16 per cent (down two points); Sinn Féin, 18 per cent (up eight points); Green Party, 2 per cent (no change); and Independents/Others, 12 per cent (down two points).

The survey was undertaken on Monday and Tuesday of this week among a representative sample of 1,000 voters aged 18 and over, in face-to-face interviews at 100 sampling points in all 43 constituencies. The margin of error is plus or minus 3 per cent.

The core vote for the parties (before undecided voters are excluded) compared with the last Irish Times poll was: Fine Gael, 29 per cent (down one point); Labour, 13 per cent (down one point); Fianna Fáil, 13 per cent (down one point); Sinn Féin, 14 per cent (up six points); Green Party, 2 per cent (up one point); Independents/Others, 10 per cent (down one point); and undecided voters, 19 per cent (down three points).

The advance in Sinn Féin support to almost twice that which it achieved in the February general election is the most dramatic change in party support. Sinn Féin is strongest among men and poorer voters and weakest among women and better-off voters.

The contrast between its level of support among the different sexes is startling, with 28 per cent of men backing the party compared with just 11 per cent of women.

The other three big parties have all declined since the last poll.

Fine Gael dropped three points but it is the leading party in the State and has consolidated its position as the leading party in Dublin.

Labour Party support has dipped marginally, despite the good showing of presidential candidate Michael D Higgins. The party continues to do well in Dublin where it is well ahead of Sinn Féin, but it has slipped in the rest of Leinster and Connacht-Ulster.

Fianna Fáil has also declined. The party continues to fare badly in the capital – a long-term worry given it has no TDs in Dublin.

Support for Independents and smaller parties has also slipped.

The Green Party remains on just 2 per cent and leader Eamon Ryan is having difficulty making an impact from outside the Dáil.

In line with the modest drop in support for the Coalition parties, satisfaction with the Government has also declined marginally, as has satisfaction with the Taoiseach.

Mr Kenny is down two points since July, with a 51 per cent satisfaction rating.

Tánaiste Eamon Gilmore is in second place, with a 42 per cent rating. He is also down two points.

Fianna Fáil leader Micheál Martin has dropped nine points to 28 per cent. This follows the confusion over the party's presidential election strategy.

The five-point increase in Gerry Adams's rating to 36 per cent clearly owes a lot to Sinn Féin's impact on the presidential election campaign. It may also be a response to the party's aggressive performance in the Dáil.
GAA Discussion / Brian Dooher Retires
September 23, 2011, 01:42:59 PM
Apologies if there is already a thread on this - couldn't see one on the first page anyway.

Just heard on News on One on Radio 1 that Brian Dooher has announced his retirement.

Some warrior of a player. I was at the final in 2008 and can still vividly remember that run he made along the Cusack stand side of the field before scoring the point of the Championship.
What defence will be trotted out this time? Can this be part of their culture as well?
I suppose I'm being racist now, seeing as they have their own unique ethnicity  ::)

Five arrests in 'slavery' raid at Greenacre travellers' site

It is thought some had been kept against their will for up to 15 years

Twenty-four men suspected of being held against their will have been found during a raid at a travellers' site.

Four men and a woman were arrested on suspicion of committing slavery offences in the raid at Greenacre travellers' site, Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire, on Sunday.

The men, who are English, Polish and Romanian, were found in "filthy and cramped" conditions, police said.

Detectives believe some may have been there for up to 15 years.

"They were told they could not leave and if they did they would be beaten up and attacked"

Those arrested are being held on suspicion of committing offences under the Slavery and Servitude Act 2010.

They are being held at police stations across Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire.

Weapons, drugs and money were also found at the site, police said.

More than 200 officers were involved in the raids.
'Shockingly filthy conditions'

The men, all believed to have been victims of slavery, were taken initially to an undisclosed medical centre for treatment.
Shed at Greenacre travellers site The men were kept in appalling conditions, police said

They have been placed in the care of the local authority.

Det Ch Insp Sean O'Neil said: "The men we found at the site were in a poor state of physical health and the conditions they were living in were shockingly filthy and cramped.

"We believe that some of them had been living and working there in a state of virtual slavery, some for just a few weeks and others for up to 15 years."

He added that the men appeared to have been "recruited" from soup kitchens and benefits offices and included people with problems such as alcoholism.

He said: "They're recruited and told if you come here we'll pay you £80 a day, we'll look after you give you board and lodgings.

"But when they get here, their hair is cut off them, they're kept in in some cases [in] horseboxes, dog kennels and old caravans, made to work for no money, given very, very small amounts of food.

"That's the worse case. Some are treated a little bit better, but they were told they could not leave and if they did they would be beaten up and attacked.

"But in fact some people did leave and told us what was going on and when we looked back since 2008 we were aware of 28 people who had made similar accusations."

Police have appealed for help and ask anyone with any information to contact them in confidence.

During the operation, Bedfordshire Police were assisted by officers from the UK Human Trafficking Centre.

Police joined forces with dog handling sections, helicopter and firearms support units, to execute search warrants at the traveller site.
Saw this on another forum. Is this fella mentally unstable??
Apparently he is organising busloads to go down to Dublin to see the Queen.
She's not making any official appearance to the general public as far as I know, so I don't know where they plan to see her.
He is obviously trying to stir up trouble. This guy should be sectioned or charged with incitement.

QuoteA report by Sean Murphy in todays Daily Star states that Unionist Leader(since when did he become a Leader)Willie Frazer said that tension surrounding the visit should not be used as an excuse to exclude them,he said a ban would result in protests and fresh violence."Heaven forbid anyone would attack her",if we were banned we would protest,the road to Dublin would be blocked".He also stated "We dont want trouble,but she is our head of State and her Citizens(Subjects Willie Loyal Subjects)should not be stopped from seeing her."If Protestants are told they cant go to Dublin,it would only provoke them to go down for trouble-and that would spark major riots".
People may laugh or throw their eyes to heaven, but I actually think ideas like this have a lot of merit.
The current system of throwing them in jail costs an absolute fortune and there is very little 'punishment' invloved.
Anecdotally at least, they meet other criminals who teach them the tricks of the trade and they emerge into society even more likely to continue their criminal ways.


    A Laois Fine Gael councillor wants corporal punishment brought back with stripping and whipping dealt out to the culprits of crime.

    John Bonham made the remarks following Monday night's kidnapping and armed robbery of a 50-year-old woman in Cullohill.

    He said public humiliation for criminals was the only option.

    Shirley Bergin was left badly shaken but unharmed after four men with Dublin accents armed with crowbars forced her to leave her home and take them to her place of work, a Topaz filling station.

    Councillor Bonham told Midlands 103 he would be interested to hear what "Joe and Mary citizen" thought of his proposal.

    "I think Joe and Mary citizen are entitled to do their day's work...without the fear of tiger-kidnappings."

    Read more:
Great for anyone travelling abroad, and might be very useful for those living in the border region where you might go 'roaming' even when still in the Republic

To opt-in text 'Europe' to 50104

QuoteMobile Phone company Meteor has abolished its roaming charges for Europe.

The provider said customers would now pay the same for voice and text calls if travelling in Europe, Norway or Iceland, as they would at home.

Meteor says it is the first Irish operator to abolish roaming charges and the first operator in Europe to do so.

Meteor's head of consumer marketing Bill Blake said the new rules would mean a saving of 47% for customers on the EU regulated rate.

Read more:
Surely this has to lead to the closure of the horse fair.
Gardaí have to deploy 7 times the amount of personnel to cover this event than they normally would for a similar sized event - mounted police, public order unit, air support etc all required.
And they still manage to shoot two people and seriously injure another with a slash-hook

Terrible accident at Cork Airport.

Manx flight from Belfast to Cork crashed in fog on landing.
Unconfirmed reports of 8 dead and 14 injured.

There are unconfirmed reports that eight people are dead following a plane crash at Cork Airport.

The Manx2 commuter flight was en route from Belfast when it crashed on landing in fog at Cork Airport just before 10am.

14 people are said to be injured.

Gardaí, fire crews and ambulances from across the city and county are responding.

The aircraft is reported to be on fire.
A girl I used to know from Glenamaddy has been missing in Dublin for the past week.
Details below.   

Concern for missing Dublin woman

Tuesday, December 21, 2010 - 08:58 AM

Concern is growing about the circumstances surrounding the disappearance of in Dublin last week.

Blathnaid Timothy was last seen getting into a cab on the Quays in Dublin last Tuesday.

Gardaí are urging the driver of the taxi to contact them.

Blathnaid Timothy's flatmate raised the alarm after the 33-year-old failed to return home or contact friends and family for a number of days.

Gardaí have established she used her ATM card at the National Irish Bank machine at Sir John Rogerson's Quay in Dublin at 8pm on Tuesday December 14 last, and hailed a taxi immediately afterwards.

Blathnaid was seen on CCTV getting into the rear passenger side door and the cab, which drove along Sir John Rogerson's Quay towards the City Centre.

The taxi appears to be a black Mercedes.

When last seen Blathnaid was wearing a black 3/4 length wool coat, dark jeans and possibly a black and red scarf.

Gardaí have issued recent photographs of her for publication and are now appealing for the driver of the taxi to contact them.

CCTV footage of Bláthnaid withdrawing cash from the ATM and getting in a taxi:
Welcome home Ballagh!!  ;D

QuoteAmalgamation of Mayo and Roscommon councils still on table
Thursday, 16 December 2010 12:08
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Senior officials of Mayo County Council have given serious consideration to the recommendations of the Department of Environment's local government efficiency review group issued last July, it has been revealed. The group made 106 recommendations as well as identifying potential efficiencies and other savings of €511 million for the local government sector to pursue in the short, medium and long term.
Peter Duggan, head of finance, explained approximately half the proposals required either statutory change or change of national policy by the Department of the Environment and, therefore, were outside the direct control of Mayo County Council.
In a report circulated at yesterday's (Monday) meeting of the council, Mr. Duggan stated: "The recommendations would have a significant impact on the form and role of the three town councils in Mayo.

"To date, Mayo County Council has implemented over 40 of the recommendations. They relate to quarterly reporting on financial performance, internal checking of receipts including motor tax receipts and the designation of a single contact point for procurement.
"There is a recommendation that a joint administrative area consisting of Mayo County Council and Roscommon County Council be established.

"This will require significant legislative change, including the possible amalgamation of the two authorities," he added.
General discussion / Mick Lally RIP
August 31, 2010, 10:15:20 AM
Mick Lally, better known as Glenroe's Miley Byrne has died aged 64
Glenroe was an institution in the 80s and early 90s.

QuoteActor Mick Lally dies aged 64
Tuesday, 31 August 2010 10:07
The actor Mick Lally, who played Miley Byrne in Glenroe, has died at the age of 64.

He passed away peacefully this morning after a short stay in hospital.

Born in Tourmakeady, Co Mayo, Lally began his career as a teacher and secured a part in the premiere of Brian Friel's play Translations in 1980 while a member of the Field Day Theatre Company.

Along with Gary Hynes, Lally was a founder member of the Druid Theatre Company, which worked closely with many Irish playwrights.

His work on television in the RTÉ series Bracken and later Glenroe made him a household name.

He also starred in the BBC television series, Ballykissangel, and in the award-winning Ballroom of Romance.

Lally's versatility as an actor extended to the cinema where he appeared in Irish language films. He was a fluent Irish speaker and an advocate of the language.

Lally also starred in Hollywood-funded films including Alexander, directed by Oliver Stone, and provided the voice in the animated film The Secret of Kells.
I know some posters may say that the 'settled' community is prejudiced/discriminatory/racist against the 'Traveller' community (I can't see how Travellers are a different race tbh) but is it any wonder when you read this kind of thing.

Human behaviour doesn't get much lower than this  >:(

A SUSPICIOUS caller arrived at the house of dead Garda Robert McCallion on Monday while his family were attending his State funeral.

The man, who is understood to be a member of the Travelling community, entered the grounds of the McCallion home at Park Road, Swinford, Co. Mayo, some ten minutes after the family had departed for the funeral Mass in the local Our Lady Help of Christians Church.

When questioned about the purpose of his presence by a garda who was on duty, the man claimed that he wanted to sympathise with the family.

The head of the Mayo Garda Division, Chief Superintendent Tony McNamara, confirmed last night there had been an incident but added there had been no arrest and there would be no charges.

Chief Supt McNamara added: "It has been decided that in view of the extreme sensitivity of the whole situation the matter will not be taken any further."

The McCallion family, father, Bob; mother, Nancy; brother, John and sisters, Noreen and Deirdre, vacated the family home around 12.30pm for the funeral Mass.

It is understood the man who was under suspicion arrived on the scene about ten minutes later.

- Tom Shiel


I need a bit of advice - this is wrecking my head.
I'm thinking of buying a car, it's a UK reg so I'll have to pay the VRT. The price of car seems a real bargain, it's €3k under market value.
But the VRT on it at the moment is 30%.
I checked what the VRT will be in July ( and it will be 20%. So the VRT will be approx €2100 cheaper in July.
Should I wait until July or buy now??
Will the car prices go up in July as demand rises for diesel cars because of their lower emissions?
QuoteThe GAA is to try and entice fans to attend the upcoming interprovincial finals at Croke Park by slashing admission prices.

The finals will take place under lights on Saturday, October 27th when, it is hoped, a lot of people who may not be overly familiar with Gaelic games will go along to see the football (5.15pm) and hurling stars (7pm) in action.

"We're bringing them to Croke Park because we feel that first of all the attractiveness of playing them under lights should be a help," said GAA President Nickey Brennan.

"We're nearly getting to the stage where it's nearly make our mind up time on the inter-provincials.

"I'd like to think that this might give them a new lease of life."

Could be a good evening's entertainment. Think I'll head along anyway.
Anybody know who the Connacht football manager is this year? I know JOM was doing it before he took the reins again in Mayo.
These AFL guys are really annoying me now  >:(
They are so arrogant, treat the GAA like dirt and as if they can walk all over them.

Any decision to permanently scrap the International Rules series would lead to AFL clubs launching a mass recruitment drive in Ireland, Sydney Swans coach Paul Roos has warned.

As Mayo's Pierce Hanley prepares to become the latest young GAA star to try his hand in Aussie Rules, Roos has claimed that respect for the International Rules series is the only thing that has prevented AFL clubs from launching a full-scale recruitment raid before now.

But with the future of the hybrid game in grave doubt, wealthy clubs Down Under are preparing to plunder the cream of young Irish talent to get around the AFL's restrictive draft and salary cap rules.

"One of the things that has probably stopped teams tapping into Ireland with a lot of finance is respect for the hybrid game of International Rules," said Roos, who counts Listowel's Tadhg Kennelly among his star players.

"If that's not going to go on, I'd say there's going to be a massive approach by all clubs to get the best kids out of Ireland."

The GAA and AFL are due to discuss the future of the Rules series sometime after next month's All-Ireland finals.