Ulster U20 Championship 2022

Started by Captain Obvious, March 24, 2022, 10:27:42 PM

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Silver hill

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Not too often these days that we aren't the bitter complainers about some referee or other's performance, and we'll take it (sorry Cavan lads)!  ;)
Tyronies mostly only complain without merit when they lose, at least Cavan's complaints had genuine merit. Maybe the day will come when you'll take a close defeat on the chin, but I don't think I have those years left in my life to read the words  'yeah we got beaten on the day by the better side'.

Give us a few examples of when Tyrone complain without merit?

Castlefin is just 5 minutes from Tyrone but they would have no love for Tyrone around there.

NFL final 92
All Ireland final 95.
All Ireland semi v Meath in 96
Omagh in 06 championship
Come back to me if you need any more.

Complain without merit?

Meath 96 - constant illegal/dirty tackles throughout that game therefore again plenty of merit in any complaints.

Omagh 06 - not many complaints from Tyrone fans about anything really, only problem then was the fact that Tyrone were so depleted which was the main reason for the loss.

So you haven't really came up with anything that backs up your implication.
:D :D ;D ;D ;D .....always the victim