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GAA Discussion / Teddy McCarthy
June 06, 2023, 09:15:39 PM
Teddy Mc Carthy 58. Shocking news, one of my heroes as a kid.
General discussion / Gout
September 24, 2012, 10:29:48 PM
Guys I am new this board would appreciate any assistance anyone may have for me.

For the past 12 months I have been severely crippled with attacks of gout in both my left knee and right ankle. An attack can last anything from 5-10 days and can leave me unable to leave the bed for days at a time. I have kept a note of my attacks and have had 6 severe since new years day and 3 mild attacks.

I have been with three doctors and a physio, had steroid tablets, fluid drained from my joints and still it comes back. I have changed my diet to identify if there is any food that bring it on but cannot see any . Everyone advises me that it is a rich man's disease and it's to do with the amount of booze and good foods I have. Personally I think this is bollocks as I quit the beer at the start of June and have had three attacks since.

I believe my boss is losing patience with me for missing days over this and when I do make it in I hobble around site like a 90 year old man. I have put 3 stone on since January due to not been able to exercise, all I can really do is swim, and this has left me 4 stone over weight. But I am in somewhat of a vicious circle as obviously the more weight I have on the more it affects the joints yet I can't really exercise.

Has anyone out there suffered with it and have any advice on what I could try. I have gone and got the cure which worked for a short period, the steroids are working less and less on each attack and I am concerned of long term side effects of them.

Also has anyone used any diet or weight loss pills in their efforts to shed some pounds? I know they are no substitute for exercise but if they could give me a boost. Some people probably think it's nothing to complain about but the suffering has really got me down and now I am concerned for my Job.
So any remedies or advice on either the gout or the weight loss pills would be greatly appreciated.