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General discussion / Rural Broadband NI(Satellite
January 12, 2015, 08:15:14 AM
Guys, I've been asked to organise broadband for a relative's house in a rural location.
We've had BT out twice in the past few weeks, digging up holes to repair stuff and erecting new telegraph poles, only to be told after all that, that they're too far (11km) from the exchange to get broadband.

They're to call me back offering a dedicated line on Tuesday, but I think they begin around £300pm...

So the options really are Satellite Broadband or a mobile dongle device. Just wondering what people with any experience think of these two?

I've checked with EE and they provide 3g but not 4g coverage at the house. EE offer these
EE Osprey Pay As You Go Mobile WiFi devices. £40 for PAYG or free for a £15 a month contract.

I haven't much experience with satellite broadband, but when I google it, there seem to be quite a few companies providing it here for about £45pm for decent data allowance. Has anyone any experience of satellite broadband here? any recommendations of companies to go with/avoid?

What would the performance be like for streaming TV etc?
Guys, I think we're all in agreement that Club Fixtures in Tyrone this year have been a complete mess and while we're all quick to claim that the fixtures committee are incompetent, we have to accept that it is a difficult enough task. Although surely couldn't be that difficult.....

So I was thinking, looking ahead to 2014, we could try and plan out how next years season should be fixtured

I've tried to find confirmed dates for competitions next year, and guessed the rest. Hopefully you can help me fill in the rest & point out my mistakes.

I'll stick the spreadsheet online somewhere so you guys can edit and help this little project along

So far, I've been thinking about
Competitions that affect the Tyrone Adult Club league Fixtures;
1.   Ulster Club Championships
2.   Senior Inter-County Competitions
3.   Minor Inter-County Competitions
4.   Club Hurling Competitions
5.   Club U21 Competitions
6.   Club Minor Competitions

Lets just look at 1,2 & 3 for now...
General discussion / RTE via Satellite in the North
June 28, 2013, 03:12:28 PM
Sorry, the digital Switchover thread appears to be locked, could admin merge this in?

Guys, can RTE be received in the north via Satellite without sky ie Saorsat ??

Here's our situation;

The folks got Sky in a few years ago because the analogue signal had got so bad.

After the digital switchover they got Steeles in Omagh to put up a new aerial and cancelled the sky.

They get all the channels on 2 TVs (One via a box, the other with tuner built in) but the interference from time to time is driving them mad.
This interference isn't just on the Irish channels, but on the ITVs and maybe BBC too.

Steeles have been out a good few times changing stuff but its still happening. They said they're having a nightmare with both the Tamlaght & Dromore roads in Omagh.

They called last week and suggested a new dish with satellite that will solve the problem at something like £240. Does anyone know if they could use the existing dish etc? I thought RTE wasn't available free to air on Satellite in the north?
General discussion / GAAboard AGM ?
December 20, 2011, 12:16:35 PM
As it's the season for AGMs, I was wondering should there be a GAAboard AGM Thread for say 1 week, to give board members the opportunity to propose new motions, scrutinise board accounts, criticise those who give their free time to moderate etc?
How much will hosting etc cost for the year ahead? Do the mods need additional contributions from users or do the google ads cover it?

Anyway, I'd like to propose a 'Like' or 'thanks' function on posts.

I think it would be useful on the non-GAA section, especially on those threads that arise all the time, with the same old arguments that you don't want to get involved in by commenting, but when someone talks some sense you can 'like' it to show you agree with what they're saying. uses this function and I think its handy gauging what the majority of posters opinions are on topics.
Just my thoughts. Any others?

General discussion / Circuit Class Music
November 10, 2011, 03:32:18 PM
Guys, Hoping yous could help me out;
Our Club are starting up weekly Circuit Classes this weekend for the winter and I've been asked to put together a CD of music for it – lasting about an hour

I'm crap when it comes to music, so any suggestions of good tracks to work out to would be much appreciated :)

GAA Discussion / Show me the money
September 04, 2011, 06:17:10 PM

If only Dessie Farrell had been around for a photo opportunity
General discussion / Brake Discs
June 22, 2011, 04:55:53 PM
I bumped my front left wheel off a kerb the other day (while avoiding another car that crossed into my lane) and now there's a loud scrapping noise from the front left when I'm slowing down.

I took it to ATS at lunchtime and they said the brakepad is scraping the disk and it needs replaced. They quoted £188 for replaced disks and £57 for new brake pads.( for an '06 Ford Focus)

The thing is, the car is breaking fine, it just makes this annoying noise when it does (no pulling to the side or anything like that). Does anyone know how long I could continue driving with this scrapped disk? Would it be unsafe to continue doing so? I've 11 months until my mot is up, so I was thinking of driving away like this and getting the disks replaced at a later time.

I have so many more fun things to spend £200+ on at the minute :)
Drumragh Sarsfield's G.A.C, Co. Tyrone will be hosting the 2nd Annual 'Clash of the Clans' weekend at our Club grounds at Clanabogan 3miles west of Omagh, from Friday 8th to Sunday 10th of July. Lasts years competition was a great success with over 30 teams taking part with the Hughes' of Carrickmore beating the Gormleys, Trillick in the Senior Final and the McLaughlins beating the Donnelly's, both Drumragh, in the Junior final.

A Friends & Firms 7s competition and Gaelic4Mums Competition have been added to this year's bill

Friday 8th July - Friends & firms 7s Championship competition- for anyone with more 'mates' than family, this is the competition for you. £70 per team (7 players + 3 subs) in association with Ulster Cancer foundation. Registration from 5.30pm. Games throw in at 7pm

Saturday 9th July -  2011 Clash of the Clans - Forget Club, Forget County, This is Family! Acompetition to crown the best 'footballing families' £100 per team (7 players + 3 subs)

Sunday 10th July - Gaelic 4 mums competition on Sunday - Mums are great at everything and now football is no different. With teams confirmed from all over Ireland this is going to be an enjoyable competition.

Contact Terry Keyes to register  07908 473 342   or

We have a facebook event you can follow or ask questions on HERE
More info will be on our website soon. Heres a link to some photos from last years eventPHOTOS

The Clans Rules
1)   Unless stated the accepted rules of GAA apply to all games.
2)   In games involving ladies teams or mixed teams, 'ladies' rules apply.
3)   Games to be played in a competitive but friendly spirit.

The Teams
1)   Teams will have 7 players and 3 subs.
2)   There is no limit on the number of times subs can come on.
3)   Each player must be related to 1 other team member.
4)   Accepted relationships include, child, sibling, parent, cousin, aunt/uncle, nephew/niece, in-law (through marriage) or 'courting'
5)   All team members must wear the same colours.
6)   Where possible jerseys should be numbered.
7)   Players must be over 16.

The competition
1)   Knock-out style championship with winners progressing to the next round with final for all grades to be held between 11th-31st July.
2)   Teams will be graded.
3)   Each grade will have a maximum of 8 teams.
4)   An open draw will take place for all first round games.

1)   Completed registration forms & payments must be returned by June 4th.
2)   Payment will be accepted by cash or cheque.
3)   Incomplete entry forms or non-payment will result in expulsion from the tournament.

The prize
1) The winners of each grade will receive a perpetual trophy & medals.

The pitch
1)   Games will be played across the width of the pitch
2)   Underage goal posts will be used.

The game
1)   Each game will consist of 2no. 20min halves
2)   '45' kicks will be taken from the half-way line
3)   'Kick-outs' will be taken from marked areas, from the supplied 'Ts'.
4)   Yellow & red cards will be used as normal.
5)   Players shown a straight red be dismissed from play, will miss 1 game & cannot be replaced on the squad/team.
6)   Players receiving 2 yellows will be dismissed from play and cannot be replaced.
7)   During games the referee's decision is final.
8)   Complaints and appeals will be heard by a 3 person panel, and must logged on the day of the incident.
Bike Week takes place from 18th – 26th June

Just as a matter of interest, do many of you cycle to work? Or cycle regularly? And where?
According to this article in the Irish Times of 2% only adults here cycle regularly.
There's free breakfast at Belfast City hall next Friday for any cyclists!
Guys, I know there's a few people on here who would know about this kind of stuff so was hoping you could help me out.

I'm looking to get Saorview & Freesat in a holiday home in Donegal. Currently we just have an aerial in the attic and it gets us RTE1, RTE2, TV3 & TG4 – but not the best of picture all the time. So we're looking to improve the picture by putting up a proper aerial and while we're at it we may aswell try and get Freeview too for the UK channels.

From my reading online, we just have to put 2 aerials on the one pole – one pointed to Brougher(for freeview) and 1 pointed to Truskmore(for saorview) and then I need a settop box that can handle both.

Does anyone know anything about these digi settop boxes than can handle both freeview and saorview? Can anyone recommend any?

Also, would there be any advantages of installing freesat/ROI version of freesat instead rather than the aerial based versions? Like are there channels you can't get or features that are better with the satellite version. As I understand the aerial version provides a digital signal, so the picture would be the same for both, am I right?
GAA Discussion / GAA Scoreboard App
May 05, 2011, 09:56:39 PM
Guys, see this thread from where a guy is developing a scoreboard app for your phone.
Thought it might be of interest to some of you
btw, its for android phones as iphones are for dicks  :P
Can anyone recommend any that work like or gocompare? 
I've had a search and the closest ive found is but it doesn't actually compare them at all, it just gives you links to the insurance company's website
haven't seen this on the board anywhere, apologies if its already been posted;

Irishman urinated on French bread in protest at Henry handball, court told
(ROSCOMMON, IRELAND) A drunken unemployed plasterer who was found urinating on the French loaves section of a large supermarket in protest at the infamous handball incident in the France vs Ireland World Cup qualifier, was this week given a suspended sentence, fined and bound over to keep the peace.
Frances "Smokie" Larkin, The Meadows, Killareagh, Co Roscommon pleaded guilty to the incident at Maher's ValueStore supermarket, Killareagh, one week after the match which Ireland controversially drew after the French goal was deemed to have scored despite a blatant handball by French striker Thierry Henry.
Staff found the 46-year-old urinating on the Cuisine de France section of the bread shelves in Maher's, shouting "this will teach ye, ye cheating French b*stards," before he was taken away by local gardai.
Gardai Anthony Flanagan told the court that he had been called to the store at 11.15 on the morning of November 25.
"When I reached the shop, I was informed that Mr Larkin was causing a disturbance in the bread section and when I got there, he was urinating on the French bread section and stamping on a loaf. I later ascertained that the loaves were brioches, a sort of French bread.
"When he saw me, he tried to run away but I apprehended him and grabbed him by the arm. He said 'that's for Thierry Henry, guard. If you have any pride in your country, you'll let me go.
"Then he said 'that'll teach them, the cheating French b*stards.'"
Addressing the court, Angela Roche, solicitor for the defendant said that her client had a problem with drink and that normally he was a placid character.
"It is when he mixes alcohol with his passion for sport that he gets himself into situations like this," she said.
She said that Mr Larkin had become quite agitated with the result of the World Cup match and had worn an "I shot Thierry Henry" t-shirt that he had made up in a local t-shirt shop," she said.
In evidence, Mr Larkin apologised to Mahers store and said that he "had no axe to grind with them," but that they had been caught up in what he said was "friendly fire."
He said that he wanted to make a grand gesture to show that the Irish were not going to take the controversial incident lying down.
"The French loaf is the symbol of France and so by doing what I did, I was standing up for Irish pride," he said.
Mr Larkin had a previous conviction for setting fire to a tennis club shed in his teens, an incident from which he had earned the nickname Smokie.
In his summary, Judge Fergus O'Halloran said that what Mr Larkin had done was despicable and was also a threat to public hygiene.
"You did this without any thought to the consquences for the unfortunate shoppers who had to buy that bread.
"If it was in my power to recommend that you seek help for your alcohol addiction, I would do so and also suggest that you take some responsibility for your temper and inappropriate behaviour.
"We cannot have louts like yourself with half-baked ideas about national pride carrying out acts like this," he said, before sentencing Larkin to six months in jail, suspended on condition he does not breach the peace for one year, fining €500 and ordering him to pay €1,000 to Michael Maher for the clean up of the bread shelf areas.
General discussion / XBOX 360 Online
November 14, 2008, 10:08:58 AM
Guys, I've had my xbox for about 6 months and still haven't got round to playing it online yet and Our Nialls thread about the PS3 got me thinking that we should organise a gaaboard online get-together. I'm not familiar with xbox live yet, but I assume we can just pick a game and a time and all we need is each other's xbox live usernames? It could be good craic, and more successful than O'Neills get-together.

So what do yous think? I'm gonna set myself up with an xbox live account tonight. Im thinking Call of Duty 4 could be fun?