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General discussion / The Agreement - 25 years on
March 30, 2023, 01:44:28 PM
As we approach the 25th anniversary what do people remember?  I went to watch The Agreement on the Lyric last night and it brought back memories of News watching and anticipation. It also gave a great insight into what likely happened behind the scenes that we did not know, in particular the pressure on Trimble in particular.
General discussion / 5 Sams - RIP
December 02, 2017, 04:48:13 PM
One of our own 5 Sams. RIP
General discussion / Best of Luck Gabriel_Hurl!!
June 27, 2014, 01:08:18 PM
Our own Canadian Ardboeian gets hitched today over in the old phrase goes, another good man gone!!!  Best of luck fella!

I can vividly remember this when it happened.  Like the people in Loughinisland I was sitting in my local having pints and watching Houghton score that goal.  At the time we were in a complete lock down in Cross as the barracks was being renovated due to the repeated damage it had suffered from a campaign of barrack buster bombs and there was a ring of steel around the town.  As I live a few miles outside the town I had to endure the constant searching of the car etc.  The pub were in was actually effectively under armed guard as there was a company of Scots Guards buried in holes around the main road,  including my back garden and there was one actually 10 yards from the front door of the pub.  When Houghton scored we all were well pissed and start goading them and doing a congo around them but they actually were cheering Ireland on and were delighted as England were at the WC that year and Scotland were!!

As we drank reports started filtering through on the grapevine that something had happened.  There was a deathly feeling in the pub as in many ways it could just as easily have been us.  Were the pub was located,  given what was known, even at that stage, of suspected collusion,  to us we could just have as easily been the target.  It still makes me shiver when I think of it.

Never forget...RIP Adrian Rogan, Malcolm Jenkinson, Barney Greene, Daniel McCreanor, Patrick O'Hare and Eamon Byrne.

QuoteThree supporters have taken out personal injury claims against Limerick GAA after the Munster final pitch invasion.

The claimants are understood to have suffered "falls or slips" as around 30,000 Limerick supporters spilled onto the Gaelic Grounds pitch on Sunday, July 14th to celebrate the Treaty County's first Munster SHC win in 17 years.

The pitch invasion was one of the iconic scenes of the 2013 GAA year but the Association at national level is now certain to make moves to stamp out such incidents following the revelation that Limerick are being sued.

County Board secretary Mike O'Riordan told The Irish Examiner: "The pitch invasion at the Gaelic Grounds after the Munster senior hurling final has produced a number of claims against the stadium - obviously this is very disappointing after what was a memorable day.

"To see the scenes after the game was fantastic in particular the crowd swarming on to the pitch. It really epitomised all that is good about the GAA.

"What will happen now is that for big games in the Gaelic Grounds, the front row of seats will have to be occupied by stewards and there will have to be more stewarding.

"The cost of insurance is already substantial and this will only force up the cost to us."

So what do people think about this?  People who support pitch invasions would you think that there should be a 'enter here at your own risk' type disclaimer notice (which is worthless btw)?  If these cases are successful it will have a major impact on the whole insurance requirement for stadiums and will drive up premiums significantly.  The day of the pitch invasion is over.
General discussion / Lord Maginnis guilty of road rage
August 19, 2013, 02:59:46 PM
QuoteA Northern Ireland peer has been found guilty of assaulting a man in a road rage incident.

Lord Maginnis had admitted swearing at Keith Kirk during an altercation last year, but denied grabbing him and raising his fist.

However, the judge found him guilty of an "angry and abusive tirade".

The peer was fined £200 and ordered to pay his victim the same amount.

District Judge John Meehan said Lord Maginnis' tirade left Mr Kirk very frightened and his sister, who had been in the passenger seat, "terrified".

He said it was very sad that "a man who has given many years of the highest public service" should find himself in this position at the age of 75

Nothing to do with me lads but I was wondering if it might be an opportunity for an auld Gadderin and an excuse for a crowd of lads to meet up and get hammered drunk.  With it being the Southern Bank Holiday weekend you could take the significant other up for the weekend and let her shop while we play ball and drink.  10 per team with £50 entrance per team.
I have asked the moderators to allow me to create this thread as it is something that means an awful lot to me.  I know many others run/abseil/cycle/whatever for charity but this is more than just fundraising for me.  Some posters on here know what has happened to me in recent months, some don't, but I would ask you all to please donate as this is a very serious issue. 
Suicide is something that seemingly is becoming more and more common place in recent years.  We all know someone who has taken their own lives and it is terrible to see the aftermath of this.  Only a few weeks ago a young girl from round the corner from me did it, a young one with her whole life in front of her, Supersub will know who I mean.  My family and I have been affected very badly by suicide and not just recently.  Over 20 years ago my sister's boyfriend shot himself.  It was the second time in one year that someone I knew had killed themselves.  A young lad from Belfast that had been in Rannafast with us had taken his own life at the age of 14. 
The next time it happened to us was in June of 2011 when my father-in-law's long term partner took her own life.  This was very traumatic as he is over 70 years of age and had been with her for close to 20 years.  It happened in a very small rural area and the shock that was felt in the whole place was unreal. 
The most heart breaking though was in November of last year.  My mum had been suffering with mental health issues for some time and had gradually going deeper and deeper into the hole.  She had been living with my sister of the time and my sister had tried everything to try to help her but it wasn't working.  We got as much medical help as possible for her and she seemed to be improving.  The unfortunate thing about depression is that as there are no physical signs it is very hard to really see if things are improving.  As it turned out she had made her mind up and maybe this meant that she was settled in her mind and that is why she was happy with what she was doing.  Anyway, she took her own life on 6th November of last year.  The last few months have been terrible and the questions have been constant but through it all PIPS in Newry have been there for me.  I want to help them to help other families by raising money and I am running the Newry Marathon on the 26th May.   They provide support to so many people and if I can help a few more families in the future then I feel that some good will come out of what has happened.  Please donate at the link below

Please Donate Here!
GAA Discussion / Niall McNamee's Gambling Problem
January 09, 2012, 10:09:40 PM
I didn't see this posted anywhere else before but I think it is a great step forward and hopefully will do away with a lot of the farcical bans being handed out.

QuoteMatch bans to replace time bans for 2012
By John Fogarty

GAA officials are busy preparing themselves for the introduction of match bans on a trial basis for 2012 from next month.
After being passed overwhelmingly by 92% delegates at last year's Annual Congress, the new suspensions will apply to this year's Allianz League and All-Ireland championships.

The most common four-week bans will now be replaced by one-game bans in the same code and at the same level with two-game suspensions replacing the old eight-week punishment.

Had the rule change come in last year, Kerry's Marc Ó Sé would have only missed one league game instead of the two he was sidelined for following an incident involving him and Dublin's Eoghan O'Gara in Croke Park last February.

"It's a far fairer system," said GAA director of games administration and player welfare Feargal McGill. "It's a challenge now for us to implement it successfully and make it work with a mind to possibly extending it to the club game."

Repeat category I and II infractions carry two-game suspensions as opposed to the previous eight-week ban.

Time-based suspensions will remain in place for the more serious offences. "The three, six and 12-month bans are still there because they would be deemed adequate punishment for such infractions," explained McGill.

Any player who picks up a straight red card or a suspension in either of this year's All-Ireland finals will have to serve it in the 2013 Allianz League.

This appeared in the printed version of the Irish Examiner Thursday, January 05, 2012

Only in Cavan...Umpire shot in the foot during hurling match
GAA officials have often shot themselves in the foot in a metaphorical sense, but rarely have we heard of an umpire being shot while in the line of duty. Until now that is.

At a time when the treatment of match officials is under major scrutiny following the attack on Mayo official Liam Devenney after the Connacht club final at the weekend, it will dismay many to hear that yet another volunteer has been subjected to a vicious attack, but thankfully, this one was accidental.

At least we think it was.

Barry Clarke was acting as an umpire during the Cavan Minor Hurling Final between Ballymachugh and Mullahoran at Kingspan/Breffni Park at the weekend, when he was blasted on the foot by an unsuspecting hunter with a wayward shot.

Players and spectators at the county ground in Cavan heard two loud shots fired during the second half of the game and after the second blast, Clarke looked down to see pellets at his feet and realised he had indeed been shot.

"I could feel something whizzing past the bottom of my trousers and then the next thing was I could feel something hitting my foot, Clarke told The Star.

"We could see a man not that far away from us with a gun and a little brown and white dog. He looked like he was out shooting pheasants – but he was too close for comfort as far as I was concerned.

"About 10 minutes after we heard the first shot, there was another bang and the small gate behind us rattle. I looked down and I could see pellets a few feet away from me.

"The ricochet from the gate had struck me on the foot. Luckily I was wearing big, strong boots at the time so apart from being a bit sore, it was only the boots that got a doing."

Courageously, rather than wave the white flag as he would have been entitled to do under the circumstances, Clarke carried on doing his umpire duties, much to the admiration of fellow umpire Pat Clarke, who revealed that the accidental sniper was told in no uncertain terms that he and his weapon of choice were not welcome around those parts.

"We looked around to see the man doing the shooting and some of the players from both teams let him know where to go with his gun," Clarke added.

Baffled Cavan County Board chiefs are to seek the assistance of the Gardai in investigating the matter after it was included in the referee's match report.

"The referee's report confirms the incident took place and it'll be discussed at county board level," said Cavan GAA secretary Liam McCabe.

"In the meantime, I'll be in touch with Gardai to see what they have to say on the matter."

As appropriate as it was that the Gardai are involved, we think this is a job for the real men in white coats.

To all budding umpires out there, the lesson is clear. If you are going to don the oversized white jacket in future, wear big strong boots. Because you never know what raving mad hunting lunatic with a gun might be lurking around the corner
General discussion / Pancakes mmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!
March 08, 2011, 05:43:07 PM
General discussion / "Get Inda lad" caption competition!!
February 23, 2011, 02:58:31 PM

thought this one deserved it's own caption thread!

QuoteRepublic could play England in the Aviva

The FAI are reportedly in talks with the English Football Association to secure a friendly international between the Republic of Ireland and England at the Aviva Stadium next summer.

The game, if confirmed, will take place on Wednesday 8 June and will be the first senior international between the two countries since the Landsdowne Road encounter of 1995 - a game which was famously abandoned due to rioting from a section of England supporters.

It is reported that the game could be worth an estimated €4m in value to the FAI.

England had initially planned to play a match planned against Thailand on 8 June, but that has fallen through, and it's reported the FAI are now negotiating to fill the date - which would give a huge financial boost to the Irish association.

When ziggy had put his thread up I actually thought he was referring ito this!  There would be some fun if the Ing-er-land "fans" ripped the new Aviva to bits!  "cap in hand Mr Delaney returns to CP and is told be Cooney to sling your fecking hook!"
GAA Discussion / Gene Morgan RIP
June 17, 2010, 10:25:03 AM
QuoteArmagh GAA legend Gene Morgan passed away yesterday at the age of 84.

A member of the Armagh side which played against Kerry in the 1953 All-Ireland SFC final, Gene was part of the famous Orchard full-back line Morgan, Bratton and McKnight.

Renowned for his strength and power on the field, Gene captained Crossmaglen to an Armagh SFC triumph in 1947, beating Armagh Harps in the final, and also played for Ulster and Ireland.

He was married to Betty (nee Feenan), who predeceased him in 1986, and is survived by his sons Brendan, Jim and Aidan and his daughters Mart, Eilish and Rose, as well his brothers Brian and John and sisters Maura, Kathleen, Annie, Margaret and Jeanette.

The funeral mass will take place tomorrow at St Patrick's Church, Crossmaglen at 11.00am, with burial at the adjoining cemetery.

Some of the younger lads may not remeber him but he is one of the great legends in my eyes.  Uncle of Oisin and Jim McConville and grand father of James who played for the Armagh minors last year.  A true great in Amagh football
General discussion / 800 jobs to go at Pfizer
May 18, 2010, 02:20:38 PM

Almost 800 Irish jobs are to be shed by pharmaceutical giant Pfizer which today announced plans to shut down three of its sites here and cut jobs at a fourth.

The company said it plans to exit operations at its solid-dose plant in Loughbeg, aseptic facility in Dun Laoghaire, and biotechnology plant in Shanbally.

The company will also reduce operations at its solid-dose facility in Newbridge.

The plans are to come into effect over the next 18 months to five years

Another bad blow to the economy :'(  Know a few people in the Shanbally plant.

General discussion / Helping Hand Christmas 2009 Appeal
November 27, 2009, 02:02:06 PM
A friend is trying to raise money for SVP and NSPCC for the families affected by the recent floods to make Christmas a bit better.  I know everyone has their hand out these days but I know tha lad involved here and he is genuine as can be.  Stick a fiver in the post and pass on this Facebook link to whoever you know please.

Everyone in the Helping Hand Group pledges to give 5 euro, to go to the St Vincent de Paul and the NSPCC, to help them provide assistance to thousands of families and children this Christmas, including those who have lost so much in the recent floods
General discussion / Support Mrs BC
October 27, 2009, 03:02:34 PM

Mrs BC is a co-ordionator for a youth orchestra and they are currently in New York doing a number of performances.  Here is a live Podcast of what they are doing.  They are playing with a number of local schools.  Anyone interested in finding out more about the orchestra can go to
General discussion / Memroable sitcom sketches
October 20, 2009, 01:15:17 PM
Watching Fork Handles on the youtube thread brought back great memories of different sketches that I love to watch.  What would othe rpeople's favourites be?  I am not talking about shows, simply sketches as a part of a show.

I love the Fork handles obviously and Del Boy falling through the bar in Only Fools.