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Well done to the Crossmaglen Hitmen on winning the Turfmen Superbowl. Despite a superhuman effort from TJ Watt last night, their name was on the cup after picking up 2 running backs from the waiver wire last week who had a combined total of 46.75 points.
Cheers for running Oakleaflad.

General discussion / Re: Price of a Pint
« on: October 13, 2021, 02:33:42 PM »
When I moved to Dublin on 2005, the price of a pint in a bar in town, or certainly in a nightclub, was 4.50 to 5e. The average price in Belfast was 2.50.

Now drinks in Belfast are 5-6 and the price in Dublin is still in and around 5e. Crazy. A friend over here is home at the minute and reported paying 5.20 in the Errigle the other night. One of my favourite pubs but apparently has gone downhill a lot?

EDIT: have just seen someone has made the exact same point.

Yeah the Errigal would be one of my favourites too, haven't been since before Covid. Just took a quick look at their online menu

Stout | 4.2%
Pint 5.20

Lager | 4.0%
Pint 5.20

Lager | 3.8%
Pint 5.20

Lager | 4.0%
Pint 5.20

Lager | 4.8%
Pint 5.70

Lager | 5.1%
Pint 6.00

Hop House 13
Lager | 4.1%
Pint 5.20

Red Ale | 4.5%
Pint 5.20

Rockshore Light
Light Lager | 3.5%
Pint 5.20

Guinness Zero
Stout | 0.0%
Pint 5.20

Angry Orchard
Cider | 5.0%
Pint 5.70

You know the world has gone mad when you're paying more in sterling for a pint of stout in the Errigal than on Grafton Street.

Not Tuesday night for A if possible

Red Hand Helmets good to go

Has a player gotten over 50 points before in a single game? I remember seeing a few team defences getting in the high 40s but 52.23 for Tyler Lockett last night has to be a record?

GAA Discussion / Re: East Belfast GAA
« on: July 20, 2020, 02:19:05 PM »
Have the forms for transferring. Was talking to someone at my old club, who I havent played for since 2006, seem to think transfer deadline for the year was March.
Whats the story with this?

That's transfers within the county you can move between counties at any stage of the year.

I wouldn't like to be drafting before the last week in August but the Red Hand Helmets will go again.

Red Hand Helmets good to go.

GAA Discussion / Re: the GAA's supercrisis and the 2018 annual Report
« on: February 12, 2019, 04:47:21 PM »
Hound - I'm going to look into this further because if it is true, and a club that can come up with 14k will have the rest funded by the GAA, my club will have a full time coach next year and I can guarantee that. I'm not trying to win an argument - I'm genuinely interested. If you have any further information on it please PM me with it.

No it isn't true. The 'GAA money' in the 50/50 split comes from the Dublin coaching & games funding. Dungiven are in the process of appointing a full time GPO and have to fully fund it themselves.

General discussion / Re: A5 WTC (New Road from Aughnacloy to Derry)
« on: November 21, 2018, 11:39:58 AM »
All three deaths on the A5 were on straight stretches of the road but due to current road design issues.

The poor man killed on the Great Northern was crossing the road to/from the industrial estate, a route taken by dozens every day to/from work. You have to cross to a tiny refuge island in the middle of the road but the road has a 50 mph limit. Traffic flows so fast that every takes some chance to cross over. Hundreds of people work in the industrial estate and even more visit it each day.

None of these deaths and the further accident yesterday evening on the A5 at the Bankmore Road junction would have been prevented by the new road because they occurred within the area of Omagh requiring the Omagh bypass which has always been left unscheduled as part of the A5 construction phases. It is the most obvious phase to put in place given the bottleneck of Omagh on the A5. However the phases are now scheduled Derry to Strabane (3 years) then Ballygawley to near Omagh (3 years) followed by the Omagh Strabane and Omagh bypass at some stage in the future when funds become available.

Those greedy farmers and landowners in the Anti A4 Alliance have a lot to answer for in the delays they have caused in the project which would have finished the first two phases in 2015 if they had not held it back because land prices crashed in 2008.  DFI incompetency has been exposed by the landowners but essentially they are looking for more money for vested land.

Accidents are halved by dual carriage ways. I think I read 9 people have been killed since the road was due to be completed. That's 4 or 5 people dead today who should be alive.

Even if you look at the A4 as a comparison, the number of accidents are well down in the 8 years the dual carraigeway has been opened and IIRC there have only been 2 deaths so when you consider how much of a death trap the old road was it's some change.

Reminder for Montana League -Draft tonight 9.30 pm Irish Time

In a new departure this year, I have randomised the draft order NOW, which should allow you to have a think about your draft strategy, rather than an hour beforehand.

The Draft Order (If I've done it right!!) is

1.       Take a Knee
2.       Red Hand Hel...
3.       Galway Bay T...
4.       Faithful Tur...
5.       john's Team
6.       Big Apple Or...
7.       Smackdown Cl...
8.       Savage Bears
9.       Coolera Bears
10.       Oakleaf Dolp...

Good man AZ, I'll take that

Thursday evening coming at 9.30?

Thursday night ok for the Helmets

Tyrone / Re: Tyrone County Football and Hurling
« on: July 10, 2018, 10:03:50 AM »
The last I heard was that he's in intensive care and the outlook wouldn't be great but he hasn't passed away.

General discussion / Re: Mobile phone help
« on: February 27, 2017, 02:14:57 PM »
Folks - a bit of advice please. You might have heard a rather large thud at the end of January. That was the sound of me crash-landing in the twenty-first century, as I acquired my first smartphone!   8)

One of the things I was hoping to use it for was to access my Secretary's Account for Armagh Harps, as I cannot access it in work. However when I go to press the 'Update Now' button for security update required, I get a rather ominous message that states that "the server requires that you allow it to remotely control some security features of your android device."

It then goes on to say that activating the app will allow it to erase all data, set password rules, disable cameras etc etc.

To what degree should I be concerned about this?   

The outlook app is a complete disaster, after I changed my phone there was litany of problems even getting logged into my account. Eventually I gave up and used the gmail app and I've had no problems with it.

General discussion / Re: NFL Fantasy Football - GAABoard Superbowl XI
« on: October 06, 2016, 10:02:32 AM »
AZ have you changed the defensive scoring in the Payton? Maybe it's a glitch with yahoo but it has went through the roof tonight!

No, I didn't do anything anyway! :)

Must have been a glitch - it's back to normal this morning. 40+ projected points for all the defensive players was a bit much ;D

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