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I see the official county forum has closed which is a shame, it had a good following among supporters & there were a quite a few insightful members plus it also provided a bit of banter.  I think this had been building for a while & there had been a few warnings about closing the site but it still feels rather abrupt.  In my opinion it would have been a good idea to post a message notifying members that the site was closing permanently with a brief explanation as to why rather than just a message saying it could no longer be accessed!! but it seems this is obviously the end of it & time to move on.

Rufus T Firefly:
Too bad. I can't say I know the background to this but I do know when there was talk of rumours around fall outs in a certain club recently, that there was a lot of anger from that club at an official level, which took me aback. I thought the best thing would have been to ignoire it.

It's a difficult one. As the forum was so closely linked to the County - it was the official forum - then the responsibility to ensure it was whiter than white was all the greater. Indeed it probably was reaching the stage that people were starting to look for offence, the mods were having to consistently respond to every little thing and discussion was becoming so politically correct as to leave it worthless.

I think most members should recognise the great work that the admin did. He's deserving of our thanks.

The old, which had some good discussion back in the day, went in a similar way. Unfortunately, some posters post stuff that is grossly offensive or even libellous and presumably reappear under a different name posting similar crap if banned. Perhaps they should charge 5 to join.

Throw ball:
I agree with the sentiments of RMA and Rufus. Not very knowledgeable on these things but I would suggest the reduction in traffic on the official site will be noticeable. Surprised the decision was taken just as the big draw was announced.
Admin did a great job. It had become a thankless task though as it appeared more and more new members came on bad when there was something bad to comment on. Seems the county has more than enough ccomplainers and not enough supporters. The one thing I would add though is that the county board may find that the level of influence on discussion they had on an official forum could give way to a free for all on an unofficial site. Obviously that will depend on who is administrator on the new site.
I hadn't seen the new forum. Will probably sign up at some stage.

While he did a good job he was trigger happy sometimes with the ban and had an issue about me hence I went on the offensive. Some may think I overreacted but I have spoken to a few people who were annoyed about some of the stuff and frankly felt that there was a free run at our club. I know what happened was not pleasant but I also know of some stuff that happened that has not come out, particularly the whole crossing over the fence. Anyway,  I will probably register on the new site, if I'm let, the difficulty with the old site was that it operated as the official site yet the Admin denied that he was the CB representative. You have to be one or the other


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