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Junior Ex Laoistalk:

Round 1
Westmeath v Carlow
3.5.2015 - Cusack Park
Antrim v Laois
3.5.2015 - Antrim

Round 2
Westmeath v Antrim
10.5.2015 - Cusack Park
Carlow v Laois
10.5.2015 - Netwatch Cullen Park

Round 3
Carlow v Antrim
24.5.2015 - Netwatch Cullen Park
Laois v Westmeath
24.5.2015 - O'Moore Park
Dublin v Galway
31.5.2015  Croke Park - 2.00pm
Group Winners v Offaly
Group Runners Up v Wexford

Dublin/Galway v Group Winners/Offaly
20.6.2015.- O'Moore Park/O'Connor Park
Kilkenny v Group Runners Up/Wexford
21.6.2015 - Nowlan Park/Round Robin Team - 2.00pm

1 v 2
5.7.2015 - Croke Park

Imo its going to be tough to top this group, dont get me wrong I'd be bitterly disappointed if we didn't top it but I feel the matches will be tough.

Laois have to aim to top the group and face off then with Offaly.We have to set a standard early on and play much better than the league suggested. An absolutely mammoth couple of months ahead for Laois hurling.

Anyone hear how the lads got on in Spain, it's groundbreaking stuff the fact that they went there in the first place.
It's all down to Cheddar and regardless of the results this year I think he has been incredible in every facet of preparing our county team. I don't think there is another man on the planet that would go to such lengths to ensure everything is in order including supposedly investing his own money into the setup.
Anyway I believe when Cheddar took over the aim was that Laois would be in a Leinster final in 2015, 100 years after our All Ireland win. It's a big ask for the lads but you must have a goal and believe you can reach it. Having said that I'm sure the team will be taking it one game at a time and looking no further than Antrim in two weeks, this is a massive game for this group of players and if we were to lose it, it would be a major setback. However they will go to Antrim with great confidence having already beaten them twice this year. Antrim are not going well but be under in illusions this will be a tough game and any sort of a win would gladly be taken. The two remaining games are also potential banana skins but games I'd expect us to win. If we top the group it could set us up for a very exciting summer as these lads proved in the last two years against galway that they are not afraid to take on the big guns. What better way to start than to take on Offaly, they will not want to play laois and I think our lads would be well positioned to cause an upset.
As regards the team selection and formation I'm sure it will change as the year goes on, I presume the management will have something up their sleeve for Antrim too but I expect them to go 15 on 15 and take the game to them. The goalkeeping position is very much up for grabs with both lads playing very well at different times but also conceding soft goals too which simply cannot happen from here on in. The back line is also one of concern, when we play 15 on 15 there are big gaps in our defence and against better opposition we have been exposed. Our forward line has been doing quite well especially our half forward. We need to be getting a bit more from our inside line in terms of creating goal chances. The trouble of playing a sweeper lessens our chances of getting goals bit I guess you can't have it every way.
I'm really looking forward to following the team this year, they deserve huge credit for the effort and sacrifices they have made and the least they deserve is a big cheer when the enter the field to play in the championship, so pull out yer hats, flags and headbands and support our team.
Laois ABU.

I heard the Spanish trip was excellent and professionally organised.

It's great to hear the hurlers had a training camp away from home. They haven't had anything like that in a long time and a good mix of warm weather training and team bonding will be of great benefit to the panel. Hopefullly they come into the championship fresh and injury free and do a professional job in the group games and be well prepared for a shot at Offaly.
How far is Picky away from a return, will we see him this year?


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