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Break for the football for a couple of weeks and the next game is crucial if Laois are to have any hope of avoiding relegation.

Catch and Kick:
Sad to see the decline in Laois football. They got a lesson from a good Cavan side last week - a smaller side but one that was clued in and ambitious. Laois seemed to be going through the motions. Was impressed with the big lad - Kingston. He scored 2 goals, the second a real gem.
Laos are missing a lot of the more well known players, surely they want to play for the county?

Strange times for Laois football, I can't remember things being so negative.  Maybe we are unrealistic thinking we have a right to be at the top table.  Then again, things were so bad just the summer before Micko arrived, next thing we were in Div 1 league final and Leinster title in the bag.  Under-acheived for rest of Micko's reign and disrespected him.  What a missed opportunity, only becoming obvious now.  Relegation to Div 3 would be disastrous.  Other than Dublin, Leinster football in a cycle of decline.  I know lots of issues mentioned in this post but so little going on in this thread, need to stimulate discussion, hear Laoistalk is closing down.

Catch and Kick:
More a case of over performing under Micko surely? Granted there were some fine footballers on that team but it was the Micko effect that made the diff.
Laois had good underage teams for a few years but didnt sustain it.
They are like most counties now who are in a large chasing pack and can't motivate themselves to compete again . Many of the players who refuse to play hsve a track record of quitting  when the going gets tough .

the club championship has alot to do with it, portlaoise more than likely will win 9 in-a-row and maybe 10 if they want to. with maybe 3 on the panel thats not enough from the capital town and should be the backbone of the county side.

young lads no longer see playing senior for laois an honour and a defeat again Galway and its division 3 for laois in 2016 the minors were beating out the gate by kildare yesterday and thats happing every year, a good 30 minutes last year again  the Dubs cover alot of problems, only for Brody their would have been 20 odd points in it, we will drop to division 4 in the next few years, we are going the same way as offaly did, they seem to be on the way up as we are on the way down.


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