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Heard Fintan Ruddy called into Sligo panel!!

Paul Taylor and John McPartland announced as the new u21 management team.

So anyone know what the odds are for the senior and intermediate championships in Sligo. I see few of the big boys have the senior but cant see intermediate anywhere. What ye reckon men of Sligo, who are the favourites?


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--- Quote from: magpie seanie on April 20, 2015, 01:49:30 PM ---Saw that alright. They were a pretty decent senior team not long ago. Not exactly sure what's going on but from observation there seemed to me to be a small core of dedicated guys running the show out there. Possibly they ran out of steam and there was no-one to pick up the gauntlet from them. Probably getting squeezed by the economic situation also. Harder to arrange your work around your football, especially when you're in a geographically isolated place like the North West.

Some other results in Div 2 showing other clubs struggling too. Did Castleconnor only draw with C'cool and Michaels recently? They're still top of the table somehow I think.

Overall club football in Sligo is at a very low ebb. The big gap between the end of the NFL and the Ros game will allow a good run of games which should help lift interest. I hope. Most of the league games can now be played with county players playing for their clubs which should always be the case. Unfortunately though clubs are being advised/instructed to not use members of the county minor panel for adult games which is pretty unfair.

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Think the clubs out my direction Castleconnor & Enniscrone will struggle anyway. Hit badly by emigration and even migration within the country. Enniscrone do have some promising young players but unlikely to be good enough to do anything in championshop. Castleconnor the same but they have a few good older lads, but maybe too old. Farnans and Pats will be decent though. From the table Shamrock Gaels are top with 100% record, seem to be going well but its a while since I saw them play. Sad to see a club like Ballymote in a big town in such a state.

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Shows how much I know!

on the hop:
completely off the point, but I have a facebook page called gaa programme collectors. this year I am trying to collect the 70 odd county final programmes throughout the country. doing well so far but I am finding it hard to source a lot of them in ulster but especially the Sligo hurling or football ones. looking for any advice or help where they can be got. I can be contacted through the Facebook page. thanks


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