God Bless America

Started by Declan, August 27, 2007, 11:55:51 AM

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She could really put that mouth to better use  ;)


i love the big smile at the end, she is delighted with herself!
I can imagine her team behind thew stage before the question is asked  thinking we will be ok as long as they dont ask her about maps.......doh!


I have difficulty watching the office sometimes- I find myself squirming with embarrassment at some of the lines they come out with. But that was unbelievable hard watching.

one question why was it was so much easier with the sound off ?
Never underestimate the predictability of stupidity


is it just me or is youtube not working at the minute?

The Real Laoislad

What a Bimbo :D
Still would though ;)
You'll Never Walk Alone.

Shamrock Shore

Christ - I am surprised her brain is able to keep her alive.

And she is 'YEUGH' - like she came from the Barbie Doll factory.

Laoislad - I worry about you.



Does not suprise me at all, what suprised me is that she has actually heard of South Africa. Try this link it might work better.


Captain Scarlet

them mysterons are always killing me but im grand after a few days.sickenin aul dose all the same.

The Real Laoislad

You'll Never Walk Alone.

Square Ball

she personally beleives that some US Americans dont have maps, and it went down hill from there.. also where is The Iraq. If thats the education system God bless America indeed.

she will marry into money and live the American dream, what ever that is
Hospitals are not equipped to treat stupid

Main Street

How the US teach geography


You are all laughing at the poor girl but she will have the last laugh when she stars in "Americas latest/New Idol".
She is a star in every sense of the world and i want to take this moment to thank her mom,her dad,her stepdad,her stepmom,her stepmoms new partner,her stepmoms partners new partner, her dads boyfriend, her teacher with the pierced nipples,her friends that love groupsex,her grandmother and her grandmothers young lover, they have all made this possible with the love they give her every day and her dentist for the big basin of white dishes that she calls mouth.

And yes, I certainly would because she would kill an ordainary man.

The Subbie

oh my God , please tell me again how the fcuk these people get out of their cages ???