Your most memorable GAA Inter County game not involving your own county.

Started by anportmorforjfc, May 18, 2023, 09:40:15 PM

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There's soo many obviously, but what is your favourite?

The 2021 All Ireland Semi between Dublin and Mayo is up there for me. Mayo finally got over the line against that team, albeit in a semi and not a final.


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Cluxtons winning point in 2011. It had been 16 years since Dublin won Sam. It was the novelty of it...


Kerry v Dublin 2013. Watched in Dormans Magherafelt and some bollocks had commandeered the big tv to watch an arsenal game. the rest of the bar watching a tiny screen behind the counter as one of the greatest games ever played out.




A few hard to pick  all all Ireland finals
1982 Offaly
2002 Armagh
2003 Tyrone
2017 mayo/ Dublin

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Armagh beating Kerry in 2002 final
I was just back from Australia and delighted they broke through.


Mayo v Dublin 2021
Westmeath v Meath 2015
Mayo v Kerry 1996
Down v Kerry 1991
Sligo v Tyrone 2002
Offaly v Kerry 1982
Kildare v Donegal 2011
Longford v Mayo 2010
Fermanagh v Armagh 2004


Donegal v Dublin in 2014 as I was a gambling addict then and had £600 on a Dublin win.


Offaly Kerry 82 - seismic. The team that couldn't be beaten
Dublin Tyrone 95 - maybe the most controversial final ever
Dublin Galway 83 - the pure nastiness and spitefulness of the match
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Tyrone v Derry 1995. The absolute filleting of a team who believed that they were capable of winning more than 1 all Ireland. The ultimate in white heat bare knuckle football.  Tyrone never let Paul Donnelly play the rest of the year until maybe the final few minutes but the sheer defiance he showed in that second half meant that a statue in Clones to him was always an Derry frantically probed for a way through a Tyrone brick wall with no entrance, Canavan, Cush, Stevie Lawn, Seanie Mc Laughlin, Jody Gormley all had some of their finest moments in a red handed Geansa√≠ that day. Hammer the hammer was included in the Oxford English Dictionary after that game..

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