Tyrone Captaincy 2024

Started by samuel maguire, September 19, 2023, 04:02:56 PM

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samuel maguire

Judging by the videos circulating around whatsapp/social media plantforms Tyrone could have a new captain for next season. Oh, and Stephen Nolan may have a new inmate in Magherby prision to interview. Thug!


Is this in addition to the punch on the street that has been discussed in other threads??


You are late to the party, was already talked about weeks ago on another thread.

Send me your number and I'll WhatsApp you a video of your own county captains behaviour.

samuel maguire

Ive seen an additional video which was taken inside an establishment in the Moy that evening. Man in question breaking lamps, mirrors and the likes and wrestling with doormen spitting on them...