GAA Club Facebook Accounts

Started by WT4E, September 14, 2023, 11:12:14 AM

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I noticed on my clubs FB page that there seemed to be random dodgy facebook accounts liking posts in recent times.

It never was too many - maybe a dozen at most but on a recent post there has been 100's of these type likes and some comments too. It was under a post about our U16 girls team which made it a bit more worrying.

I was wondering has anyone else's club have something similar. What is it and is there any way to prevent it in case it becomes a problem!


Liking Kildress would straight away mark the account as dodgy! :P


Don Johnson

Facebook as a whole is polluted now with bots, scam/imitation pages etc. The business pages I run are tortured daily now with fake pages trying to scam the followers.

There is a moderation assist function where you can ban certain words or links being posted if it ever gets to that stage with yourselves.


Twitter has moved that direction too.