all ireland championship 2007, odds, outsiders, minor teams etc.

Started by anportmorforjfc, November 13, 2006, 09:44:25 PM

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Ulster, Donegal
Connaught, Mayo
Munster, Kerry
Leinster, Dublin

Winners, Kerry or Tyrone, maybe Kerrys year to finally beat Tyrone?
BUT if the Dubs get Bernard Brogan fulfilling his potential AND Vaughan playing regularly and behaving himself they could break through and challenge realistically.

Croí na hÉireann

Far too early to be offering any definitive opinion on 2007.

No managers in Kerry or Mayo.
Will the Dubs keep building under Caffrey?
Has Kernan overstayed???
One sure thing is that Tyrone will come out fighting after last year.

I'd put the All-Ireland between them 5 counties with Mayo very lucky to be there.

In Leinster it's very hard to look past the Dubs. Longford will look to build on last year but could suffer from the tough second season syndrome. For a team in transition Westmeath had a decent enough season last year and will be boosted by the fact the Heals will be there in 2007. Key players must remain injury free though. Offaly have the benefit of a new manager to instill some freshness and build on last season as do Laois. Eastmeath will flatter to deceive unless Coyle can turn up a few new players. Louth and Wicklow may be worth an outside bet. Wexford's chance of a Leinster had gone.

Leitrim to shock de winner of Mayo/Galway and with de momentum beat Ros/Sligo in the final, ever the romantic I know...

Hard to look past Tyrone/Armagh in Ulster, looks like Fermanagh's chance has gone.

Same with Kerry/Cork and Limerick in Munster.
Westmeath - Home of the Christy Ring Cup...


Connacht - ROS of course,Leinster - Laois,Ulster -Tyrone,Munster - Kerry All Ireland - Tyrone(if not Ros!)
Minor - Ros to win Connacht and All Ireland. :D
Davy's given us a dream to cling to
We're going to bring home the SAM


From Paddy Power
All Quoted
  Kerry  13 - 8   Down  66 - 1   Cavan  150 - 1   
Tyrone  9 - 2   Fermanagh  80 - 1   Kildare  200 - 1   
Dublin  5 - 1   Offaly  100 - 1   Antrim  500 - 1   
Armagh  15 - 2   Louth  125 - 1   Leitrim  500 - 1   
Mayo  14 - 1   Wexford  125 - 1   Clare  750 - 1   
Cork  14 - 1   Longford  150 - 1   Carlow  1000 - 1   
Galway  18 - 1   Roscommon  150 - 1   Tipperary  1000 - 1   
Laois  20 - 1   Sligo  150 - 1   Waterford  1000 - 1   
Donegal  25 - 1   Monaghan  150 - 1   New York  1000 - 1   
Derry  28 - 1   Westmeath  150 - 1   Wicklow  1000 - 1   
Meath  50 - 1   Limerick  150 - 1   London  1000 - 1   
Each way odds 1 / 2 places 2 

Kerry Mike

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Connacht - Mayo

They shouldnt have any problems coming out of the province, Galway i expect are going to lose a few of the older crew over the winter months, and the rebuilding will take another year or so. Roscommon, sligo and Leitrim to make litle impact.

Munster - Kerry

Cork will challange but Kerry wont let them win like last year. Limerick are still looking for more footballers, the hurling is back in the driving seat again, Waterford Clare and Tipperary again minimal challenge from all.

Leinster - Dublin

THe dubs must win again in order to progress and make the all ireland final, forget the alternative for them its only the direct route. The main competition will be from Laois and possibly Louth, they are a team on the up.
Micko will have Wicklow primed and pulling together so they might make an impact. As said earlier Meath, Kildare and Westmeath have gone back, while wexford are outsiders but no realistic. Forget about the rest Longford, carlow etc..

Ulster - Tyrone

Expecting a real backlash after last years early exit, if all the right players can get back from injury, they will be favourites for Ulster and Sam. Donegal, Armagh and Derry will flatter to deceive. Fermanagh, Down and Antrim, Monaghan and Cavan wont do much.


QuoteConnacht - Mayo

They shouldnt have any problems coming out of the province, Galway i expect are going to lose a few of the older crew over the winter months, and the rebuilding will take another year or so. Roscommon, sligo and Leitrim to make litle impact.

I'm not sure about Connacht. O'Mahony might be Mayo coach by then and you'd imagine he'd reinvigorate Mayo but the Galway players would love nothing more than to beat a Johnno led Mayo. They would be well up for that one. Game is in Pearse as well where Mayo have a lousy record (as they do in Tuam in fact). However if the likes of Joyce and Donnellan call it a day over the Winter then it certainly won't look good for us. However even ordinary Galway teams always fancy their chances against Mayo but from this remove you'd have to make Mayo early favourites.

I think it'll come down to the big two yet again.


It'd be a great extra dimension for a Galway Mayo clash to have him in charge of Mayo that's for sure.


Quote from: Barney on November 14, 2006, 08:40:48 AM

Surely Donegal with home advantage can see of Armagh this time around. Tyrone and Fermanagh will see another big gun slayed. Any of the four could reach the final but you would feel that it should be one of the big two. Will Tyrone have the hunger to come back from this years disappointment. I think they have been such great champions that they will. Derry or Monaghan would be my pick on the other side of the draw. But Tyrone for the cup.


Sure if my Auntie had balls she'd be my uncle

Yet again Armagh haven't a chance

I'll go back if Marsdens back