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Started by GAAboardmod1, November 13, 2006, 04:33:26 PM

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full back i think like  a lot of full backs you are a bit slow out of the blocks.

so just keep on your toes and enjoy my musings.

now that is the end of your little cat fight .full stop.

the gael takes no prisoners!

full back

Dont fret gael, i will keep on my toes....................and if not my own i will make sure it will be on your toes

Mike Sheehy

ffs, you mean I will have to search for anti-Kerry threads to take umbrage at !

I am against this. Sure, they are a pain in the arse sometimes but they keep things ticking over.


The Gael wins hands down.  once the outcome of this appeal is heard the gael will no doubt once again blew his little trumpet and yet again he will be the cause a barrage of comments.  at least he's creating a united Ireland against 'the Gael'