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GAA Discussion / 2018 NFL Division 1
« on: January 02, 2018, 09:17:32 PM »
If Division 2 can have a thread of its own then Division 1 should have one too.
Dublin to win comfortably, Jim Gavin was hurt losing it last year that is how he understood Mayo's pain. Kildare will struggle, everyone else will do well apart from the other relegated team.

GAA Discussion / Old outfield players still plugging away?
« on: June 22, 2017, 11:40:11 PM »
Just curious as to how many intercounty players still going after turning 35, who was the last outfield player to still play inter county past the age of 40?

GAA Discussion / 2017 Leinster MFC
« on: May 07, 2017, 07:09:14 PM »
No thread here yet. Meath out after losing to Laois, Carlow upset Westmeath but not a massive surprise, while Wexford get the better of Wicklow. An Offaly man told me that the Wexford team were the worst minor team he had ever seen after Offaly hammered them in the preliminary round. Dublin and Kildare have been consistently the best 2 teams at this grade for the last few years but I'd expect the likes of Offaly and maybe Laois and Louth to be very competitive this year. Carlow will be a tough game for anyone too and Longford always command respect.

The quarter final draw will be interesting.

GAA Discussion / 2016 Leinster Football Championship
« on: May 09, 2016, 09:31:09 PM »
Apologies for starting the most boring thread imaginable. The only things of interest here is when the various teams who are not Dublin go into the qualifiers and how much Dublin can hammer their opponents. Dwindling attendances are expected to be another feature.
It starts this weekend anyway:
                                                       Leinster G.A.A. S.F.C. 2016
1.    Laois    v    Wicklow    O'Moore Park, Portlaoise    14.5.2016 (Sat)    7.00pm
2.    Louth    v    Carlow    O'Moore Park, Portlaoise    14.5.2016 (Sat)    5.00pm
3.    Longford    v    Offaly    O'Connor Park, Tullamore    15.5.2016    3.30pm
4.    Laois/Wicklow    v    Dublin    Nowlan Park    4.6.2016 (Sat)     7.00pm (TV)
5.    Louth/Carlow    v    Meath    Parnell Park/Pairc Tailteann    12.6.2016    
6    Longford/Offaly    v    Westmeath    TEG Cusack Park, Mullingar    12.6.2016    
7    Wexford    v    Kildare    Croke Park    21.5.2016 (Sat)    5.15
8.    Winner 4    v    Winner 5    Croke Park    26.6.2016    
9.    Winner 6    v    Winner 7    Croke Park    26.6.2016    
FINAL:    Winner 8     v    Winner 9    Croke Park    17.7.2016    

Laois and Wicklow you'd imagine would be straightforward for Laois but last year Wickow sacrificed the league to be fit for the championship where they gave Meath a big scare and are capable of a scalp. Both teams would be happy enough to go into the qualifiers without taking a Dublin hammering too.

Carlow and Louth could be close too, Louth have gone back a long way while Carlow showed some promise in the League. Still Louth should have enough.

Longford and Offaly go at it again. Offaly are going in the right direction and should do it.

GAA Discussion / Referees panel 2016
« on: April 27, 2016, 09:11:46 PM »
Football - Championship Panel of 18:

Ciaran Branagan (An Dún)
Barry Cassidy (Doire)
David Coldrick (An Mhí)
Maurice Deegan (Laois)
Marty Duffy (Sligeach)
David Gough (An Mhí)
Rory Hickey (An Clár)
Padraig Hughes (Ard Mhacha)
Sean Hurson (Tír Eoghan)
Fergal Kelly (An Longfort)
Eddie Kinsella (Laois)
Conor Lane (Corcaigh)
Joe McQuillan (An Cabhán)
Noel Mooney (An Cabhán)
Paddy Neilan (Ros Comáin)
Anthony Nolan (Cill Mhantáin)
Derek O'Mahony (Tiobraid Árann)
Padraig O'Sullivan (Ciarraí)

Football - Championship Linesman Panel of 8:

James Bermingham (Corcaigh)
Niall Cullen (Fear Manach)
Liam Devenney (Maigh Eo)
Jerome Henry (Maigh Eo)
John Hickey (Ceatharlach)
Shaun McLaughlin (Dún na nGall)
Martin McNally (Muineachán)
Cormac Reilly (An Mhí)

Good to see Cormac Reilly finally demoted, John Hickey is the best referee I've seen out of the present bunch and unlucky not to make the referees panel. Noel Mooney the only new addition, he believes in non contact football and loves to be centre of attention. Blows his whistle in a shrill manner too.

General discussion / Jim Mansfield
« on: April 24, 2016, 08:28:07 PM »
Anyone else embarrassed of the GAA using Citywest so blatantly back in the day.

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