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Bowl 1:  England, Italy, France, Germany

Bowl 2: Spain, Netherlands, Portugal, Belgium

Bowl 3: Turkey, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark

Bowl 4: Czech Republic, Scotland, Ukraine, Croatia

Bowl 5: Serbia, Poland, Hungary, Romania

Bowl 6: Slovakia, Slovenia, Georgia, Albania

Final: Germany to beat France

Laois v Leitrim by 7
Down v Westmeath by 3

Donegal v Armagh by 1
Derry v Dublin by 4
Derry v Roscommon
Dublin v Tyrone
Kerry v Galway
Monaghan v Mayo

Cavan v Fermanagh
Cork v Armagh
Donegal v Meath
Kildare v Louth

Antrim v Wicklow
Down v Clare
Offaly v Limerick
Sligo v Westmeath

Carlow v London
Waterford v Laois
Wexford v Longford
Leitrim v Tipperary
Rd 6 16/17 March

Galway v Dublin
Tyrone v Monaghan
Roscommon v Kerry
Mayo v Derry

Armagh v Cavan
Kildare v Donegal
Meath v Cork
Louth v Fermanagh

Wicklow v Limerick
Clare v Antrim
Sligo v Offaly
Westmeath v Down

London v Waterford
Laois v Leitrim
Tipperary v Wexford
Longford v Carlow
Rd 5 Fixtures 2/3 March

Derry v Dublin
Mayo v Roscommon
Kerry v Tyrone
Monaghan v Galway

Fermanagh v Armagh
Cavan v Meath
Donegal v Louth
Cork v Kildare

Limerick v Clare
Antrim v Westmeath
Down v Sligo
Offaly v Wicklow

Carlow v Wexford
Laois v London
Tipperary v Waterford
Longford v Leitrim
Rd 4 24/25 February

Tyrone v Mayo
Dublin v Kerry
Galway v Derry
Roscommon v Monaghan

Fermanagh v Cork
Louth v Cavan
Meath v Kildare
Armagh v Donegal

Down v Offaly
Clare v Wicklow
Sligo v Antrim
Westmeath v Limerick

Wexford v Waterford
Longford v London
Carlow v Leitrim
Tipperary v Laois
Rd 3 17/18 February

Derry v Monaghan
Dublin v Roscommon
Kerry v Mayo
Tyrone v Galway

Donegal v Fermanagh
Cork v Cavan
Meath v Louth
Kildare v Armagh

Antrim v Down
Limerick v Sligo
Offaly v Clare
Wicklow v Westmeath

Waterford v Longford
Laois v Carlow
London v Tipperary
Leitrim v Wexford
Rd 2 fixtures:

Mayo v Dublin
Monaghan v Kerry
Roscommon v Galway
Derry v Tyrone

Armagh v Meath
Fermanagh v Kildare
Louth v Cork
Cavan v Donegal

Down v Limerick
Antrim v Offaly
Sligo v Wicklow
Westmeath v Clare

Carlow v Waterford
Wexford v Laois
Leitrim v London
Longford v Tipperary
Rd 1 27/28 January

Kerry v Derry
Dublin v Monaghan
Galway v Mayo
Tyrone v Roscommon

Meath v Fermanagh
Kildare v Cavan
Armagh v Louth
Donegal v Cork

Limerick v Antrim
Clare v Sligo
Offaly v Westmeath
Wicklow v Down

Laois v Longford
Tipperary v Carlow
London v Wexford
Waterford v Leitrim
If you watch it again, Canavan manhandled/pushed the linesman so maybe that's what the red was for?
General discussion / Re: China Coronavirus
March 27, 2020, 10:33:36 PM
Might have been covered already but what's the deal with funerals in the south- if a COVID death?

And what about people wanting to enter the country -from England-  for a funeral?
Decent topic to pass the time though, what got you hooked on a team?

My uncle was a Utd fan(father had no real heed in sport)  and I remember the 85 final as an 8yr old and followed them since - through the initial years when they were winning feck all.

I got my younger brothers hooked and actually had a season ticket for 2 years- I'd moved to London by then(from Monaghan). Seen them win 2 titles with Teves, Berbatov and that crew.

I'm still every bit as supportive today but they've taken a back seat to work, family etc these days so just a couch fan really. Been up there once in 2 years.
General discussion / Re: Lorry Tragedy
October 26, 2019, 05:16:42 PM
Driver charged with manslaughter. Can we assume that he knew what was in the trailer then?
GAA Discussion / Re: NFL Div 3
April 09, 2019, 04:29:46 PM
Carlow boys got big bans after incident at the end of the Down match. Are there charges to be brought from incident at the end of the Laois game too or was that just rumours?
GAA Discussion / Re: FBD 2019
January 09, 2019, 06:15:56 PM
One of his more ignorant/ill-informed comments of recent times. And there's been more than enough to choose from.