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Final Standings Group A

Tyrone 7pts

Derry 6 pts
Monaghan 4 pts

Down 3 pts
Antrim 0 pts

Group B - Donegal v Armagh on Sat 13 April is last game

Donegal 4 pts, +16 scoring diff
Armagh  4 pts, +8 scoring diff

Cavan  2 pts

Fermanagh  0 pts

Quarter Finals – Wed 17th April

(First named team has home advantage)

Group A Runner-Up - Derry V Third in Group B - Cavan
Group B Runner-Up - loser of Donegal/Armagh, Armagh if a Draw V Third in Group A - Monaghan

Wednesday 10 April

Ulster U20FC
Donegal v Armagh - Postponed - Will be played on Saturday 13 April
Fermanagh 1-11 Cavan 2-9

Derry 5-16 Antrim 0-3
Tyrone 5-20 Monaghan 0-8
Week 1 of the Provincial Championships had 9 games.


Connacht SFC quarter-finals
London 0-9 Galway 5-21
New York 2-6 Mayo 2-21
Leitrim 0-6 Sligo 0-15

Ulster SFC preliminary round
Monaghan 1-12 Cavan 3-12

Leinster SFC round 1
Westmeath 1-11 Wicklow 2-9
Longford 3-12 Meath 3-19
Wexford 4-19 Carlow 0-8

Munster SFC quarter-finals
Waterford 2-7 Tipperary 1-5
Cork 3-13 Limerick 0-11

Opening post has each championship updated as well.

Next weekend 13/14 April has 6 games - all 4 Leinster quarter-finals and 2 Ulster quarter-finals.
GAA Discussion / Re: Ulster U20 Championship 2024
April 07, 2024, 04:47:07 AM
Minor Championship 2024 - 2 groups, top team in each group straight to semi-final, second and third in each group to 2 quarterfinals.

Group A - Games on Saturdays 6, 13, 20, 27 April and 4 May

Rd 1
Fermanagh 1-4 Donegal 3-13
Tyrone 2-7 Down 1-7
Monaghan a bye

Group B - Games on Saturdays 6, 20 April and 4 May

Rd 1
Armagh 2-9 Antrim 0-2
Derry 1-8 Cavan 1-5

Quote from: Rossfan on April 05, 2024, 08:29:19 AMFair play Mod.

You'll probably also have to do guides to the Sam/TC for the casuals and indeed some not so casual ;D

I'll have to, now that I've opened the door.  The "performance" of some posters on the Ulster U20 thread showed me the need for very basic info to get posted on time. 

Blowitupref does a great job on live match scores/status.
Quote from: Oraisteach on April 05, 2024, 02:10:17 PMMod5, Will we be having a Championship competition?

Tried a championship competition a few years ago and felt it was nowhere near as good as the league.  The league had 16 games per round for 7 rounds among teams of reasonably similar abilities.  Not enough choice in most championship games, and not enough games either.  Although plenty group games when including the Tailteann Cup, I suppose.

Anyway, I'm not running a competition for the championship.

For ease of reference to benefit the more casual fan.

I'll update the post with results each weekend.
Connacht Senior Football Championship (6 games)

7-Apr   Leitrim 0-6 Sligo 0-15
6-Apr   London 0-9 Galway 5-21
7-Apr   New York 2-6 Mayo 2-21
20-Apr   Sligo v Galway
21-Apr   Mayo v Roscommon
Final        5 May   
Leinster Senior Football Championship (10 games)

Preliminary round   
7-Apr   Longford 3-12 Meath 3-19
7-Apr   Westmeath 1-11 Wicklow 2-9
7-Apr   Carlow 0-8 Wexford 4-19
14-Apr   Dublin v Meath
14-Apr   Offaly v Laois
14-Apr   Kildare v Wicklow
14-Apr   Louth v Wexford

28-Apr   DublinMeath v Offaly/Laois
28-Apr   Kildare/Wicklow v Louth/Wexford
Final    12 May   
Munster Senior Football Championship (5 games)

7-Apr   Waterford 2-7 Tipperary 1-5
7-Apr   Cork 3-13 Limerick 0-11
20-Apr   Clare v Waterford
20-Apr   Kerry v Cork
Final    5 May   
Ulster Senior Football Championship (8 games)

Preliminary Round   
7-Apr   Monaghan 1-12 Cavan 3-12
13-Apr   Down v Antrim
14-Apr   Fermanagh v Armagh
20-Apr   Derry v Donegal
21-Apr   Cavan v Tyrone

27-Apr   Down/Antrim v Fermanagh/Armagh
28-Apr   Derry/Donegal v Cavan/Tyrone
Final     12 May   

General discussion / Re: Getting married
April 04, 2024, 11:56:08 PM
Congrats to both.
GAA Discussion / Re: Ulster U20 Championship 2024
April 04, 2024, 08:05:21 AM
3 April results from Group A:

Derry 1-11  Monaghan 2-6

Down 5-8  Antrim 1-6

Group A Standings:

Tyrone played 3, won 2, drew 1, 5 pts, +34 score diff

Derry played 3, won 2 lost 1, 4 pts, +12 score diff

Monaghan played 3, won 2, lost 1, 4 pts,  +5 score diff

Down played 4, won 1, drew 1, lost 2, 3 pts, +1 score diff

Antrim played 3, lost 3, 0 points, -52 score diff

Round 5 – Wed 10th April
Tyrone V Monaghan at Healy Park
Derry v Antrim at Owenbeg
(Down Bye)

Group B had no games this week, remaining games are:

Round 5 – Wed 10th April
Donegal v Armagh at  Ballybofey
Fermanagh v Cavan at Brewster Park

Scroll to top of page post to see what happens after the Rd 5 games.
Competition Results below.  mortified declared the winner.

Thanks to all who participated, it was a bit of fun.

Congrats to mortified, winner by a single point over Dreadnought, with cloneman 3 back.  Board Majority only 3 back as well, which says something...but I'm not sure what!

91    mortified

90    Dreadnought

88    Board Majority, cloneman

86    JoG2

85    Hoof Hearted, SouthOfThe Bann

83    Blowitupref, Ed Ricketts, Goals_Will_Come, John Martin

82    Estimator, Shamrock Shore, SHEEDY

81    GTP, pbat

80    armaghniac, Ball Hopper

79    Derryman forever, ranch, Rossfan

78    maddog, manwithnoplan, smort, yellowcard

77    imtommygunn, meatsy86, PMG1, seafoid, Substandard, Tatler Jack

76    twohands!!!

75    Orior

74    The Coastguard, tonto1888

73    AustinPowers, Gael85, ONeill

72    Taylor

68    weareros

67    Milltown Row2

66    Oraisteach, The Boy Wonder

65    maigheo, trailer

64    bamboo

61    clubman21

59    tbrick18

56    GoldCoastRossie

54    BennyHarp

52    Halfquarter

51    SaffronSports

48    Brick Tamlin

44    grassHarrow

39    AllStar15, Armagh18

25    Olly, tintin25

23    urbangael

19    ShutterinbyDayGAAbyNight

18    Itchy, oliverkelly

17    larryin89

10    Ciarrai_thuaidh

9    rrhf, statto, Tyrone11234

8    bennydorano

7    giveballaghback

5    general_lee

* Send PM if you think your score is incorrect
Finals Results...8 points on offer (1 point for picking the winner, bonus point for picking the winner and the margin of victory - win on penalties =1 point):

5    tonto1888

4    Estimator, Hoof Hearted, maigheo

3    AllStar15, BennyHarp, Derryman forever, Gael85, Goals_Will_Come, GTP, Halfquarter, JoG2, ONeill

2    cloneman, Olly, ranch, seafoid, SHEEDY, Tatler Jack, tbrick18, The Boy Wonder

1    armaghniac, AustinPowers, Ball Hopper, bamboo, Blowitupref, Dreadnought, Ed Ricketts, imtommygunn, John Martin, maddog, meatsy86, mortified, Orior, Rossfan, Shamrock Shore, SouthOfThe Bann, twohands!!!

0    manwithnoplan, PMG1, smort, weareros

* Send PM if you think your score is incorrect
Leaderboard after Rd 7...those within 8 points of the top...updated after Saturday's games...4 points max available on Sunday:

90    mortified...gets 1 point from Saturday, on 91

89    Dreadnought...gets 1 point from Saturday, on 90

87    Board Majority...gets 1 point from Saturday, on 88 - no margins picked

86    cloneman...gets 1 point from Saturday, on 87

84    SouthOfThe Bann...gets 1 point from Saturday, on 85

83    JoG2...gets 2 points from Saturday, on 85

82    Blowitupref, Ed Ricketts, John Martin...all three get 1 point from Saturday, on 83.

All three within 4 points of the top have Armagh and Dublin pickedfor Sunday, which means cloneman in third place cannot catch the two ahead.

mortified and Dreadnought both have Dublin by 4, so Dreadnought can only get the point needed to make it a draw by Armagh winning by exactly 3 points.  mortified has Armagh by 2 in case anyone is wondering (and too lazy to scroll back).

At least, that's the way it looks to me.

Should have full results posted by early Monday morning.

Saturday's Results:

Laois 3-14 Leitrim 0-9 (38 picked Laois, nobody got the margin correct).

Westmeath 2-10 Down 0-13 (6 picked Westmeath and maigheo was the only poster to get the margin correct.

General discussion / Re: The Fine Gael thread
March 30, 2024, 08:49:11 PM
No more personal "taunting" will be tolerated.

Permanent ban for violators.