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Erne Gael:
A thread for all you Fermanagh people out there.

Not sure how many Fermanagh folk are on the board. What does everyone think of the performance of all Fermanagh clubs in the Ulster club on sunday?

well from a non Fermanagh person but someone who has alot of time for our close neighbours... i was impressed from watching Enniskillen Gaels yesterday.... Paul Brewster oustanding in the middle of the field..he really did retire too early for Fermanagh...
Neil Cox at full back done well on Eoin Gormley...Thought Ryan McCloskey was also good. Disappointed in Colm Bradley,Cormac McGinley won that particular battle and would have expected more from Ronan McCabe.Michael Lilly had a hard time marking Canavan,But then who wouldnt.
The Big Full Forward Rory Judge is a vgood freetaker,and That point number 17 (also named Judge) scored from nearly the corner flag was as good as score as ive ever seen.

Paul Brewster is still the best midfielder in Fermanagh but due to work commitments he has retired from the intercounty scene. The number 17 was Matthew Keenan. He's a tidy forward who had a great game yesterday. The Gaels will be pretty disappointed as Errigal weren't that impressive. If Canavan wasn't available I'd say the Gaels might have sneaked a victory. Simon Bradley has called time on management so It'll be interesting to see who will take on the reigns in 2007.

I've heard a lot of people calling for Paul Brewster to be given a chance with the county again, is this a serious possibility? was he not struggling to make the Gaels team before the county final? is Stevie Maguire 100% does anybody know, he could be a massive addition again
ps thank god the Rory Gallagher debate for us will be over, he's a total waste of talent but he is a total arrogant arsehole, did anyone see the photo's of him in the local paper - typical him on the field with the water bottle running it through his hair and flicking his neck back, the man's a disaster for morale and spirit on any team, Cavan are welcome to him.


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