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Started by theskull1, November 09, 2006, 11:48:40 PM

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Headed to Maghera, thought it was the pick of the Ties, how wrong can you be, absolutly dyre. In saying that i think that this year 06/07 Ballinderry will be too Physical and fit for anyone. Ballinderry for Ulster Title!!!!!!!!


Rossa camogs getting hot under the collars.  - only click on this link if you support their stand.
I wanna have my kicks before the whole shithouse goes up in flames.


Name that club!

Apart from the people whose pitch it is, please name where the photo of the Rossa Girls on the link was taken.


Anyone hear what happened with the Sinn Fienn vote on the St Brides position for the game against the PSNI?


Pictures of Greencastle's win over Ardoyne yesterday in the Ulster Junior Championship are now posted on the Greencastle website.
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Could someone post the county minor football panel, havent got a chance to but the paper yet.
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This doesnt look to be a panel of 24 so id say it's just a training squad and will be drastically cut in the new year.

P Fitzpatrick; B Lockard; Pierce Cusack; N Mc Alea (Sarsfields)
C Caldwell; J Donnelly (Gort na Mona)
C Heatly; B Rushe; J Ferran (St Pauls)
B Neeson; A Downey (St Johns)
D Birt (Dunloy)
P Graham; T Mc Cann; S Allen; A Maguire; D Mc Cann (Creggan)
N Mc Keever (Portglenone)
C Smyth (Lamh Dhearg)
P Mc Cann (Cargin)
P Fischer; M Jones; N Hawkins(Ardoyne)
L Maguire; S Finch P Magee (Rossa)
C Mc Veigh; K Mc Bride; D Trowlen; M Meleady (Aldergrove)
C Hughes; D kennedy; M Morgan(St Endas)
R Smith (St Malachys)
C Herrity (Lisburn)
M Grahame; PJ O'connell (Ahoghill)
M Magowan; A Gribbon; A Mc Caffery(St Galls)
N Mc Cann; P Gallagher (Glenavy)
C Donnelly; C Mackle; C Mooney; T Mc Crudden (St Brides)

milltown row

Typical arrogance from Rossa and Ballycastle men. When clubs start realising that they do not have a divine right to stay in a certain league based on what they have done in the past the better. Not so long ago Naomh Gall was relegated, and rightly so, I'm sure our committee at the time tried to argue for staying in Division one but failed. We went down came back up and went on to win 5 Senior Championships in a row and an Ulster championship as well. That was the kick up the arse our club needed. For years Rossa have tried to stay in division one football but finally they were relegated.

Ballycastle have found themselves in a difficult position this year, but are not the worst team. As the league came to a close, they started to win games in October and against teams that could not be bother to turn up at this time of year. With one of there committee men on the Antrim fixtures committee, have they had word of the intended league changes and applied themselves a lot better than they did at the start of the year.
We played them and they came down and played the game as if it were championship. Had we the knowledge of a certain member of their club and the game that we were playing was a relegation play off match then I'm sure Naomh Gall would have played the game at a higher tempo and the result could have been different.

The county board at the start of the year said one up one down. Like everything they have done this year, they have went back on there word. County games would not control leagues games, lie number one, senior hurling would have reserve games played before them, lie number two. League would be decided by, one up from Division two and one down from division 1, lie number 3. League games would not be called off for silly reasons. Lie number 4.

Dare I say it. but I think the county would be better off if the previous county executive was still in control. If they have any balls, they should stick to there word

slow corner back

You have lost me a bit here skull, have new league structures been proposed/ agreed and if so what are they? I think its a bit off the mark to complain about the opposition trying in a league match by the way.

slow corner back

apologies milltown row, read the St Galls part and assumed u were skull,. I am off to write out "You must pay more attention 300 times"


Quote from: slow corner back on November 16, 2006, 10:20:10 PM
read the St Galls part and assumed u were skull,.
huh?  :-\

Quote from: slow corner back on November 16, 2006, 10:18:34 PM
have new league structures been proposed/ agreed and if so what are they?
If its being muted in the halls of power then what can milltown do but complain if they are being kept in the dark about potential changes while other opposition (because of their links) are fully aware of them. This is an unfair advantage

Quote from: slow corner back on November 16, 2006, 10:18:34 PM
I think its a bit off the mark to complain about the opposition trying in a league match by the way.
So I'm assuming by that scb, that you don't understand the concept of playing league hurling and playing championship hurling and the reasons why the two games are different (although in theory they shouldn't be ....but they just are). If Ballycastle knew they had to beat StGalls to survive in Div 1, this would have given them a championship flavour to the game which St Gall couldn't have had due to the fact that they thought them and everyone else was just playing out the league just to get the match stats up before the County AGM to make things look better for "Antrim Hurling" at a High Level (Croke Park will be praising them for getting all their fixtures completed  :()....I digress ....anyway would you agree that St Gall were at a disadvantage

Feels a bit weird defending St Galls at the minute considering the minor football debarcle. There is nobody blameless in this disaster and Dunloy have to take a large chunk of that for creating the problem, but the fact St Galls turned down the opertunity to give both both sets of players their big day is sickening. Ask a Lamh Dearg player how he feels about the championship he won the year Cargin/StPauls got bucked out? There are no winners here
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Good luck to the Rossa Camogs on Sunday in the All Ireland club final. After all the messing about over the venue there's an important match to be won now. Go out and win it!
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milltown row

Sorry lads you picked me up on an argument I had with a Rossa man. My point is simple, is it fair to say that if a team knew that an impending change to the leagues was coming and that if they played out there remaining games against teams that did not know there was a change to the structures, would this not come across as underhand?

If we had have had the knowledge of Mr Donnelly who sits on the fixtures committee and is also a Ballycastle man. The skulduggery of it stinks. I have no problems with Ballycastle just the way things have been handled.

Regarding the Dunloy problem. The county board have refused Naomh Gall the game. Speaking to members of the team and some of the management they have said they wanted to play the game. Dunloy had a chance to put their case towards the Ulster council, have they done this appeal? There would be one or two people who have said they don't want the game played but the majority of players, members, and committee men/ladies want the game to go ahead.

This is the worst situation to be in and as far as I'm concerned we have not won any title. This happened to us against Glenarm many years ago in an Intermediate final and we were at Casement and on the pitch with referee there, and Glenarm didn't turn up. We asked for the game to be played and played the game. Only won by a point in the last minute but it was well worth it.


The appeal to ulster council must have been unsuccessful, the dunloy lads don't seem to be training anymore.  dissapointing after a terrific win over lamh dearg to not even get a shot at the match.  Obviously someone in dunloy made this call but it wasn't the players but its them thats being punished.  as are st galls,
What happens next????